Timbox's Top 10 Favorite Characters

Here is a rundown on my top ten favorite characters.
January 19, 2015
For my fifth RetroJunk article, I will like to present a rundown on my top ten favorite characters:

Number 10 may be easy:

Dee Dee's Asian Friend Lee Lee, for even though she is third banana to Dee Dee and her other friend Mee Mee, Lee Lee stuck in my mind the most for a long time.

((Albeit in a sometimes creepy kinda way))

Creeping in at Numba Nine is Samurai Jack's Father, the Emperor of Japan.

Incidentally, in the Birth of Evil episodes of Samurai Jack, he has a magic samurai sword forged for him by a Norse god, an Egyptian Sun God, and one of the ten avatars of a Hindu deity and when he fights Aku, he managed not to destroy Aku, but rather lock him up and bring about Aku's 'Jailtime'.

Numboo Eight is the one you should all pay close attention to:

Susan Astronomenov, better known as Mandark, the rival neighbor of Dexter with the famous evil but distinctive laugh that goes: "A-HA HA! A-HA HA HA HA!" Seriously, this guy really wants to beat Dexter at his own game!

Now Seven is someone that can only appear in flashbacks to the past:

Young Jack, to be exact.

Now Young Jack is basically Samurai Jack's young kid self before Aku got his "Jailbreak" to enslave the world once again. You can see Young Jack in the following episodes of Samurai Jack:

The first half-hour of the Samurai Jack premiere movie...

Jack Remembers the Past...

A brief flashback shot in Jack and the Three Monks where Young Jack runs across a Japanese street and hugs both his parents...

Jack's Sandals (in the flashback scene where he watches his mom as she makes a straw hat).

Jack in Egypt (he was playing with two Ancient Egyptian boys in the Valley of Kings; We all know the Ancient Egyptian people themselves no longer exist anymore just like the dinosaurs and the woolly mammoths)...

The Aku Infection (when Jack got consumed by the infection inflicted upon him by Aku's cold (which goes inside the mouth of a screaming Jack in the beginning of that episode), we see his parents comforting Young Jack)...


Young Jack in Africa.

And-a Numba Six-a:

Dee Dee! Get out of my la-bora-tor-y!

Number Five is an evil shape shifting godlike demon wizard with flaming eyebrows and a flame-like red beard who is even more awesome as a villain than Mandark and Mojo Jojo combined:

The Master of Masters...

The Deliverer of Darkness...

The Shogun of Sorrow...



There is this Christmas-hating grumpy green creature which I like when I was growing up: The Grinch who Stole Christmas, that is.

Why he hates Christmas for 50 years plus two or three more is up for debate. Maybe he was taunted by his schoolmates so much that he lashes out before exiling himself from Whoville to the summit of Mt. Crumpit, the tallest mountain to ever resemble a shark's fin in the world of Dr. Seuss. Or maybe because his heart is 2 sizes too small for either a human heart or those of the Dr. Seuss creatures known as Whos.

Ooh, now we're getting to the good ones.

You may or may not have seen or heard of Disney's 2014 Marvel Comics-inspired CGI movie Big Hero 6, but Number Three is someone who recently catches my eye and interest as of late:

GoGo Tomago, my absolute favorite member of the Big Hero 6 themselves. She of the bicycle and chewing bubble gum who is also probably the coolest female character in the annals of Disney Animation (probably outside characters like her grand wickedness, Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty, perhaps), especially in recent years.

Well, to be honest, folks, part of people’s complaints about Disney’s Big Hero 6 movie is that the other members of the Big Hero 6 themselves (especially my favorite member, GoGo Tomago) gets underused, part of it because of Disney’s heavy focus on the ongoing popularity of Frozen (and especially the movie's runaway queen with the wintry powers, Elsa) as well as their preoccupation with the other Marvel Cinematic Universe properties and live action remakes of their classic animated feature film lineup (like Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Pete's Dragon, the list goes on and on and on), and part of it because they wanted to focus their Big Hero 6 cinematic saga on just Hiro Hamada and Baymax.

And still, there is this cool female character in the movie that had not yet been developed:

Though Jin Kim (one of the artists who worked on the Big Hero 6 movie) called her ‘probably the coolest female character in Disney animation’ (probably outside Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent, at least for me), the character of GoGo Tomago has never been fully fleshed out in the movies.

And that is why I, for one, just wanted Disney to listen to those who complained about The Big Hero 6 movie’s real problems and understand that characters like GoGo Tomago needs more attention (more dialogue, more character development, etc.) for any upcoming or future Big Hero 6 sequels or spin-offs or follow ups or the like, like this proposed GoGo Tomago-centric Big Hero 6 spin off idea of mine (that is to be a big, grandiose, mythic, Akira Kurosawa/John Ford/David Lean-like three-movie Lord of the Rings-style GoGo Tomago-centric epic Big Hero 6 spin off or so. Just kidding for now!):

And again, that is just my two cents.

Slumming in at Number Two is done in memory of the now-late voice actress Christine Cavanaugh: The title character from Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter, Boy Genius, that is.

And while he is an arrogant shut-in, Dexter also represents part of the nerd side of me, but on a scientific level.

And, the Number One favorite character of mine on my revised and updated top 10 favorite character list is that time-displaced warrior prince of Medieval Japan...my hero...my kind of guy...my favorite cartoon samurai...and my main Asian man to boot! We call him:

Samurai Jack!

So there you go!

And what do you think of my choices?

Also, which one or more of my top 10 favorite characters do you like most?
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