Heavy Metal 2000
Release: July 10, 2000

When Tyler (Michael Ironside) discovers what could be a legendarily evil entity, he transforms into a power-hungry warlord bent on conquering death. After traveling to a distant planet that may hold the key to his plans, Tyler wipes out most of a colony's peaceful inhabitants. Only Julie (Julie Strain Eastman), a formidable female warrior, is left behind. Vowing revenge, Julie sets out to find Tyler with the help of a mysterious alien (Billy Idol) who may have a plan of his own.

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Tyler: "[after knocking Julie unconscious] Hold that pose. I'll be right back"
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Tyler: "[while a scan is being run on Planet Eden] There are small traces in their system."
Germain St-Germain: "[sarcastically] Yeah, immortality all over the place."
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Julie: "[after killing Tyler] Now we must destroy the key."
Odin: "Perhaps, perhaps not! [strikes Julie with a whip]"
Julie: "[stunned] O-Odin, why?"
Odin: "Because... [rips open his robe and reveals himself to be an Arakacian] I am Arakacian! My charade fooled the insufferable Holy Landers and even that stone idiot! What make you think a pathetic mortal can stop me?"
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Tyler: "What do you mean you can't find them? How do you lose a 6 foot bitch with a talking rock, huh?"
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Tyler: "Blind adoration makes me so horny! Bring me a wench!"
Guard: "Bla!"
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Julie: "[to Germain] Don't Talk. Don't Touch. Don't even breathe."
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Odin: "To forget history is to allow evil to rise again."
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Chartog: "[Julie, Odin and Zeek need to cross the lava river, to Julie] I am Chartog, guardian of the river. I know the way across, and I will tell you. You just have to...[chuckles pervertedly] ...kiss me."
Julie: "Ugh... No way!"
Chartog: "[chuckles] What's the matter, my precious? Don't you find me... attractive? [chuckles pervertedly]"
Julie: "[hesitantly] Ugh... if this is what it takes to kill Tyler..."
Chartog: "[chuckles] That's a good girl. Help your friends... it will be over soon..."
Julie: "[leans in, groans] Who will I have to kiss to get back? [kisses Chartog, his slimey tongue darting into her mouth]"
Zeek: "[sees what's going on] Hey, what are you doing? [Julie sees him and Odin on the boat, which is floating in the lava river, making her time with Chartog a complete waste] We're waiting for you."
Julie: "[furiously] Son of a bitch! [draws a fist back] KISS *THIS*! [slugs Chartog and knocks him into the lava river]"
Odin: "[disturbed] You people have strange customs. [Julie steps onto the boat]"
Julie: "[huffs] Tell me about it."
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Tyler: "What does it take to get laid around here?"
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Tyler: "When you kill someone, make sure they're dead."
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