Release: January 17, 1986
Release: January 17, 1986

When a family moves into a San Francisco apartment, an opportunistic troll decides to make his move and take possession of little Wendy (Jenny Beck), thereby paving the way for new troll recruits, the first in his army that will take eventual control of the planet. As luck would have it, the building conveniently rests on a crease in the time-space continuum, so it isn't hard to open the door to trollworld, or whatever the troll would call it. But even the path to world domination begins with a single step, so the troll begins by disposing of each tenant with his pointy magical ring; each victim then turns into a fern (this may be the only existing film in which the late U.S. Representative Sonny Bono becomes a houseplant). Fortunately for the human race, the next door neighbor is a kindly old witch who has just the game plan to win back Wendy (now under the troll's influence as evidenced by her poor social skills and equally bad eating habits), vanquish the paranormal pest, and save the human race from imminent troll tyranny. The stage is then set for inevitable battle between the good witch and the evil troll for control of the world, but first she and the brave family must combat a twenty-foot tall ubertroll who looks akin to a Furby doll left in the sandbox over a long, hard Minnesota winter.

Harry Sr.: "I always wanted to run away with the circus when I was a kid. -Harry Sr."
Harry Sr.: "You can forget the milk, honey. He's into gin and tonics. -Harry Sr."
Wendy: "Harry fell down outside and he went to sleep. -Wendy"
Wendy: "What does death look like? -Wendy"
Duke: "Weird kid. Prob'ly reads a lot. -Duke"
Wendy: "Are you an elf? -Wendy"
Eunice: "Knock before you come in. The door is always open. -Eunice"
Eunice: "Keep talking like that, you'll become an adult. -Eunice"
Eunice: "You're sounding like a ninny. What the hell have you got to be afraid of? -Eunice"
Eunice: "Well, did you pop your cookies? -Eunice"
Harry Jr.: "Can I come in? I think I'm gonna throw up. -Harry Jr."
Peter: "Look, kid, I don't have any candy and I don't play with toys. -Peter"
Harry Sr.: "...The apartment faeries did it all. -Harry Sr."
Wendy: "I'm Godzilla! -Wendy"
Duke: "I'll tell you this much, fire department's really gonna be PO'd. -Duke"
Wendy: "Ratburgers! -Wendy"
Peter: "You have the distinction of owning the only two children in this entire building. -Peter"
Peter: "Is she rabid? -Peter"
Harry Sr.: "Harry, have you been letting her read your monster magazines? -Harry Sr."
Harry Potter Jr.: "Have you been playing with dead cats? -Harry Potter Jr."
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