Art: The Evolution of Banjo-Kazooie

A Graphical evolution of the N64 classic
By NK44
November 01, 2018
Hello I'm NK44 and welcome to the most anticipated sequel on all of Retro Junk. Art (Insert intro music) on this edition of Art we are looking at one of my favorite series, Banjo Kazooie! This game is truly a gem on the N64 and is still looked upon fondly. Well (besides when Microsoft bought Rare) but we will get to that when we get there but for now lets get into the graphics.

In 1998, developers of the hit franchise Donkey Kong Country released the bear and bird version of Mario 64. Banjo Kazooie. The game focuses on the duo of Banjo (the bear) and Kazooie (the bird) there main mission is to save Banjos sister Tooty who was kidnapped by the evil Gruntilda (Grunty for short) in order for Grunty to look beautiful she needs Banjos sister. The game is colorful (besides clankers cavern..*shiver*)

But overall the game was a smash hit with critics and audiences and is still beloved by old school gamers and new ones to this day. But Clanker...Jesus.

The GAme

But anyways, In 2000 Rare decided the story of the beloved bear and bird wasn't enough so they released Banjo Tooie (clever name right?) kind of a side note but Mumbo has been one of my favorite characters for some reason. I just get a crack out of him.

But back to the graphics. In my opinion I think Banjo Tooie looks a tad bit better than the first one and a tad bit harder than the first one.

Banjo Tooie also got praise just like it's predecessor and in the good ol' year of 2003 Banjo and Kazooie would make their last appearance on a Nintendo platform with Grunty's revenge on the GBA.

The game would have more of a top down view and not the usual view we saw on the N64. Plus Grunty looks like the F*CKING TERMINATOR! The Bear and Bird were suppose to get a game called Banjo-Threeie on the Nintendo Gamecube but it never happened Then tragedy struck.

In 2002 Microsoft purchased Rare for $375 million along with Conker and other Rare properties (except For DK Country obviously) Then on my birthday of November 11th 2008 Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was released for the xbox 360. I HATE THIS GAME!!! not to sound like every internet commentator in the last 10 years but geez!this is what we got instead of a true third Banjo game? if you like this game that's fine but im not a huge fan of the game.

But we haven't seen a new Banjo game since N&B. The original two games did get released on the xbox live arcade

And that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this installment of Art. this one was a bit longer than the first one but, regardless I hope you enoyed and have a great day!
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