Dexter's Laboratory
Debut: August 27, 1996
Ended: November 20, 2003
Debut: August 27, 1996
Ended: November 20, 2003

Dexter's Laboratory (Dexter's Lab for short) was an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons for Cartoon Network from 1996 to 1997, and by Cartoon Network Studios from 2001 to 2002. The original pilot episode appeared as the second of Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons (later called The What a Cartoon Show), the series was the first spin-off from that anthology program and Cartoon Network's first all-original program.

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Dexter: "Hi, Mom. What's for dinner?"
Mom: "Well, Dexter, creamed corn and sliced DEE DEE!"
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Dad: "Feed me! Feeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
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Puppet Pals: "Mitch: Hey, Puppet Pal Clem, can you guess what my favorite kind of horse is? Clem: Um... a Clydesdale? Mitch: Nope, a Bucking BONK-o."
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Dee Dee: "What? What did you say, Monkey? ...Ooh yes, I also can see into the future!"
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Dad: "Everything is going to be OK; we had coffee after all. ...but what if we didn't?"
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Dexter: "DeeDee!! Get out of my laboratory!!!!! -Dexter"
Dexter: "Dexter the boy who saved the future! -Dexter"
Mandark: "Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. -Mandark"
Mom and Robot bird: "Let's see... a block of cheese. Bird: A BLOCK OF CHEESE! -Mom and Robot bird"
Mandark: "Yes Dexter, I can read your thoughts. And I AM smarter than you. -Mandark"
dee dee: "Hey dextor check out my new dance move. -dee dee"
Mandark: "Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. - Mandark"
The Mechanical Parrot: "Dexter's a cookie! -The Mechanical Parrot"
Mandark: "Say no more, Dexter, oh ye of little mind. I'll save the day and take all the glory! -Mandark"
Dad Dexter: "Dad: Dexter, I am your father. Dexter: [Gasp] That's not possible! Oh wait, no, you are right. -Dad Dexter"
Dexter Dee Dee: "Dexter: Dee Dee! I'm confused... Dee Dee: Good! -Dexter Dee Dee"
Mandark: "Mandark: In your dreams, you freaky little gnome -Mandark"
Mandark: "[eating cereal] Chew-chew-chew, chew-chew-chew-chew-chew -Mandark"
Dexter: "(after Dee-Dee sits on him) Dee-Dee what do I look like, a chair? Dee-Dee"
Dexter: "Your right. Im not a beefy cake. Im just a, Just a cupcake."
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