My top 30 movie villains

Just as the title says my top 30 favorite movie villains of all time, plus 3 of the worst
February 29, 2008
Ok folks this is my first post and its a big one. Just like to say that this list is obviously all personal opinion, you may and most likely will, disagree. I have my top 30 favorites here as well as the 3 I think are the worst. Just a little warning if you haven't seen the movies that these villains are in there will be spoilers.

Honorable Mention: The Wicked Witch Of The West (The Wizard Of Oz): One of the most evil villains to ever appear on screen, she loses alot of points for be such a big wimp in the end though.... water? Seriously? Geez no wonder she hung out with blue flying monkeys all the time its the only way no one would realize the smell was her.

#30 R.J Fletcher (UHF): He might not be as well known as some people on this list but don't let that fool you, Fletcher is evil right down to the core! First off his last name is Fletcher, would you every trust anyone who's last name was Flecther? Yeah thats what I thought, Plus he stole Stanley's mop! You gotta be a special type of villain to steal a mans beloved mop!

#29 Norman Bates (Psycho): One of the first guys who made being a villain a art form. There are few things scarier then a mentally unstable mommas boy.

#28 Principal Ed Rooney (Ferris Buellers Day Off): What a jerk this guy is! Why should he care if one kid, who after graduating from high school is sure to be stuck behind the counter at McDonald's, calls in sick? Why try to ruin the few good days Ferris Bueller has left before he goes into the real world and becomes a bum just like everybody else?

#27 The Shark (Jaws): The scary thing about this villain is that hes just doing what comes naturally to him. Hes a shark and sharks eat things, it follows its instinct and scares the hell out of everyone so much that no one dared go back into the water again.

#26 Biff Tannen (Back To The Future Series): The constant thorn in Marty McFly's side, weather it be back in the '50s, the future, the present (1985 wasn't it?) or even back in the old west. Still the worst variation of this guy was the '50s version, thats the big dumb stupid jock that kids have had to put up with in school ever since there was a school.

#25 Jack Torrence (The Shining): He went nuts and tried to kill his loving family, thats pretty rough, with that said though his wife and kid were both pretty damned annoying, so I guess I can't really blame the guy.

#24 T-800 (The Terminator): An unstoppable, unemotional machine from the future that comes back in time to kill the worlds only chance at survival? Yeah hes pretty evil even if he does have no emotions.

#23 Luthor (The Warriors): Sure he turned out to be nothing more then a chump in the end but throughout the entire movie this guy was a huge jerk. He kills Cyrus putting a end to the every gangs unity before it even starts and then pins it on the Warriors! What a douche! Who can ever forget his taunting calls at the Warriors either? "Warrrrrriorsssssssss come out and play-ay!"

#22 Scar (The Lion King): He kills his own brother and puts a hit out on his young nephew to become king and then devastates The Pride Lands with over hunting. Scar is as clever and cunning as he is cowardly, as we see in the final scenes of the movie when Simba confronts him. There are few things worse then a cowardly villain who will stab you in the back as soon as you turn around.

#21 Aliens (Aliens Series): Giant killer bugs from space with acid saliva and a killer French kiss? Oh yeah these guys are trouble...

#20 Francis Buxton (Pee-Wee's Big Adventure): Who doesn't know a kid who was spoiled so rotten that they think they can have anything they want even if it doesn't belong to them? Thats what we have in this big jerk in a neckerchief! Only a person like that would be so cruel to steal Pee-Wee's bicycle!

#19 Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th Series): Much like Norman Bates hes a mentally unstable mommas boy, of course unlike Bates Jason has spread his reign of terror over his home turf, Crystal Lake, unlike any movie villain ever has. I wouldn't mess with a guy that has over 200 kills to his credit. Hes also one of the most creative and brutal killers to ever show up on the big screen his teen killing antics are more then legendary.

#18 Pennywise The Clown (IT): Clowns are scary enough as it is anyways, I not sure why, maybe because they are supposed to be the purest forms of entertainment for children who could never do any wrong but you know behind the make-up is a big jerk who could care less about the kids. Maybe thats why Pennywise caused more kids to be afraid of clowns then anyone else in clown history, he wasn't just a big jerk who didn't care hiding behind clown make-up, no he was a big jerk monster who hid behind the clown make-up so he could kill children.

#17 Mr. Blonde (Reservoir Dogs): The guy is insane, he shoots away at jewelry store customers without giving a crap and slices a cops ear off without flinching once. Plus he changed the way people think of the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" forever.

#16 Judge Doom (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?): A insane cartoon who forever traumatized me with his non-blinking eyes, murder of a innocent cartoon shoe, and scary as hell voice when hes in full out toon mode.

#15 Clubber Lang (Rocky III): Mr. T a villain!?! Who would of thought it would of worked so well! Clubber Lang was by far the best villain of the Rocky series no one else can even touch him, I don't care if Drago did kill Apollo, Clubber Lang caused Micky to have a heart attack and die! Plus despite getting a bigger ass kicking from Rocky then anyone else in the entire series, he did another thing that no one else could do, in the first fight he beat Rocky for the title.

#14 Bill The Butcher (Gangs Of New York): The hat beautiful mustache alone makes him a force to be reckoned with on any villains list, everything else he did in the movie was just the icing on the cake.

#13 Predator (Predator Series): Far cooler and scarier then any Alien out there the Predators are one species of alien I wouldn't want to mess with, these jerks come to earth and hunt humans for nothing more then sport! Now I know how those poor little woodland animals must feel....

#12 Darth Vader (Star Wars Series): Darth Vader not cracking the top ten on a villains list? Blasphemy you might say. We all know his credentials for being on the list so I'll say why hes not ranked as high as most people would. The answer is simple, Star Wars Episodes I-III made him into a huge wimp. Of course I try to ignore that as much as possible cause he is still one bad ass mofo.

#11 Johnny Lawerence (The Karate Kid): That punk Johnny from the Karate Kid ranked higher then Darth Vader!? Yeah thats right. Lets look at the facts, Johnny was relentless in his hatred and poundings of Daniel, plus the dude had the dreaded Cobra Ki backing him up at all times.What makes him a even bigger villain is also the fact that in his mind hes the good guy, this Daniel kid moves into town and steals his girlfriend, even if it was over between them. As far as Johnny is concerned hes the victim in this whole mess and if he thinks hes the good guy he is sure to go further because good is suppose to triumph over evil right? Johnny got screwed.

#10 Bill Lumberg (Office Space): Who hasn't been unfortunate enough to have a passive aggressive jerk of a boss like this guy, Lumberg represents all of those slave driving bosses the world over that you hate.

#9 Count Dracula (Dracula): I'm talking about the Bela Lugosi Dracula here. He might just be the most iconic villain in the history of film and with good reason. Anything that needs to be said about this suave blood sucking fiend has already been said a hundred times so I'm just going to move on.

#8 Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore): Has there ever been a bigger jerk in the world of film? I think not, first off the guy is a big enough jerk to begin with, and when Happy starts to succeed he buys Happy's Grandmothers house out form under him trying to make Happy quit golf in exchange for the house and when that doesn't work Shooter tries to sabotage every little thing that Happy does. Never have I been happier to see a villain get there comeuppance then this guy.

#7 Cruella DeVil (101 Dalmatians): The most evil cartoon character to ever exist, she wants to kill dogs to make a coat! Thats supremely evil! I wish someone would make a coat out of her, despite the fact that it would be one hell of ugly coat.

#6 T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day): Whats worse then an unstoppable, unemotional machine from the future that comes back in time to kill the worlds only chance at survival? An even more powerful liquid metal unstoppable, unemotional machine that comes back in time to kill the worlds only chance at survival. The T-1000 is way colder then Arnold's T-800 as well, at least by 200. One has to wonder why the machines didn't send The T-1000 back to kill Sarah Conner before she gave birth instead of the T-800.

#5 Alex Delarge (A Clockwork Orange): Alex is a sociopath who robs, rapes and kills for his own amusement. Whats worse is the guy is smart and knows what hes doing is wrong, yet despite that is confused as to why people would want to reform him. I don't know a guy as evil as him who just does what he does for something to do is pretty damn scary.

#4 The French Taunter (Monty Python & The Holy Grail): Oh what a vile villain this guy is! Not only does he have the holy grail and refuses to even show it to King Aurthur he also insults him with such sharp barbs as "I fart in your general direction!" and "Your father smells of ripe elderberry's!" The insults are so fast and furious that Aurthur is forced to retreat from the Taunter not once but twice, then on top of all of that the Taunter gets away with it! He is the true meaning of villain.

#3 Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare On Elm Street Series): The greatest slasher villain of them all, sure others have bigger body counts but the way that Freddy mentally tortures his victims before killing them, usually in some ironic way with a witty one liner, is far more creative and brutal then someone like a Jason Vorhees or a Michael Myers (That punk didn't even make the list!) could ever do. Plus before he was a demon with all of these dream powers he was still a child rapist and murderer! It takes alot to be more evil then Mr. Fred Kruger.

#2 Hans Gruber (Die Hard): Oh you knew Hans had to be on the list somewhere. The ultimate terrorist who invades and shuts the building down keeping all of the Christmas parter-goers hostage to bargain for the release of certain German terrorists or at least thats what it seems but no 'Ol Mr. Gruber is just after the $600 + Million dollars in the buildings vaults, I guess the release of the terrorists would just be icing on the cake. On top of all of that he makes life a living hell for everyones favorite down on his luck cop who's in the middle of a bad day.

And now for the #1 most evil villain of all time......well in a little bit anyways, you didn't think it would be that easy did you? No first you will be treated to the Top 3 WORST Villains of all time. These are guys who are a disgrace to the words villain, or evil.

#3 Nuclear Man (Superman IV:The Quest For Peace): What a loser, some super villain this guy is he only has his powers in the sunlight, guess hes screwed after dark or during an eclipse. In addition to all of that just look at that awful outfit!

#2 Ed 209 (Robocop): Oh yeah sure I admit Ed 209 might be one of the coolest looking things this side of anywhere but alas the thing is just a big flaming bag of doggy crap. The first thing it does is malfunction and kill an innocent man, the thing was to stupid to even go down a set of stairs!

#1 Boba Fett (Star Wars Series): First Darth Vader doesn't make the top ten and now Boba Fett the worst villain of all time? Man I'm really gonna get it from the Star Wars fans. Truth of the matter is I love Star Wars, but Boba Fett? Whats the attraction? I don't get it I mean sure just like Ed 209, he looks really really cool, but looking cool does not make a great villain and lets face it Boba Fett looks cool and thats about it. Lets look at what he managed to accomplish. He wined to Darth Vader about Han Solo being no good to him dead, transported the chunk of carobinite that Solo was imprisoned in back to Jabba The Hutt & then got knocked into a hole with teeth to his death by a blind guy.... a blind guy who WASN'T Daredevil! Thats about it, yeah some great villain.

NOW finally after the top three losers are out of the way how about that greatest villain? Sure without further adue......

#1 Nurse Mildred Ratched (One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest): It might come as a surprise to most everyone reading this that a nurse gets #1, but man she is a cold, sadistic tyrant of the mental hospital in Cuckoos nest and the definition of evil. She's the evil head nurse who uses her power to control every part of every one of her patients lives. When McMurphy comes onto the scene he gives it the old college try to topple the old cow from her perch of power but with shock therapy, refusing to let him watch the World Series and ultimately lobotomizing him. On top of this she drives Billy to suicide after threatening to tell his mother about the things he did and just like the slightly less evil French Taunter she gets away with everything, and thats why she is the greatest villain in movie history.
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