Remember the K-Café?

Does anyone but me remember the K-Café?
January 27, 2014
The K-Café

Does anyone remember the K-Café at K-Mart? I don’t know how common these were but I remember eating here all the time when I was a kid. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about the K-Café was a small restaurant inside K-Mart department stores. The café served Little Caesuras pizza and things like Nachos, soft pretzels, grilled cheese, hotdogs, and my favorite the ICEE! Now some of you might be thinking “My K-Mart still has a K-Café”. Well good for you! Let me know where it is so I can get me some Nachos! Because every K-Café in my area shut down. FUCK!

K-Mart would have pancakes on Saturday morning and at big all day sales. $1.99 for all you can eat pancakes! You’ll have a hard time finding a deal like that today.

Ever since K-Mart remodeled they got rid of most of the K-Cafés. For a while they put an internet café in its place, it didn’t last very long because who wants to go on the internet at K-Mart? So you may ask yourself, how are we going to get our delicious snacks now? Well a lot of people asked that question and K-Mart gave us this instead.

This still pisses me off! I tried it a couple times, most of the time the soda fountain never works because no one is checking it every day like they would have at the K-Café. If you want my advice, go to Target and get some Pizza Hut Express. It’s a lot like the K-Café and the food is pretty good too.

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