First NES games I ever played

A look back at five games I first played on the Nintendo Entertainment System
June 17, 2009
Hey guys, BenJamin here and it's time for my very first article here on retrojunk. I've been here for almost a year and I finally have my first article. Better late then ever I guess. Anyway... in my first article I wish to talk about the very first NES games I played when I was a kid. At that time we didn't own an NES but my uncle who lives in Chicago had one at the time and that's where we gave it a go. I think I was 2 1/2 or 3 when I first played the NES. Anyway... let's begin.

Super Mario Bros.

I'm sure this was every NES players first game they played. We all know the story on this one... Mario and Luigi try to rescue Princess Toadstool from the clutches of King Koopa. What do I like about this game? Well, it's fun to play, the sound effects are awesome, the music is listenable, and with your many years of playing this... it's an easy game. Well to me level 8 can still get pretty nerve wrecking for me.

Duck Hunt

Actually this game was included on a copy of the Super Mario Bros. game my uncle owned. This one comes with the NES gun and it's able to let you use it for games such as Duck Hunt of course, and Clay Pigeons. In reality folks... I did not care for Clay Pigeons because I found it to be difficult. But going back to Duck Hunt... all you had to do was to shoot ducks before they flew away. Shoot three times, get nothing and the ducks fly away and your annoying dog whimpers. Somebody replace him with another hunting dog.

Pro Wrestling

Now I'm not too crazy for professional wrestling but this was a good game. Choose a wrestler out of six and all you do is just... well... wrestle. Like the Super Mario Bros. this game has great music and it's when you're in the wrestling ring. My other favorite part in the game was the sound effect for when you body slam your opponent. I don't think I have a favorite character and I really don't remember the name of the fighters except The Amazon and Star Man I believe his name was.

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War

I haven't played this one in a very long time because the copy we own won't work! But in this you play a man who is escaping from a war prison. All I remember is I only beat the first level in this game and that was it. So I really have nothing else to mention about this so I apologize for that.

And finally...

Blades of Steel

Oh yeah! In my opinion... the best hockey game out there. My brother and I loved playing this game an I think he always attempted to start a hockey fight. To me what makes this game fun is the commentator character who'll say things like "Hit the puck" and even react to when a player is knocked down on the ice. And since I'm not too crazy for hockey either, this is a pretty fun game to play.

So guys, that concludes my first article on the first NES games I ever played. And with it being a first I hope to have more pretty soon in the near future. So, take care guys.
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