TOP 5 High School Movies

These are what I see as the Best High School movies of the 80's
March 17, 2008
The 80's has produced some of the most memorable moments. Especially for us who grew up thinking High School was a place where nerds really got beat up, and thrown into trashcans. (though some of us may have experienced that)This is my list of the top 5 High School movies of the 80's and very likely of all time. Starting off the list at...

#5-The Karate Kid (1984)

-Wax on Wax off.-
-Look eye, always look eye!-
How could we ever forget the kid who made us all want to do the crane kick. Daniel new kid on the block being picked on by Johnnys crew who used karate to beat up people. Why? Because Daniel had a crush on Ali, Johnnys ex girlfriend. Mr. Miyagi the greatest Kong fu teacher we will ever know. Decided to teach Daniel how to fight, which leads him to fighting the bully's in a karate tournament. Daniel one of the biggest hearted fighter we have seen, wins the tournament with the infamous crane kick, after a cheap shot to his injured leg. "Sweep the leg!" I still hate that guy!!! This movie I put at five. With it classic underdog takes all story, Daniel crane kicks himself into the number 5 spot.

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#4-Can't buy me love(1987)

Ronald Miller, the school nerd who just wanted to be cool in his senior year of high school. How fortunate that he lives next door to Cindy Mancini, the cheerleader who was the most popular girl in school. Who had just ruined her moms outfit and needed 1,000$ to fix it. It just so happened nerd boy Ronald had the 1,000 from mowing lawns. So Ronald makes a deal to pay Cindy the money, is she hangs out with him so he can be cool. Ronalds plan works...a little too well. His new coolness causes him to leave his best bud behind, and then loses all his new friends when Cindy spills the beans about their deal. Ronald is then hated by everyone, and learns that you have to be yourself, and gives an emotional speech to his classmates. Which all agree with him. Ronald's last ditch efforts to make amends with his old buddy works. Not only that Cindy became his girlfriend. This love story of wanting to be excepted gets the grass cutting nerd the number 4 spot.
To see our next movie well have to go the future that is. That's right the movie next up....

#3-Back to the Future (1985)

-Roads? Where were going we dont need any roads.-
-What are you looking at butthead?!-
Marty Mcfly. The High school kid who principle has made it his life to constantly heckle him. Not to mention Biff the over aged high school bully who has it out for Marty. His mother, overly concerned, and his dad is the biggest push over ever. Marty doesnt have a lot of friends but he spends a lot of time with the Doc, who is a scientist who a bit off the wall. When the Doc creates a working time machine that zaps Marty back to the past when his parents were in high school, things get a little out of whack. Marty has altered the past, which creates a new future where his parents aren't married and he doesnt exist. Biff has also made his own changes to the past after sneaking in the time machine. Its a race against time itself as Marty must reunite his parents, while avoiding Biff, so he can exist in his own time. With an awesome story line, not to mention great trilogy, the coolest special effects, Marty and the Doc use their flux capacitor to drive 88 miles per hour to zap into 3rd place.

The Next movie is what senior itis is all about, playing hooky with your girl, and your best friend and still getting home in just enough time to get away with it. One of my personal favorites....

#2-Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)

-If you're not over here in fifteen minutes, you can find a new best friend.-
-Les jeux sont faits. Translation: the game is up. Your ass is mine.-
You know the attendance rule. The one if you miss a certain amount of school days you cant graduate. Well Ferris Beuller set the bar. Known as the king of ditching and getting away with it, Ferris is the coolest kid in school. His sister Jeanie hates that he gets away with everything, and his parents think hes an angel. Ferris a senior in danger of not graduating decides to take on last day off before graduation. Ferris stages that he is sick to his parents and the school, calls the school saying his girlfriend Sloane has had a death in the family, and Cameron acts as Sloanes father to trick the Principle Ed Ronney into believing the situation was real. He convinces his best bud Cameron to take his fathers prize Ferrari, out to pick up his girlfriend Sloane. Then to take it out on the Town of Chicago. After dropping the car off a a valet parking lot. The Ferrari, ends up with the miles run up tremendously, and Camerons totals it after failing to turn back the miles. Ferris offers to take the blame for it knowing Camerons dad would kill him. But Cameron decides to man up and finally stick up for himself and take the blame. Ed Rooney already aimed at finally catches Ferris, figures out he lying and goes on the hunt for Ferris. His jealous sister Jeanie also, goes on a mission to catch Ferris and bust him to their parents who thinks he's an angel. With a principle who hates him, and a furious jealous sister after to ruin his day of hooky, and with the whole town behind him, attempting so save his life thinking hes dying, Ferris overcomes all odds and gets home before his parents ever noticed he was gone. Ferris Beuller along with all the support of the city of Chicago dances and sings his way into the number 2 spot.

Finally the number one High School Movie that taught us that all of us are the same, not matter what clique we are in. The only Saturday school I wanted to be apart of....

#1-The Breakfast Club (1958)

-When you grow up, your heart dies.-
-Show Dick some respect!-
Clair the Princess, Andrew the Jock, John the Criminal, Allison, the outkast, and Brian the Nerd. These five students all serving Saturday school together with the worst principle ever Mr. Vernon. These five all hate each other, they see each other as a stereotype rather than a person. As the day goes on they fight with each other and feel they have nothing in common with each other. As they day goes on they continue to fight with each other while learning about each other. Clair admits she hates being the rich popular girl and only acts the way her friends want her to. Andrew admits he doesn't like being the star wrestler of the team, but only does it because his dad wants him to. John, doesn't admit much but everyone can see he just a lonely angry kid who wants to be accepted. Brian, admits his parents put on too much pressure for him to get good grades, and finally Allison admits she has secrets that she is scared of letting out. They all learn that each one of them is the same person, they just have different groups in which they are apart of. This movie taught all of us that stereotypes only keep us from finding out were all really the same. With the five general stereotypes in this movie, we all can see our selves fitting into one of these categories, or a little bit into all of them. Having the basic setup in every High School movie, along with the great story line, and awesome cast the Breakfast Club has become the model for all high school movies along with winning the number one movie spot of the 1980's.
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