WWE SmackDown!
Debut: April 29, 1999
Debut: April 29, 1999

WWE SmackDown premiered on UPN in 1999. Originally airing on Thursday nights SmackDown! moved to Friday Nights in 2005 but moved back to Thursday nights in 2014 and then in 2016 it aired Tuesday nights live on the USA network It moved back to broadcast TV when it moved to the Fox Network in fall 2019. SmackDown currently operates as the rival brands to both Monday Night Raw and NXT Here are the current champions: Undisputed WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns United States Champion: Austin Theory WWE Women's Champion: Asuka Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

Nia Jax: "Listen up, Bianca. You can run from me, you can ignore me or you can hide from me. But don't ever...and I mean EVER...ANGER me."
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The Rock: "Finally...The Rock has come back to...RETROJUNK. -The Rock"
Kurt Angle: "It's true it's damn true. -Kurt Angle"
Triple H: "I will bury anyone who ever tries to take my spot at the top of the business. No one is better than I am, that's just a fact of life. I will always have better matches and draw more fans than all the rest of the guys combined."
Triple H: "I am that damn good!"
Chris Jericho: "(To Viscera) Even though you look like the lovechild of Fat Albert and Mr T, I will fight you tonight. I'd really like to get my hands on Eddie Guerrero and that SHANK Chyna, but instead I will fight you, who is bigger than both Eddie, and Chyna, and their extended families, and their living room furniture COMBINED!"
The Rock: "This is The Rocks show"
The Rock: "Who in the blue hell are you?"
The Rock: "The Rock will take you down Know Your Role Boulevard which is on the corner of Jabroni Drive and check you directly into the Smackdown Hotel!"
Tazz: "Welcome to Smackdown!"
Jeff Jarrett: "Don't piss me off!"
Undertaker: "Time to see if your ass can cash the checks your mouth has been writing."
Undertaker: "(to Vince) "You'll be paying me a whole lot of money to kick your ass!"
Triple H: "I am the game"
Stone Cold Steve Ausin: "Can some one get a beer for Stone Cold Steve Ausin"
Mankind: "Do you smell what the sock is cooking"
Mankind: "Its Mr.Socko"
Mankind: "Its Mr.Rocko"
Kanyon: "Whos Better Than Kanyon?!"
Crowd: "Everybody!!"
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