16 Toons Who Won't Fit In Real Life

Some Cartoon Characters that we know and love may not cope The Real World!
October 01, 2012
Okay, I'm back with another "Top-16" List, and this time...I'm calling them "My Top-16 Lists" of...whatever! Since these ARE My Picks of Top-16. I didn't post anything about What I think are the "Worst" Top-16 TV Shows since a few ARE on the air, then I found out Top-# Lists are as bad as "This Station Sucks Because..." Lists. I learned the hard way as usual, I'm such a dumb-ass sometimes. But let's move on...

If you ever saw Cartoon Characters in Real Life, you could see something like this....

To me, these Cartoon Characters could sing this...

But some cartoon character may NOT cope with the real world. It may be because it's too PC for them or the cartoons may just be too damn stubborn for change, but here's who I see that may not make it in the Real World...

#16...Mr. Magoo

It was between Bosko and Mr. Magoo, but since Bosko basically faded-away for obvious reasons...I chose Mr. Quincy Magoo! Reason being...he's near-sighted and has high stubbornness that he's near-sighted. With that, many would say that Mr. Magoo shouldn't have a Drivers License since he drives on the wrong side of the road or even live by himself since he won't get glasses. If he was in The Real World...he'd be in a Nursing Home because of his refusal to get glasses, or even worse...he could have dimension. I know a few people who have dimension and they're in Nursing Homes...Mr. Magoo can't make it in the Real World because of this!

#15...Patty and Selma Bouvier

I dunno...I feel that Patty and Selma wouldn't fit-in because of their chain-smoking habits since almost many places outlaw Public Smoking. They could lose their job for smoking near the DMV or if their apartment becomes smoke-free...where would they live? The Simpsons House? Yeah...that would be delightful...and Aliens Might Fly Out Of My Butt! They'd give too much crap to Homer Simpson, and only in France they could fit-in because they don't shave their body hair either!...Gross!...

#14...Woody Woodpecker

Now Woody Woodpecker is the Mascot of NBC/Universal and one of the last Screwball cartoons out there! But if he would be in the Real World...He'd be charged with Assault and Battery or worse...Murder! Why? Woody pecks on people's heads in the early cartoons and he'd probably can't get away with that in The Real World, so Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa-Haa! Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa-Haa! Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa-Haa! Heh-Heh-Heh-Heh-Heh-Heh...and he wouldn't be laughing either, He'd be crying. (It sounds like Ha-Ha-Ha-Haa-Haa, but more melancholy).

#13...George Jetson

Sure, George Jetson may be The Family Man in his era...which is in the Future, but he wouldn't cope with some things like have Jane stay-at-home or yell at Astro or neglect Cousin Oliver...I Mean...Orbity....

And then there's the REAL 21st Century...No Hover-cars, No High-Rise Apartments, No Rocket Packets...nothing like that. The Technology isn't there right now, maybe in 2050, but not 2012!

#12...Fred Flinstone

Since we're in this Hanna-Barbera Men...Let's talk about Fred Flinstone...sure, he's a recognizable character but if he lived in the Real World...he wouldn't fit! First, He's a caveman and if he saw One Geico Commercial, he'd go AWOL! It's so Simple, A Caveman would do it?! Fred would go Yabba-Dabba-Doo All Over Geico's Asses! Now he doesn't do the stereotypical drag the woman on the head thing...but he does have a club and gives Barney Rubble crap...even when he takes his Pebbles...and no, bot Fred's daughter! (I wonder how the new incarnation of "The Flinstones" by Seth McFarlane will do once it gets on)?

#11...Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic may be the hero of Mobius by kicking Dr. Robotnik's ass and preventing him to dominate Knothole Village or if you played the video game...saved the world from Dr. Robotnik, but if he would be on Earth...that's another story! Sonic would be caught for speeding...and he'd NEVER would own a car...it would be pedestrian speeding! And waiting in line at the Grocery Store, The Bank, Or even at Cedar Point...Forget It! Sonic is probably the most impatient person ever and waiting would drive him nuts!

#10...Pinky and the Brain

Pinky: Say Brain, What Do You Wanna Do Tonight?...

Brain: The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

This TV Series made my Sunday Nights, remember when it was on The Sunday Night WB Line-Up, with "The Parent 'Hood", "Sister Sister" Sunday Bonus (DING!), and "Kirk" that had Kirk Cameron before he became a Televangelist...or something like that? Well...that's how I spent my 1996, but if The Brain can't succeed in world domination in a cartoon...he'll definitely won't make it in The Real World since there's too much competition like Wal-Mart or even China! They'd be crushed easily...and what The Brain does...isn't some of it...illegal? Maybe I'm reading this too much, but hey...they tried...NOT!

#9...Donald Duck

As in the words of Chandler Bing...

Yeah...Now I would have ANY Disney Duck on here, like Daisy, Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, and Louie...but Donald would top them all! He not only goes bottomless in public showing his naked butt, but he has a speech impediment as well as an anger problem. Donald wouldn't be able to hold a job because of his mumbling or anger also he wouldn't pass in Anger Management and would probably be arrested for indecent exposure though pants may never fit Donald Duck...but he may be better at a Nudist Colony...but then again...he'll do this once he enters!...

Now one may ask...why would you have naked pictures of Donald Duck? Well...for some apparent reason...it has been a running gag for him, next to his vicious temper! That is all....

#8...Nelson Muntz

Nelson Muntz would be put against EVERY Bullying Punishment, not even his friends Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney would be extreme bullies...they just beat the crap out of anyone and leave. But not Nelson, he'd beat the crap out of anyone and taunt you by going "Ha-Ha"! The Real World would be on him badly, so like what Principal Seymour Skinner would say...Who's "Ha-Haing" Now?

Well...Not Nelson!...


Garfield may be the fattest Cat out there, but with rules and regulations nowadays...and I'm not talking about what Michelle Obama is telling us...Garfield wouldn't want to live in The Real World! Organic Foods? Health Bars? Vegetarianism? Garfield would go crazy in the Real World by seeing many people are going healthy! Maybe Garfield should dodge California because of this, but then again...if he sees another Trader Joe's, he'll go AWOL since to Garfield...Diet means "DIE"...only with a T at the end of it!

#6...Elmer Fudd

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet...I'm Huntin' Wabbits!

Not only would Elmer Fudd get left-out in the Real World for using his L's and R's as W's...but PETA would be on his ass for hunting-down Bugs Bunny (And when I mean PETA...I don't mean People Eating Tasty Animals)! Elmer Fudd is one who'd be sticking to his guns...literally! Fudd would do well if it was 1950, but the 21st Century and Animal Protection...Forget It! At least he can be down-to-earth than his predecessor...

#5...Elmyra Duff

Elmyra is the "Tiny Toon" version of Elmer Fudd, but instead of hunting animals...she would hug them, squeeze them, and love them to death...Literally! She has them all caged-up, feeds them Mud-Pies, It's like some Shock-Horror Film at the Duff's House!...At least for the animals! And if she would be in The Real World, PETA would be sending her out and make her be treated like the animal she is...and there's a skull on her bow, could that be a dead animal on there? Wow...Elmyra IS a Pain!

#4...Wile E. Coyote

Wile E. Coyote has many WMD's...probably more than Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, or China combined! But he wouldn't destroy the world...he'd destroy The Roadrunner! But falling down cliffs is the least of our concerns, but then again he'd never survive that either! Wile E. Coyote would probably get interrogated by The CIA for all the WMD's he has to destroy The Road Runner...maybe it's better to have him stay in Toontown rather than The Real World...because he would be seen in Gitmo as we speak!

#3...Pepe le Pew

Pepe le Pew is one who is in Love...or as the French would say...L'Amour! But if Pepe le Pew would be sent into The Real World...there'd be a Restraining Order on him and Penelope...the cat he chases around due to stalking her every minute. I do enjoy Pepe le Pew Cartoons a lot...as a matter of fact...I bought the DVD of all his cartoons...16 in all, and I'll be making a list ranking all of his cartoons someday, maybe on here or on my blogspot. But many Women activists would be against Pepe if he would be in The Real World since they would defend Penelope a lot!

PS-Penelope is a cat...and there's another word for a cat and Pepe seems to chase that!

#2...Eric Cartman

Now I could have anyone from "South Park" like Herbert Garrison for his antics like his alter-ego Mr. Hat or Mr. Twig, or Dianne Choksondiks for her droopy boobs and lazy-eye, or probably Officer Barbrady since he's illiterate...but Eric Cartman tops ANYONE from "South Park" because of HIS antics...he disrespects Kyle for his differences in Religion and hair, pretends to be disabled to get in the Special Olympics, wrecks America with a Cthulu (Oh God...we can see Forever), Dresses like Hitler more than once, Has a Theme Park only for himself,...there's a big laundry list for him! But what makes him on top is...he fed Scott Tenorman his very own parents! There was one cartoon where Cartman was sent to Juvenile Hall...and if he did ALL what he did in The Real World...he'd NEVER see South Park again! He could be on Death Row because of ALL his heinous crimes that he did, but who can top Cartman? Well...a whole show that he hates!...


#1...Anyone From "Family Guy"

Now...why would I make every member of "Family Guy" #1 on this list? Because...Peter has many antics that would put him in jail in an instant, Lois had a stealing addiction, Meg gets neglected and would be taken away from The Griffins, Chris Griffin is too simple-minded to survive Real World, Stewie has a lot of WMD's and a sight of World Domination, Brian's words and pot would get him into controversy, and there's the supporting cast like Tom Tucker who has bad parenting skills, Glen Quagmire who would be imprisoned for all his antics on the woman (Maybe a restraining order), Herbert SHOULD be in prison for his Jerry Sandusky Syndrome, The Greased-up Deaf Guy for indecent exposure and dirtiness, and there's just so many to count! Maybe it's better that The cast of "Family Guy" would rather stay in Quahog rather than Providence because of this. But hey...maybe the Real World isn't for ALL Cartoons!

Well...some Cartoons that I did mention did get into The Real World, as you saw in the "Met Life" Super Bowl Commercial, George Jetson, Pepe le Pew, and Mr. Magoo were in it. Then there's "Roger Rabbit" that had Donald Duck and Woody Woodpecker seeing a dead Judge Doom and a real Eddie Valiant!...

God..."Roger Rabbit" WAS an amazing film, and I do respect the art of Robert Zemeckis who made "Back to the Future" Trilogy and "Forrest Gump" as well as The homage to The Beatles on Ed Sullivan called "I Wanna Hold Your Hand".

That's all for this Top-16 List, now I love doing these lists and 16 was once my favorite number when I was a child so 16 has a piece of memory with me, but as of now...

B...B...B...B...B...B...That's All Folks!
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