My 90's Childhood Part.2

My Life in the 90's
February 23, 2007
We'll im back! i just couldnt share my thoughts and memory's about my childhood life in the 90's in just one article. So I decided i would write a second article and hopefully i could share a little bit more in this article. I Left off with how great the 90's were and what i did mon-fri and even on the weekends. This time i would just like to share some of my favorite memory's about the 90's.

MMMM do u remember getting up in the morning and eating your favorite breakfeast meal? weather it be Cereal, Pancakes, Oatmeal or eggs u will never forget your favorite breakfeast meal. Mine of course was always cereal! i loved tons of different kinds of cereal! my favorite of course as i mentioned before was the ghostbusters cereal! but i did have alternatives. I really liked the Bill n Teds Excellent cereal, lucky charms, ninja turtles and coco krispies!! the bill n teds cereal always came with cool prizes i remember when it came with the elevator that actually held cereal inside of it and the bill n ted action figures i had to send away for! man was cereal an awesome breakfeast.

What about snacks you ask? and candy??well of course i loved the Turtle pies (which are very rare) but i also loved the turtles snacks (they looked like corn puffs in shapes of shells) and what about the tutle bubble gum that came in the turtle plasic container thing? FRUIT ROLL UP! i still remember the old fruit rollup factory commercials. I would be watching cartoons in the mornings and i would love when they would debut a new color or design for the fruit rollups! awesome!! anyone remember the Koala Yummies?? man those were good! i dont even think they make them still? im sure there was plenty more snacks i loved but i just cant remember all those wonderful things right now.

As far as games and movies go! wow the movies i loved and still do love! The Toxic Avenger! a movie about a dork that becomes a monster by falling into a toxic chemical lol another great Troma Video classic! Super Mario Brothers Supershow! Captain Lou played the role of Mario and they had live action comedy with short cartoons! that show was a classic for sure. I remember watching Power Rangers all the time, i mean i LOVE the power rangers but i would watch other shows that tried to rip them off like Beetleborgs, V R troopers but the only one i really liked was Super Human Samuri Cyber Squad! that show rocked!! Games i loved of course were original Sega, Super nintendo games!! Sonic, Road Rash..i remember this one game called Boogerman and then Battletoads!! those were awesome games!!

AHHH toys!! if i could i would still play with toys!! well old toys because toys now days are not really that great. I loved the WWF Hasbro figures as a matter of fact i still have like over 200 of them in a couple of crates in my attic! they were so basic unlike the new Jakks ones that are really detailed but just are not the same. Ghostbusters toys were always fun! the proton Pack, the trap and the firehouse with all the different versions of the ghostbusters. My favorite was the Peter that when you squeezed his legs his eyes and tounge would pop out! Turtle toys were great i had a bunch of them! toxic crusaders, swamp thing the list goes on and on...

well thats all i really have for now! i mean i could go on and on about the 90's and growing up in the 90's things like Jnco Jeans, Baggy mc hammer pants, ducktales, saved by the bell lol and many more things like CRYSTAL CLEAR PEPSI yuck!! anyways its been fun and LONG LIVE THE 90's!!

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