Ultimate Characters

A list of my favourite and the coolest characters of cartoons/movies/tv shows.
November 28, 2007
Before i became a concept artist, i was always amazed at the characters from cartoons and tv, they always had something that you could easily identify them with.


Disneys Gargoyles was and still is my favourite animated series, in my opinion nothing will compare to the style, story and music of the show.
Goliath is the leader of his gargoyle clan, who were turned into stone by a ancient spell for 1000 years or until the castle "reaches the sky" They awoke in a new era, above the sky in New York city.

Dr Viper

Yet another awesome show that i loved growing up, Swat Kats. Megakat city is always under attack, when all things go bad, the Swat Kats, T-Bone and Razor, come to save the day. Dr Viper is one of the villains of the show, i was very impressed as a kid by the way they designed him, and his voice.


My first experience with Spawn the movie, in the 90s changed my view on comic style heroes, before that i was very much into the traditional heroes, Spidey, Batman etc where the heroes would always win, and get the girl in the end. But the first thing we learn in Spawn, is he dies. He is a pure form built on vengeance, and Satan wants him to lead his army. But the character design of this Anti-hero is outstanding, its a very dark and evil concept, almost more of a villain then anything.


I can safely say that the terminator movies were a big part of most of our childhoods, especially part 2, where he comes back as a good cyborg to save John Connor from another cyborg coming to kill him, because John will be the leader of the resistance in the future. This movie at time was very scary, because i always thought, what if this really could happen?

The Penguin
As most of you know, im a big comic fan, and Batman is one of the coolest characters, but when i first watched the Penguin in Batman returns, i actually was amazed and frightened, he was a very disgusting character and freaky at times. Danny Devitto did a amazing job at playing him.


One of the most craziest comic characters ever to be inked. The whole concept of Venom and his symbiot suit just sends chills down my spine. Venom is pretty much spideys rival, just because he is the longest running villain spidey encounters over and over again. Even though i was dissapointed with Venom in spiderman 3 movie, the cartoons and comics will always hold him as a titan villain.


Zelda Ocarina of Time will be responsible for more then 100 memories and fun times trying to figure out puzzles with friends. Link deserves the title of the most influential character in any video game next to Mario. Link is from the kokiri, a elf-like group that live in the forest. The prophecy says Link is the hero and must save Hyrule from the evil.

Freddy Krueger

I was a big fan of horror when i was growing up, especially Freddy. I was never scared of Freddy, it was more of a comedy to me. Him running around chasing people with that loud laugh really made me laugh. Ofcourse there were some parts that were quite gory but still a awesome movie. The knives on his hand are the main reason he is here.


Lord of the rings is one of the greatest movies ever made in my opinion, ive seen the first one 26 times, and the other ones quite a few times themselves, out of all the heroes and villains that make this movie, none can compare to the complex character of Gollum. At times he is very good, wanting to help out of pity for himself, and to make wrongs thing right, but he cant, the ring is the only thing that goes through his mind. Ultimatley the ring made him feel pleasure beyond compare, and it would be the end of him.


Now i left this one last for a special reason. As a kid watching the original Predator movie, i was very scared of it, due to the fact, that you cannot see him, but he can deffinatley see you. I was especially scared when Arnolds character comes out of the water after falling in covered in mud, only to have Predator staring at him, but not realising his there due to all the dirt on him. He looks crazy with the mask and without the mask, those blades he has attached to his hands are deadly, and the shoulder laser is memorable, but the self destuct/suicide is the one thing i remember, followed by that laugh.
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