Wrestling Video Games: A lost art?

Can Wrestling video games become good again?
By NK44
April 02, 2019
Hello everyone, long time no see! It's me NK44 here back again! as the writing of this article/"think piece" the next article in my series "art" is still pending approval so if you're reading this and the article is out. Give it a shot!

Wrestling is my love. I love pro wrestling from New Japan Pro Wrestling to Ring Of Honor and even WWE/F. But one thing most wrestling fans can agree on is the video games. We all get excited when 2K announces the new WWE game. Well most of the time, WWE 2K19 was not bad but it certainly was not a WWF No Mercy for N64.

Im not saying that all WWE games need to be the same but these games have been turning people away. Back in the PS2 era, WWE games were AMAZING. With games like Smackdown Shut Your Mouth and Here Comes The Pain.

Especially with the brand split happening on TV. THQ came out of the wood works with Smackdown vs Raw in 2004.

As much as I love the singular Smackdown titles the SVR games will always be my favorite since I grew up playing them. My point of this piece is where is the variety?

Fire Pro Wrestling World (in my opinion) had some of the best creation tools (before 2K19) FPWW had different match options you could play or the latest GM type mode (which 2K has removed) WWE games used to hold a sort of "High standard" if you will. By that I mean WWE games were the best wrestling games in town. With a solid GM mode, season mode Road to Wrestle Mania it was all there.

I still play wrestling games but I feel that the series too a major dip with WWE 2k15. 2K14 was pretty much made by THQ but had the 2K logo slapped on it. Yeah we got showcase mode but the removal of create a story and other creation tools kinda left 2K15 empty for me.

Games like WCW/nWo Revenge are perfect examples of games that mesh fun and good gameplay in a good way. Again my point is that wrestling games continue to lose people because of removing moves or features that people enjoy. I just hope one day wrestling games can reach the peak they were at in the N64 to PS2 era that most people grew up with.

Im not saying make the same game again but at least put some of that Arcade flare (WOOOOOO!) back into wrestling games. FPWW could use some of that and I like that game as much as the WWE games. I care for wrestling games and it would be cool for these games to become the powerhouses in the sports genre.

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