Mega Man 1: Rock's First Adventure

The Blue Bomber's first time battling robots
May 31, 2016
Hello everyone, I'm back bringing you with another Mega Man article. This time I'll be talking about the first Mega Man game on the NES. I explained the story in my last article(Beginning of Blue Bomber) so to save time, I'm going to skip the story and go straight to the game.

When I first played this game in November 2013, I played it on my Wii U(don't judge me; I didn't grow up in the 90s), but I obviously still know about the infamous American box art.

You're awesome Capcom, but did you really have to?

Now before we move on, let's look at the Japanese Famicom box art.

Now that's more like it!

Geez, the American box art Mega Man looks like he's in his fifties. Anyways, everyone knows the term(which is probably now a clique), never judge a book by its cover. In this case, never judge a video game by its box art because if you look beyond the bad box art, you'll see a awesome game with awesome, beautiful graphics. Now, let's see the first robot master gallery for this game.

You did a good job with these guys Dr. Ri... I mean Light.
Well Done.

One day while I was browsing the Nintendo eShop on my Wii U, I thought to myself,"Mega Man seems like a fun series from all the videos I've been watching of him on the eShop. Should I get his first game? Why not." So I did, and once I started, I was horrible at it, mainly because of the extreme difficulty, another infamous marking of the game.
The first stage I ever tried in the whole series was Bomb Man's stage. He's a memorable guy for that and the following reasons: He has that mow hawk going and has a rocking stage theme(One of my favorite songs in the entire MM series).

The first robot master I've defeated though was Guts Man(therefore making him memorable as well). He doesn't have the best weapon though since you can only use it at certain places(neither does Bomb Man). Anyways, I then went to Bomb Man and defeated him, then I went on to the battle the other robots in the correct weakness order. Since I wasn't used to the Mega Man series, I had a hard time with Cut Man at first but he grew to be pretty easy, especially if you have the super arm(Guts Man). Elec Man is a real toughy and his thunder beam is super OP, but he's a piece of cake if you have the rolling cutter. Ice Man's ice slashers, surprisingly enough, do as much damage to Mega Man as Elec Man does, and there hard to dodge so he's a challenge. As of Fire Man... I'm just gonna say that I'm glad I saved him for last. Thankfully, I was then ready for Wily. The first stage was easy for the most part, but everyone knows the infamous, freakin' yellow devil is no-owhere near easy.

This guy is one of the reasons the game is hard x10. It took me at least 8 tries to defeat this guy. I didn't know about the pause glitch BTW. Speaking of challenges, the big eye was yet another challenge.
I just can't tell you how much I hate these things
Let's just move on since I have no respect for these things.

Copy Robot was another challenge.

How do you like it, Metal Sonic

He's literally an exact copy of Mega Man made by Dr. Wily to use the exact same weapon the real Mega Man is using and fires at unpredictable times. Took me I believe at least 10 tries to take this sucka down. I used fire storm the final time. CWU-01P(the third Wily boss)didn't take me merely as much tries as Yellow Devil and Copy Robot did. Although I did learn that it is best to use a weapon besides super arm at first, then when CWU-01P's life is about half drained, you can then use the super arm, which is its weakness.

Finally, the final Wily stage. This is where you get to re-battle the robot masters, yay! You don't have to re-battle Cut Man and Elec Man though because you already re-took care of them in the second Wily stage. Once all that noise is done, it's on to Dr. Einst...err, I mean Dr. Wily... this thing

Wily Machine Numero Uno

The best weapon to use against this machine of destruction is the almighty fire storm, which shoots a ball of fire, while creating a fire shield around Mega Man, and takes down the first form of the Wily machine in 3-4 hits. During the second form, I chose to finally take Wily down with the thunder beam, but rolling cutter is also a good weapon to use.

Once that's done, you're done. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the ending: Dr. Wily begs for mercy, one of his famous poses, and Mega Man heads back home.

And that sums up my thoughts and info on MM1. Overall, I thought the game was fun and decent. Great music as well.Anyways, I can't wait to start on my Megaman 2 article. See you guys soon.
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