Aliens in the Family
Debut: December 15, 1996
Ended: December 15, 1996
Debut: December 15, 1996
Ended: December 15, 1996

Cookie is a recombinant DNA scientist on a far planet. Divorced and looking for suitable material she abducts a suburban single father from Earth. Love blossoms, they marry, and she and her three children join him and his two on Earth, like an interstellar Brady Bunch.

Bobut: "Why are there no happy endings in real life? -Bobut"
Bobut: "Please summarize. I am losing consciousness! -Bobut"
Bobut: "You forbade me from using mind-control, which left me with very limited options! -Bobut"
Bobut: "I require Stinky Stevie! -Bobut"
Bobut: "Rodent, I command you, find me Stinky Stevie! -Bobut"
Heather: "I know you ate my new Smashing Pumpkins CD. -Heather"
Cookie: "Maybe he'll find that trail of alkeline battery treats we left for him. -Cookie"
Spit: "Whoah, glottensnort! -Spit"
Bobut: "Goodbye cruel domicile. -Bobut"
Bobut: "I require pudding. -Bobut"
Bobut: "Entertain me, boring stooge. -Bobut"
Spit: "The opinions expressed by my germs are not necessarily my own. -Spit"
Bobut: "These diapers are unacceptably snug. -Bobut"
Doug: "If four of our kids could all work together to torture one of them, then maybe we are a real family. -Doug"
Adam: "I wanna watch TV and Snizzy keeps trying to take it apart! -Adam"
Bobut: "You will never triumph. I will never surrender! -Bobut"
Cookie: "You should know better than to scare Sally to death by impersonating an escaped convict over the baby monitor. -Cookie"
Bobut: "I thought you wanted a nicer Bobut... and I had the technology! -Bobut"
Tiffany: "That was the grossest thing I've ever seen... I loved it! -Tiffany"
Tiffany: "Wow! A slimy little green man! -Tiffany"
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