My 90's Childhood

My Childhood memories of growing up in the late 80's-90's
January 26, 2007
Wow! its hard to believe that its already 2007. Seems just like yesterday i was sitting on my front porch watching the cars go by after school and popping open a fresh bottle of Orbitz drink. Now days of course most kids when they get out of school will go over to a friends house and plan a party or go over all the new features on their cell phones. When i was growing up we didn't have cell phones and the highlight getting out of school was to go play kickball and watch the after school cartoons that came on FOX and other stations. Well i grew up in The later 80's and early 90's so let me just share some of the memories i have of my childhood that i will never forget.

My Saturday morning always began with me and my grandma going to the local grocery store and me getting back on time to watch all the shows and cartoons like: land Of The Lost, Pee Wee's Playhouse, TMNT, Real Ghostbusters, etc.. main focus on going to the store was to get a box of Cereal! I couldn't wait to see what new prizes were out and what new types of cereal's were being made! my favorite cereal had to be the Real Ghostbusters Cereal or the Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure cereal with all the cool prizes :) my favorite snack was the a very rare hostess pie called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle "turtle pies"!

On Saturday Nights me and my family would always get together and we would order pizza from either Little Cesars or Dominoes. I would get my food go to the "playroom" at our house and sit down and watch WCW Saturday Night from 5pm-6pm and them get ready for the hottest Saturday Night line-up ever! SNICK! featuring of course: Ren N Stimpy, Clarissa Explains It All, Alex Mack, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, etc..

My Sunday would start with me waking up and going to Church and then getting out and going home and watch WWF All American Wrestling! i was/am a huge wrestling fan! then the rest of the day we would sit home and enjoy playing video games. I remember my grandma taking me to the video rental store and giving me $3 to rent the newest game for SNES or Sega some of my favorite games included: Road Rash, Sonic, WWF Royal Rumble. Super Mario, etc.. then it would be off to bed because school was the next day.

Ahhh Monday Mornings... getting up early and being tired then...going to school! well my morning started out at about 6am i would go downstairs get my cereal (which ever kind i left with the past Saturday Morning) eat my cereal and watch: Snorks, Gem, USA Cartoon Express, etc.. and IF i didnt go to school i would get to watch: David The Gnome, Mia The Bee, Eureeka's Castle, Sharon, Loise and Bran's Elephant show, etc.. man the line-up then was great! then it was off to school!

After school i would come home eat my supper and watch the great after school line-up: Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego (game show on PBS), Power Rangers, Duck Tales, Batman Animated Series, etc.. we would play some games then work our way to the front porch and watch cars go by.. before it got dark we would usually go and play kickball or tag somewhere and then as soon as the street light came on we were home for the night. Now it's off to sleep so i can wake up to another beautiful day in the 90's.

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