Awesome rock songs (Part 1)

Part one to a continuing article about some awesome rock songs
December 19, 2007

I got the idea for this article from that one guys articles about his favorite albums. This article is kinda like that, only it doesnt focus on a particular album. This is going to be a series of continuing articles, mainly because im too lazy to do it all at once. Also, your ratings and feedback will also help me decide weather or not i wanna make another article.
Right, so this part is mainly 90s, although it does include the rolling stones.

Please note that these are in no particular order.

Artist: Rage against The Machine
Song: Killing in the name

All right, i dont care what anyone says, but rage against the machine sucks. The guitar solos are AWESOME, but the lyrics are uh....lacking. I mean come on, this song is basically the guy going, "Now you do what they told ya" over and over again. However, that isnt to say that this song isnt good. What it lacks for lyrically in makes up for with a catchy tune and an amazing guitar solo. Its basically a bunch of high pitched notes that are super whammy-barred. Cool stuff.

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Heart-Shaped Box

This song is the song that got me into Nirvana. I sat down to play guitar hero 2 at my buddies house one day, and I chose this song, and i thought, "Hey, this is cool". So i gradually started listening to more and more songs by them, and i am a total nirvana fan. Mmm...I love the smell of teen spirit in the morning. XD

Artist: The rolling stones
Song: Paint It, Black

Whats left to say about the rolling stones? How about that this song, like heart-shaped box and nirvana, is the song that got me into the rolling stones? Me and my dad were listening and talking about music one day, and he told me about the rolling stones, and he showed me this song, and i loved it! The rolling stones are awesome!

Sorry about the shortness, but this is like a test article, you know? Just to see if i wanna continue the series or not. Anyway, please rate.
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