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My top 5 wrestlers that were active in timespan of my childhood (90's)
January 22, 2010
Wrestling. As kid, I loved it! Personally, I think wrestling in 90's was way better then it's today. Even if I don't watch it as much these days, I can for sure tell you that everything from scripts, wrestlers and gimmicks was better in "old days". Most of us has our favorites in everything. Someone who we cheer for even when he is underdog, when he is down or even when he is a "heel"( bad guy in wrestling terms). No matter if my choice here is about "heels" or "babyfaces" (good guys in wrestling terms) - I made my choice based on their gimmicks, overall style and just because I "like" them. Let's say their appearance is deciding factor of "likeness". There will be no specific "order" of favorites, but you can think as last one as "the best for me" wrestler.

So, let's dive in my Top 5 wrestlers!

"Diamond" Dallas Page (DDP)

Better known as "Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr.", DDP was very energetic and pretty damn good wrestler. I remember his "diamond" gimmick being very cool and he won versus a lot of good wrestlers trough 90's. He was not famous as some other wrestlers but he was at least mediocre while doing "the job" and in one point he was at the top.

I am no expert on wrestling, but moves DDP done were pretty amazing and really good executed. One thing that I loved about Diamond Dallas Page was his way of turning the crowd to "pop". I mean, the guy would do the "diamond" sign, put it up for a few seconds and slam at the mat causing roar from the crowd (at least from those who were cheering for him). He did lack "mictalk" a bit, as he didn't talk to others wrestlers too much or too often. But anyways, DDP you were great and deserved to be on my list.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Ah, Roderick George Toombs aka "Rowdy" Roddy Piper - who would forget him? Do you remember when he smashed Jimmy Snuka in Piper's Pit? Theme of this wrestler was also awesome, Scottish bagpipes and his acting when he was in front of the ring and insulting opponents was something extraordinary. Notice that "Rowdy", in his early ages (and he begun to wrestle when he was 16) - was doing it for real. Yeah, there is a video on Youtube where he breaks a bottle on his head. He was awesome guy if you don't think about how extreme he can and will be. And he was bigmouth also. He could insult people like noone else and get away with it. But when he would get angry, you get one tough wrestler to beat. I mean, he smashed coconut into Snuka's head and stuffed banana into his mouth.

I will remember "Rowdy" as a great person and great wrestler. He did had "oldschool" techniques and also had very deep knowledge of "how works work (or business)" and was good with mic. To be honest, he didn't won too much things but everyone knew "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. I won't get in details about his match, but I always wondered how that guy with babyface (not to be confused with "good guy" in wrestling) can be so tough. The man was a beast and great wrestler. Today, he is semi-retired but he will always bring a spark of nostalgia in my heart.


Yeah, Sting is the man. He is really awesome, I mean, just look at his appearance. When you look at him you feel fear, something like "Undertaker" but very different. Sting is more mysterious. His real name is Steve Borden and I will always remember him having something against Hulk Hogan. That's just how he went into my mind. I remember also him fighting Hogan, not just for the belt but for pride and prestige. Borden was hired to help recruit a fourth member of Powerteam USA, a professional wrestling stable headed by Red Bastien and Rick Bassman containing three other former bodybuilders while at his Gold's Gym in San Fernando Valley.I mean, Sting had some really great appearances when it comes to coming into ring. He would fly, jump or simply walk into it and try to "sting" his opponents with pretty good wrestling moves. He did "sell" very well when we talk about wrestling moves and crowd loved him (not all but most, even the Hulk Hogan's fans did respect him).

He did had some "surfer" gimmick for some time but I don't think it suits his style. He should be Sting that we used to see and watch. His theme when entering the stage was not the best, but it was not bad - mediocre and most important not crappy as some wrestling themes are. He had more potential IMHO then he did achieve but because of some things he didn't make it. But in the end, Sting did good and is doing good right now. I hope he continues, even if he is old - to spark my nostalgia and to entertain the fans who await his every move.


When there was no Goldberg - Undertaker was my favorite wrestler. Great theme, great results and great gimmick. Undertaker didn't talk too much, heck, he didn't talk anything and by that his "mic" skills were very low, but boy he was very tough nut to crack. I mean, in one time he would destroy everyone in his path. When people could hear his theme they would know that death is coming for them. I remember one time that he was, indeed "defeated" and as he was lying on mat, he would "resurrect" and chase his opponent. Yep, Undertaker was that cool. Also, his wrestling techniques were not spectacular but he did good. You ask why? Because he didn't fly, doing all kinds of weird eye-candy stuff - he would simply brute force destroy you.

I remember his "helper" that would carry some kind of urn and was great addition to whole Undertake angle. I also remember that Undertaker had some fights with Hulk Hogan and great storylines including many great wrestlers. Too bad he was doing worse after some time and his strength declined - but, even with that - everyone still fears the Undertaker.


"You are next!" - When you hear that, you know what's coming up. Yeah, Goldberg is my all time favorite wrestler. I just love this guy, I mean first of all his theme is one of best, no - THE BEST THEME OF ALL WRESTLING THEMES. Guy is bald and is powerful beast that clears everything in his path. I remember his "Spear" move where he would ram into opponent and slam him. Do you remember when he fought "Raven" for belt? That was awesome match and Goldberg deserved the belt no matter what "Raven" fans say.

With great theme comes great wrestling technique (in this case at least). Goldberg had brute force and eye-candy moves in one big package of big muscles and intimidating face and composure. His style was very unique just because he would made crow go wild when he would "power up" (his gimmick before doing "The Spear") move. I remember that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE (what I at least watched) did recover from his "Spear" move. He would power up, wait and dive into his opponent and made him look like bag of sand that will never go up again. Goldberg also made appearance in good portion of TV shows and movies.

Just to be hones, I never knew if he was "heel" or "babyface". I think he was a bit of everything from time from time but even when he was "heel" (the bad guy) I would love to cheer for him. One thing that Goldberg had was his ability to be like Rocky Balboa. I remember him getting beating pretty badly but he would overcome it and after that destroy (or not, but it doesn't matter in this case) his opponent. Goldberg was a good and well developer wrestling character and he had a heart that made him very energetic and great wrestler. Until this day, I look for Goldberg if he makes appearance - and be sure, that his golden age in 90's still makes me nostalgic and my cheering will not stop until he completely retires. You are next!

For sure you ask yourself: "Where are Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, The Rock and etc.". Well, they are all great wrestlers, but for me - these five that made list up are wrestlers that made my childhood enjoyable as I was watching them do their thing they do the best - wrestle.

Once again, sorry if my English grammar was a bit off, I do my best :). I hope you enjoyed.
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