Do You Remember When? II

The sequel to my best list of childhood memories
May 29, 2009
Hey, everyone its me Lonnie Henderson, THE TWILIGHT GAMER. I am back with the sequel to my first article Do You Remember When.
I am hoping that the jinx of the crappy sequel doesnt kill this article right off. The first article I had with this name took a lot of thought, and while this one may not be as mind blowing, there were a few things that I didnt think about that will hopefully make a good impression on part two of this new franchise. For those not in the know, this article is essentially a list of things that I recall from my childhood in the late 80s and all of the 90s and I am asking each of you if you too remember these particular things. Now, without further ado, do you remember when

I had this poster up on my wall in 3rd grade. It was probably thrown away. Id rather not think about it.

Nintendo Power magazine used to offer those cool poster maps of old RPGs as well as a poster in every issue previewing the next big game? I know I used to have several advertising everything from Battletoads/ Double Dragon to STAR FOX. Man, Im still kicking myself for throwing those things away.

if you missed a big moment on TV, that was it?

you actually had to record stuff on VHS tapes if you weren't at home? (actually, for me that was as little as two years ago. Hmmmm)

you lost all the tiny little pieces to your MIGHTY MAX playsets?

Nick at Nite used to play Dragnet and Alfred Hitchcock?

Wario was a bad guy?

if you took a picture, it was at least three days and several dollars later before you knew if it turned out ok?

you could beat a videogame in less than 40 hours?

I watched this every day at one point. Better than Mario, but not as good as Zelda.

you could watch CAPTAIN N: THE VIDEOGAME MASTER and actually wished you could have the same experience?

youd look forward to every Friday morning so you could see the new Legend of Zelda cartoon?

you didnt get the little adult jokes sprinkled in the Bugs Bunny cartoons?

vampires were scary and not objects of lust by teenage girls?

youd have to drive to the cable company and rent a little adapter to watch a pay per view event?

buying an episode of a favorite cartoon meant shelling out 10 or 15 dollars of your parents money for a measly 20 minutes of video? Now you can get full seasons of Ninja Turtles for that much.

USA had late night programming called usa UP all night?...

and how that was where we fell in love with a pile of B movies from the 70s and 80s?

a shiny holographic comic book cover meant something?

our stomachs turned when a comic books price jumped to 1.75?

nature shows were limited to animal footage and a monotone guy slowly narrating the dull events?

TVs were big wooden boxes?

you would almost kill someone so you could get the next big Super Soaker that came out?
pro wrestling was thought to be real? Admit it. there was a time.

you marveled for the first time over a compact disc?

I just bought the Star Trek Borg Fan Collective on DVD for 13 bucks at Wal Mart. Well worth it!

Picard was a BORG?

you could do something embarrassing without 100,000 people seeing it the next day on Youtube?

the Simpsons came on Thursday nights?

you could eat on the kids menu?

or when you finally had to bite the bullet and quit getting Happy Meals because they no longer filled you up?

your parents had a bag phone that had a cool 30 minute a month package and God help you if you were roaming?

you were too young to look at a PLAYBOY?

HBO was known more for its movies than its TV shows?

you had to sneak around late at night and watch BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD with the door closed and volume turned way down so your parents wouldn't know?

Nickelodeon had that cool SNICK contest where they gave a kid a party at a McDonalds and then contacted them via videophone live on TV for a trivia game? Did I dream that or was it for real?

a videogame for PC came packaged in something like 7 or 8 floppy disks?

store displays for WINDOWS 98 were everywhere?

Ive loved this show since I was 9 years old. Cant wait for the Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp comes out. Im a 25 year old guy who shares interests with 40 and 50 year old women. Wow...

you could catch an hour of DARK SHADOWS every morning on the SCI FI Channel?

you were looking forward to the third Ninja Turtles movie because you just knew that Super Shredder would be the main villain?

you and only a select group of your buddies knew who KEVIN SMITH was?

certain shows were a lot better when you saw them as a kid?

you could experience an entire sleepover with a buddy without hearing or saying a single sexual comment about a female?

you couldn't go anywhere without being under the watchful eye of mom or dad?

Once I played Sonic, I was only hooked through the first 3 levels or so. Mario hooked me his whole game.

you loved playing SUPER MARIO WORLD but couldn't help but wander what it would be like to play that cool looking game with the Hedgehog running 90 MPH through those loops? (even though the fast paced stuff was just in the first few levels to the best of my memory).

You know, this may be it for the DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN series unless I can come up with a few other things to talk about. If I sat and thought about it, I could probably come up with a 500 page book of this stuff, especially if I included pictures. I hope everyone loves this article and if it gets HALF the good comments the last one did, Ill be happy. And remember everybody that my website is up and running for everyone to see. Im not adding to it as much as I need to, but theres a ton of stuff already there. Thanks for your kind words on my writing and I hope everyone likes this one. Let me know!
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