Fun and Fancy Free
Release: September 27, 1947

One of Disney's World War II Era "package films". This one has the least number of segments with the longest length. In "Bongo", a circus bear wants to have a free life in the woods. In "Mickey & the Beanstalk" Mickey and his friends act out a version of the classic tale "Jack & the Beanstalk". This film marked Walt Disney's last time voicing Mickey mouse.

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Luana Patten: "What did the giant look like?"
Edgar Bergen: "Well, he was, oh... I'll try and show you. [He turns on a lamp and aims it at the wall] He looked something like this. [Makes a shadow puppet of a pig]"
Mortimer Snerd: "Looks like my pig, Snedly."
Charlie McCarthy: "Never mind the self-portraits."
Edgar Bergen: "Well, no, that isn't right. He looked more like... More like this. [Makes shadow puppet of Willie the Giant] There he is now. And the giant came home for dinner, roaring..."
Charlie McCarthy: "[Steps in front of spotlight] ... drunk."
Edgar Bergen: "[as Willie] I was not! [Normal] I mean, he was not. [as Willie] No. [Normal] Down the castle hall he came, roaring..."Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum!""
Willie the Giant: "[singing] Fe, fi, fo, fum / He, hi, ho, hum / I'm a most amazing guy / A most amazing guy am I! / Fe, fi, fo, fum / He, hi, ho, hum / I'm the stuff, I'm telling you! / For here's what I can do / I can change myself into an elf / Fly up high like the birdies / I can disappear into atmosphere - Peekaboo! / 'Cuz I know the magic wordies / Fi, fo, fe, foy / Fe, fe, fe, fe... Fi-Fi? I don't know no Fi-Fi!"
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Donald Duck: "Shut up! I can't stand it!"
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Narrator: "Oh, well. What if I can't climb a tree? This is still the place for a fellow like me. Just lazy, and loafing and fancy free."
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Edgar Bergen: "Poor Mickey. Cheated into trading his cow for a handful of beans. What a mean trick. Swindling an innocent farmer out of all he owned and lying to him telling him that the beans were magic. Planted in the light of a full moon. Ashamed to decieve a simple little peasant. Magic beans indeed. Light of a..."
Charlie McCarthy: "Bergen! Bergen!"
Luana Patten: "There's something moving!"
Edgar Bergen: "Why, yes. Well, maybe there is some magic in them. Well, let's all keep quiet and see what happens."
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Edgar Bergen: "He'll have to talk fast out of this one!"
Charlie McCarthy: "You leave it to Mickey. Just watch."
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Narrator: "The call of the wild kept ringing in his ears. He couldn't ignore it any longer. He had to answer to the call of the great open spaces"
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Crow Chorus: "[flying toward a scarecrow, then dancing on one of his arms] Never knew such bliss, never read of this in a book or plaaaaaay, what a lovely daaaaaay! What a great big gorgeous, sumptious, thumping, bumptious, hum-galumptious, simply scruptious! [all fall off the scarecrow's arm, then fly vertically above then back down to the scarecrow's arm] Oh my, oh my, what a haaaaap-py daaaaaay! [all laugh]"
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Willie the Giant: "[Willie prepares himself a sandwich] Feedee! [Slices some cheese, taking Mickey but narrowly avoiding Goofy] Fidee! [Takes a chicken leg] Fodee! [Takes some onions, narrowly missing Donald] Fum! [Pours pepper on his sandwich. Mickey sneezes the contents on Willie's face]"
Mickey Mouse: "Gesundheit! [laughs]"
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Luana Patten: "Ooh, dragonflies!"
Charlie McCarthy: "Yeah. A-flyin' front and draggin' behind."
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Charlie McCarthy: "Well, she wouldn't have to know. They could sneak up on her hand surprise her. Yes, that's what we'll do. We'll kill the cow."
Luana Patten: "Oh no, Charlie! You mustn't!"
Charlie McCarthy: "Yeah, we'll get a stranglehold on her while she's asleep and then push her off a cliff!"
Luana Patten: "Oh no!"
Mortimer Snerd: "I ain't gonna listen to the story!"
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Edgar Bergen: "He says he's alright, but I wonder. He's suffered too much. What diabolical scheme is being hatched in the fevered brain of this poor demented duck?"
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Narrator: "This must be Heaven. It's too good to be true, but let me go right on dreaming as long as I'm with you."
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Edgar Bergen: "There might still be a chance to escape, if she could use her magic voice to put the giant to sleep."
Charlie McCarthy: "If she can't, I know who can!"
Edgar Bergen: "Shhhh! Let's all be quiet now and see."
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Edgar Bergen: "And there they are: three poor farmers ripped by the pangs of starvation. Still alive, still breathing, sharing a pitiful crust between them. Share and share alike. Sharing and staring. Staring and sharing."
Charlie McCarthy: "Uh, just tell it. Don't ham it."
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Narrator: "[when Bongo first sets eyes on Lulubelle] Bongo thought, "This is too good to be true! I'm either hungry, or I'm still dreaming." [Bongo pinches himself] Oww! I'm awake! This is much better than dreaming!"
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Narrator: "Poor Bongo. Gone were his dreams. His world was shattered. Why hasn't someone ever told him about all of these things that really mattered? And now, well, now it was just too late. He'd never find out that when bears are in love, they always say it with a slap."
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Edgar Bergen: "Poor Donald."
Charlie McCarthy: "Yeah, and poor me!"
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Edgar Bergen: "Soon, they reached the castle."
Charlie McCarthy: "The hard way."
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Narrator: "Bongo was discouraged. A fine kind of bear he turned out to be. He didn't even know how to act like a bear. This rough, rugged stuff wasn't for him, especially on an empty stomach."
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Edgar Bergen: "Now, try and paint a mental picture."
Mortimer Snerd: "Oh, well, I painted a barn once, I did."
Edgar Bergen: "Well, that's very interesting."
Mortimer Snerd: "Yeah. It was a red barn. It was."
Edgar Bergen: "Well, forget the barn and try to picture Happy Valley."
Mortimer Snerd: "Well, I'll work on it."
Edgar Bergen: "That's the spirit."
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