The Beginning of the Blue Bomber

How Mega Man came to be.
July 13, 2015
Hello everyone. This is my first article ever, which is about my favorite video game character, Mega Man(Rockman in Japan)

Before I talk about the actual games, I wanted to talk about the events before the first game(I could talk about these events all day). A talented scientist named Dr. Thomas X. Light graduated at the top of his electronic engineering class at the Robot Institute of Technology.

Santa Claus in a lab coat?!

He would then then start his career creating what is known as the Robot Master, a special robot that has advanced, artificial intelligence. The doctor's first creation was DLN-000(as in Dr. Light Number 0)and went by the name of Proto Man("Blues" in Japan) who was supposed to be many things. Following his creation, there was a flaw discovered in Proto Man's power core and Dr. Light wished to repair this flaw. Nevertheless, due to a misunderstanding of his creator's intentions, Proto Man fled the lab rather than undergo a procedure he believed would erase his free will.
Dr. Light was devastated at the loss of his first 'son', but life had to go on, so he created DLN-001(Rock) who had no idea he would become the super fighting robot,Mega Man. Rock would be able to help around Dr. Light's lab. Dr. Light also created DLN-002(Roll) who would help around Dr. Light's house.

Now isn't she a cute one?

Dr. Light would then create DLN's 003-008. These robot masters would help humanity by doing tasks rendered impossible for humans(or simply for the better of mankind). Their names were Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man and Elec Man. But Dr. Albert W. Wily, who was continually out shined by Dr. Light,his former colleague, decided to start devising schemes for world domination. He decided to reprogram Dr. Light's robot masters(except for Rock 'n' Roll[laughs]) for combat. Seeing this on the news, Rock had a sense of justice and decided to risk his life and be modified into a combat robot. After a lot of thought about it, Dr. Light decided to modify Rock, the lab keeping robot, into Mega Man, the super fighting robot. Afterwards, Mega Man was on his way to stop Dr. Light's reprogrammed robots and Dr. Wily.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my first article. Stay tuned for my article about the first game and my opinions about it. P.S. the last paragraph is basically the intro to MM1 ;-).
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