Pro Wrestling Then & Now

how wrestling has changed over the years.
February 27, 2007
I Have been a huge wrestling fan since i was a young boy, I am also a Indy wrestler/promoter out of the midwest. If you are a wrestling fan then you know how much wrestling has changed over the years. From Hulk Hogan To Stonecold then to present time with John Cena wrestling has sure changed alot.

It all started in the late 80's early 90's for me, i first started watching wrestling with my uncle when hulk hogan, jake the snake roberts, hart foundation, demolition, ultimate warrior and many others were big in the WWF. I didnt watch to much NWA/WCW at the time but eventually i started to watch WCW Saturday Night and really got into guys like Ric Flair, Sting, Ricky Steamboat,Lex Luger and others. Wrestling then was alot of slow paced matches , rest holds and story lines told in the ring action. Matches like Hulk Hogan vs. Warrior at Wrestlemania 6, Royal Rumble Matches like 1990 and 1991 where Hulk Hogan won back to back Rumbles! wrestling then was great to watch and the persona's of the wrestlers were toned down and mild guys like Brutus Beefcake doing the barbershop, hulk hogan saying the prayers and eating the vitamins and doing dont smoke commercials wrestling was for sure family entertainment.

Mid 90's brought some excitment to Wrestling! in the mid 90s a company by the name of ECW became EXTREME! ECW brought a new form of pro wrestling to the table with death matches, thumbtack matches, barbed wire, tables and wicked story lines and hardcore television. WCW at the time was also starting to inch its way to the top with the debut of WCW Nitro, Nitro brought a new meaning to monday night wrestling with the only wrestling show to be LIVE at the time. Guys like Diesel, Razor Ramon, 123 kid, Hulk Hogan and others defected to WCW from WWF because of the poor roster and the money the WWF was losing and the money that Ted Turner and WCW was gaining. In the mid 90's WCW destroyed WWF in the ratings that was until the WWF begun its new era...the attitude era.

In the late 90's the WWF saw that WCW was destroying them in the ratings and stealing all the WWF's talent. So WWF decidied to try and somewhat copy the ECW style of wrestling: edgy storylines, tables, hardcore matches and bad language and with the resurrection of a past WCW wrestler by the name of Stonecold Steve Austin. Stonedcold helped change the WWF and helped turn it into the multi billion dollar comapany it is today.Bret hart left WWF for WCW after being "screwed" by Vince Mcmahon and the WWF, and in the late 90's during a match between Mankind and The Rock the WWF won the ratings battle and took over the victory in the war between WWF and WCW. Wrestling at this point went from Hulk Hogan's "Say your prayers, eat your vitimans" to Stonecold's "Open a can of whoop ass". This in my opionion was the best times for WWF/WWE when the original DX, Hardcore divison, the rock and others were there to make it great.

The sad part of this article is the deaths of many of the great WWF legends such as Owen hart, Mr.Perfect, Brittish Bulldog, Andre The Giant, Big John Studd, Big Bossman, EarthQuake, Eddie Guerrero, Rick Rude, Brian Pillman and many others and if im forgeting you, you are defintly not forgotten in our hearts. thanks for the memory's.

This age in Pro wrestling things are almost the same as the attitude era minus the great personality's and awesome storylines and of course the competiton, and what i mean by that is that in 2001 the WWE bought WCW and its trademarks and then killed it and brought some of the names to WWE and then split the roster to RAW and Smackdown! Now guys like John Cena, Shawn michaels (who is a legend in my mind), Triple-H (on his way to being a legend), MVP, Mr.Kennedy, Batisita, Lashley and many other make of the new WWE RAW and Smackdown! a much toned down version of the attitude era. WWE has gone back and tried to bring out some of the old things like DX and ECW. In my opinion i think the WWE needed to leave ECW alone. If ECW needs to come back please bring it back every year with the originals not this crap WWECW Velocity a place for the smackdown and RAW jobbers to go and try to rebuild there characters. Degeneration died in 2000 when The Outlaws and X-pac left the group and Triple H gave up on it and you cant bring back DX with Shawn being a christian which there is NOTHING wrong with but DX was known for its bad languauge and horrible humor WWE please leave this alone as well. To end my article i got one thing to say WWE please get rid of John Cena and other's who cant wrestle and are there simply for good looks and to sell merchandise, bring back guys like The Rock, Stonecold, Mankind, basically bring back the attitude era and i dont mean that all WWE guys are crap just a select few. So as you can see Pro Wrestling has changed alot of the 1990's and present time thank gosh for indy wrestling, TNA. WSX and videotapes of old WWF not E and WCW wrestling.

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