Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Debut: April 15, 1994
Ended: May 31, 2008

A late night talk show hosted by Space Ghost. Space Ghost started out as a scientist, but later was recruited into a member of the intergalactic police. His abilities come from his suit that allows him to fly, and the power bands on his wrists can get him out of almost any situation. Now, he's a talk show host for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. Much like what they have done for the recent Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, Space Ghost was an old Hanna-Barbera superhero show, called Space Ghost and Dino Boy. So enjoy the laughs and more laughs as the first ever Adult Swim show lives on! Aired on Cartoon Network from April 15, 1994 - December 17, 1999, before it was transitioned to the channel's own [adult swim] block - where it ran from May 7, 2001 - April 12, 2004. It even ran on the Turner-owned Gametap service from May 30, 2006 - May 31, 2008. 11 Seasons produced, spanning 109 episodes.

Harvey Birdman: "I just don't know what to do, Tad. I'm at the end of my rope."
Space Ghost: "Uh, yeah, well..."
Harvey Birdman: "Everything was going so great, then the Cartoon Network calls me up and says "Oh, sorry, Harvey, but we're passing on your late night show." Just like that... they clip my wings."
Space Ghost: "Uh, look, Harvey, I really am sorry about your show, but..."
Harvey Birdman: "Sylvia's left me, you know... and so has Falcon Seven. Soon as they heard, the two of them just... flew off, faster than you could say... "Biiiiiiiirrrdmaaaa--" *coughs*"
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Meatwad: "The bun is in your mind!"
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Chad Ghostal: "Tad, do you remember when we were young, how I would make you cry? The ropes, Tad, remember the ropes? How I'd twist them, and twist them, and keep twisting them until..."
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Chad Ghostal: "Hug me, I suffer!"
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Chad Ghostal: "(through gritted teeth) DAVID LEE ROTH!!"
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Russell Johnson: "Space Man? Space Master?"
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Zorak: "Space Ghost loves the Nanny!"
Space Ghost: "DO NOT!!"
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Space Ghost: "I'm sorry. I don't feel up to this right now. I'm a downy clowny."
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Tansit: "Hello everybody, la de da. This is Tansit. Tonight, the..."
Space Ghost: "TANSIT! You're FIRED."
Tansit: "Oh really?"
Space Ghost: "Have your locker cleaned out by five."
Tansit: "I won't cry... if you're willing to see me cry, you can save your breath, because I'm not going to cry... (starts to cry) What will become of me?!"
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Space Ghost: "Hey, it's me watching me watching me!"
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Space Ghost: "I had the most awful dream! ...Let's have a bake sale."
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Moltar: "Game on. Here's the ghost."
Chad Ghostal: "Not exactly, daddy-o. Muhahahahaha!!"
Zorak: "Space Ghost's evil twin brother Chad?!"
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Chad Ghostal: "Hello there, Tad... muhahahahaha!!"
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Space Ghost: "David! You're bringing me down, man! Zorak?"
Zorak: "What?"
Space Ghost: "You're bringing me down, man!"
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Shake: "Activate HUNGER VISION! -Shake"
Zorak: "Look at all of that...human hair... -Zorak"
Space Ghost: "Why do sharks explode? This is because sometimes their brains and their sexual organs are made out of M-80s. Sometimes, to attract mates, a shark will explode. And sometimes they explode just to attract killer bees."
Space Ghost: "Okay, Mike, I'm going to send you a high-pitched message only you can hear! *opens mouth and no sound is heard*"
Space Ghost: "NO! precious cable i will give every hair on my body for it."
Jim Carrey: "Uhh that's just a side affect of the drug."
Space Ghost: "Drugs are bad!."
Jim Carrey: "Cool alright."
Space Ghost: "I've never taken any."
Jim Carrey: "Quit bragging."
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