Do You Remember When?

A List of flashbacks to the years past.
May 13, 2009

Its me! Im bald now, though!

Having had an article or two published now, my confidence is sky high. This article is something far different from what is normally on here. It is more in depth than a traditional top ten list but it isn't really a list in the sense of what you would think. The pictures will be minimal, but its the real meat of the article that matters. Basically, I am asking "Do you remember when...?". Add a continuation from the list after that.

Do you remember when...

Amazing. The game is still good, but it used to look a lot better...

...the original Playstations GRAN TURISMO game was so life like youd swear you were looking at real video? doesnt look so real compared to todays games!

...when you could tell a Ford from a Chevrolet in NASCAR? The cars today look all the same! was all green?

...Comics had the rough paper, not the slick shiny stock?

...comics had hand inked pictures, not the fancy computer graphics and coloring? had to blow in a cartridge 1,000 times to get certain games to work?

The height of greatness

...Power Rangers was a can't miss show?

...Major League Baseball was strike free and enjoyable?

...the X-Files was new and came on Friday nights?

...Macauly Culkin was a cool actor?

...flat screen TVs were things you only saw on TV? couldnt turn on a TV without seeing footage of the OJ Simpson trial? you remember the first time you marveled over 3D graphics?

...The Goonies was new?

I threw many a controller because of this screen and that awful laugh

...youd get pissed when Ganon laughed at you upon your defeat in Zelda II, The Adventure of Link on the NES?

...the dog laughed at you when you couldnt kill a duck?

...remember when you knew nothing of Wolverine's past?

...and how knowing nothing made him a cooler character?

you knew Id have a pic for this one!

...big breasted, scantily clad women on the cover could sell a comic book?

...13 variant covers could sell record numbers of a book?

...a comic could be collectible without being graded?

...Wizard magazine had a thick price guide?

...the internet on 56K was lightning fast? took 15 minutes to download a 2 minute song on NAPSTER? could find good cartoons on TV?

...Saturday mornings, weekday mornings, and from 3 to 5pm on weekdays were the only time you could see cartoons?

Look for it. Trust me, its there...

...male genitalia was hidden on the VHS box of Disney's "The Little Mermaid"?

...when MTV played music? was a sure thing for the Atlanta Braves to win the NL East title? had imagination?

...8 bits was enough?

...there was only one DIE HARD movie?

...all we had was three STAR WARS films?

...Superman and Batman were the only heroes with decent comic book movies?

Believe it or not, Ive never watched Smallville
...Lois and Clark was the best Superman live action show on TV?

...remember when Superman died?

...Bill Clinton was shown in certain comic books?

...comic book stories about the future were new and original?

...a comic book character dying actually meant something?

...Saddam Hussein seemed untouchable?

...we never thought wed have a black president?

...there was a world without MORTAL KOMBAT? was fun to kick back and watch an IROC race?

...Stone Cold Steve Austin was WWF Champon?

...not all NASCAR races were televised?

...we had less than 100 channels on TV?

...there were only a couple of MEGA MAN games to choose from?

...downloading free music meant a stereo, tape deck, a blank tape, and a record button?

...we had clear PEPSI?

...we drank SURGE?

...we had a world without "wardrobe malfunctions"?

...we had no reality TV? Those were good times.

...Pauly Shore was relevant?

...LORD OF THE RINGS was just a set of books?

...RED BULL was the only energy drink?

...the twin towers still stood?

Hey, I remember him from 11 years ago!

...Jeremy Mayfield was the next big thing in NASCAR?

...Jeff Gordon was just a young rookie?

...the nWo reigned supreme on WCW? had art and music classes?

...parents could actually help you with math homework? didnt have a job or responsibilities in the summer months?

...too much stuff on the screen caused your game to slow down?

...Mike Tyson was relevant? could find Mike Tysons PUNCH OUT!! on store shelves?

...there were 1-900 numbers to get videogame hints? could have a good cartoon without special effects and constant toilet humor? moms drove mini vans?

...we didnt have to listen to the newest incarnation of the MOVIE franchise (Date Movie, Epic Movie, Scary Movie, etc.)?

...TV shows required effort and not just a few cameras and a group of 20 somethings locked up in a house together?

...Earnhardt and Gordon had a great NASCAR rivalry?

The video is where its at. Check it out!

...Randy Johnson hit that bird with the fast ball?

...movies were on VHS and you had to at least watch the previews in fast forward mode?

...while watching old sporting events, the bright lights and old cameras caused that squiggly line effect where the lights traced on the screen for a bit? Hard to explain, but many of you know what Im talking about.

Thats all for now. I hope everyone likes this one. Leave your feedback. Id love to know everyones thoughts on their memories!
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