Goin' Postal

A look at one of the most controversial game series ever.
August 13, 2007

Released in 1997, Postal was made by a small company called Running With Scissors, Inc.

Postal had no real plot, except that the character, Postal Dude (Yes, thats his name) is gonna go on a killing spree. The goal of each level is to kill as many people as possible.

I know what your thinking: "This doesnt look so bad!" Well, in my opinion, it really isnt when you compare it to the better-known sequel, Postal 2.
Released a few years after the first game, Postal 2 again puts you in the shoes of Postal Dude in the town of Paradise, Arizona. Postal dude lives in a crappy trailer home with his nagging, ungrateful wife, who constantly sends him around town to do stuff. The only reason Dude lives here is because Running With Scissors, Inc. (The company is actually in the game) relocated here. One Monday, he wakes to find that his car wont start, and says, "sigh...I can tell this is gonna be an interesting day". The game pretty much goes from there. The object of each level is to do all the chores your wife gives you, and to do them HOWEVER YOU WANT.

Of course, it wasnt just the violence level that brought Postal 2 to the court. Other controversial aspects are...
-Crack pipes are health power-ups
-You can use a cat as a silencer (as seen above)
-you can unzip your pants and piss on people
-There are guns lieing in the street just waiting for somebody to pick them up
-The guy who runs the convenient store has a strong indian accent (like The Simpson's Apu), thereby making it "Racist"
And much, Much more. The game is banned in New Zealand, where you can get arrested for having anything to do with it (importing it, playing it, owning it). However, despite the controversy and bad reviews, Postal 2 has a very healthy fanbase, a sequel Postal III is in the works for the Xbox 360 and PC, and a postal Movie is being made, directed by Uwe Boll, the worst video game movie directer ever.
And yes, i am a fan of the game
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