Famous Dogs: Volume 3

3 is the magic number
June 17, 2009
[/size]ain I'd like to thank the readers, I enjoy making these and im glad you enjoy reading them. I've listed 27 dogs in 2 volumes, time to up the anty, heres 28 more dogs comming at yea! This might verry well be my last volume, but if you want a 4th volume, let your voice be heard. Also, if you dont like long articles and just came to see the pictures then go for it!

Appearing in the film Rocky(1976) and its sequel Rocky II(1979), heres Butkus Stallone. Butkus can be seen in the training montage running with Rocky. Butkus died before Rocky III began filming in 1981. He was the on screen and behind the scenes real life pup to Sylvester Stallone.

Residing in an igloo in the Funnie family's backyard, heres Porkchop. He appeared in Nickelodeon's first ever nicktoon, Doug(1991 to 1999).He cant talk but is still able to helps Doug in certain situations. He was voiced by Fred Newman.

Here's actor, Jim Carrey's favorite cartoon character,Deputy Dawg. From 1959 through 1972 Deputy Dawg would battle with the locals, mostly Muskie Muskrat and Vincent van Gopher. Who'd he pal around with as much as he sent them to jail. Deputy Dawg was introduced by Terrytoons cartoon's and was voiced by Dayton Allen.

Making his appearance in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz children's books, and the 1939 film version The Wizard of Oz, heres Toto. He is owned by Dorothy gale, who dreams that she, her dog Toto, and the farmhouse are transported to the magical Land of Oz and to make their way back home must follow the yellowbrick road to find with wizard. Toto was left in several predicaments, including threatened to be drowned and jumping out of a baloon basket after a stray cat. All in all toto is always besides his beloved owner,dorothy.

Here is known all over the world as Goofy Goof otherwise known as Goofy! He's clumsy, predictable and is one of the best friends to Micky Mouse. He was originally named Dippy Dawg and George Geef in early cartoon shorts. Goofy is a V.I.P. member of the Mickey Mouse Club. He debuted May 25, 1932 on the cartoon short Mickey's Revue and cashed in on popular catch phrases like "gawrsh!"and "ah-hyuck!".

He debuted in July 1980 and awared children of crime, here's McGruff the Crime Dog. He reaches kids through commercials, songs and booklets from the National Crime Prevention Council, talking about drugs, bullying, safety and the importance of staying in school and more recently about identity theft. As long as Mcgruff's around he'll be "taking a bite out of crime" for years to come.

There was a farmer who had a dog and bingo was his name-oh! Yes, heres Bingo. Well this might not be the real Bingo since the song doesnt actually specify a breed but lets just use our immagination shall we? We dont know much about him but his song has been sung by kids from generation to generation. Seriously, who doesnt know his song?

He dreams to conquer the world and enslave all humans, heres the beagle that graces the strips of Dilbert(1989), here's Dogbert. He may dream to take over the world but quickly resigns from his post due to boredom, someone foiling his chance, and the thought that people do not deserve to have him as leader, nor his desire to go nap on a soft pillow. Dogbert loves to trick and be cruel to dilbert but does not like other people doing it. His is also known for his alter ego, famously Saint Dogbert.

From a dog who wants to enslave the world to a dog that will do anything to keep his family safe from harm, here's Courage. Abondoned as a pup he was found by muriel and her husband eustace banks who live in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Courage has gotten a grown attachment to muriel who along with her husband end up in many predicaments that has courage running to the rescue. His show, Courage the Cowardly Dog ran from 1999 to 2002 and reruns to this very day on the Cartoon Network.

Debuting in a Bud Light Super Bowl ad, Spuds MacKenzie became a marketing success. He was a bull terrior that in the height of his fame poured in massive amounts of merchandice. The pup sparked controversy when it was learned that "he" was actually a she! She was also the subject of attacks and calls for censorship by temperance-oriented groups because they thought that Anheuser-Busch(founder of bud light)were pitching the dog to children. The FTC found no evidence to support that allegation, the ads were dropped. She died of kidney failure in 1993.

The scene is set, george jetson would be walking his faithfull companion on an automatic dog walker outside his apartment. A cat would show up causing the pup to speed up the walker. The cat and the pup would jump to the side as george would be forced to run for his life and plead for his wife jane to "Stop This Crazy Thing!". Yes, heres Astro. Dont worry, he still.. in dog talk "ruv's roo Reorge".

She debuted in a childrens novel in 2000 and then next appeared in the 2005 Film "Because Of Winn Dixie" heres ofcourse, Winn Dixie. She inspires Opal, played by AnnaSophia Robb in the 2005 film to bring together a completely disparate group of people to share the joy they are missing. Opal And Winn Dixie share unconditional love for eachother and thats why dogs are the best companions in the world.

He is the secret alter ego of Penrod Pooch, or Penry a mild-mannered police station janitor. He's quicker than the human eye!, its Hong Kong Phoeey! His show of the same name ran from 1974 to 1976 on Abc. Phooey travels about in the city via his Phooeymobile, fighting crime with the aid of the Hong Kong Book Of Kung Fu. Famously when he gets the call and explanation of the crime, Penry runs into a filing cabinet (always getting stuck) and transforms himself into the kung fu hero.

(Warning:spoilers)Here's the first double of the volume. Debuting in the 1993 film "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey", heres Chance & Shadow. Bob Burnford-Seaver must take a one-year job in San Francisco, leaving the canines at a friend's Oregon ranch. They break free and go on an adventure to find their way back home. They encounter dangerous animals, a waterfall and even a frightening dog pound!After all that excitement they finally make it back home where chance says that he "finally has a home!"

(Warning:spoilers)Debuting in the 1989 animated film "All Dogs Go to Heaven" heres, Charlie B. Barkin. Charlie works at a casino with his business partner Carface Carruthers. Carface plans charlies death and gets him drunk and runs him over knocking him into the river over casino earnings. Charlie goes to heaven and figures out that he never did one nice thing in his life. He gets sent back via a "life watch" to do 1 good thing. If he doesnt do it by the time the watch times out he will be condemned to hell. Ultimately charlie does a good deed and thrives in heaven.

Another double for yea! Heres,auggie doggie & doggie daddy.They were a hanna-Barbera original who's characters debuted on The Quick Draw McGraw Show and appeared in their own segment of that show. The father-son groundwork laid plans to the similer cartoon Spike &Tyke.

(Warning: spoilers)This book won the Newbery Honor in 1956. Heres the star of Old Yeller,...Old Yeller. One day old yeller finds his way onto a cattle drive and the father tryes to whisk it away. Their mother reasons that the family could use a good dog. Old Yeller eventually proves his worth, saving Travis, Arliss and the family on several occasions. the rightfull owner shows up and wants him back but trades him for a home cooked meal. the book ends where yeller ends up with rabies where a tearfull and hurt travis must shoot the dog.

Debuting on the Nickelodeon nicktoon, Rugrats(1991 to 2004) heres, Spike. He can normally be seen lying on the kitchen floor or helping his little pal tommy pickles from trouble(as seen on the barbeque episode).He will forever be rememebred by rugrats fans.

Found in the falcons lair or somewhere in the big city, heres Dynomutt. He's the cyborg sidekick of the Blue Falcon. He has also been seen with Scooby Doo along with mystery inc. and Focus One. Dynomutt has bionic arms that work like an army knife with his paws being able to change into knives and mallets. His bionic arms also have a tendensy to malfunction. Dynomutt was voiced by Frank Welker in the original series and by Andre Sogliuzzo in the Harvey Birdman episodes.

Popular for her show "Blues Clues" that debuted in 1996 and ended in 2006, heres the pup herself, the good pal of steve and joe, its Blue! She wasnt able to talk in most of the episodes but her adorable expressions and friendly personality showed. She was able to talk in feburary of 2004 when she was given a key that unlocks "blues room" in the final season. She remains one 0f the most popular pups in history.

Heres one of my personal favorites. He is known as "the little dog with a big imagination", heres Wishbone. His show debuted in march of 1995 and ended in june of 1998, though reruns are still shown. Wishbone daydreams about being the lead character of stories from classic literature, drawing parallels between the stories and events in the lives of Joe and his friends. The show has won Daytime Emmies, a Peabody award, and honors from the Television Critics Association.

(Warning:spoiler) This pups book won the 1992 Newbery Medal for its tale of a boys love for his dog, heres Shiloh. After being mistreated shiloh follows a boy home, the boy quickly falls for it. His father doesnt let him keep him because its a hunters dog. Shiloh gets sent back only to be mistreated and runs back for the boy that really cared and eventually finds a home and a family that loves him as much as he loves them.

Voiced by George Clooney, heres Sparky. He made his debute in the cartoon South Park(1997-present). He first appeared in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" in which it was revealed that he is gay. Stan was upset and didnt want sparky to run away to a gay animals sanctuary. Sparky soon returned along with the other gay animals to their owners after they learn to be more accepting of their sexuality.

Heres another double for yea. Appearing in Tom and Jerry shorts and their very own short lived series heres, Spike & Tyke. Spike is the father of tyke who would try to build a father-son relationship with him. Tom & Jerry would sometimes inadvertanly get involved when spike would try to show or teach something to tyke.

Last but not least!He first appeared in the series The Huckleberry Hound Show, heres The Huckleberry Hound. "Huck"(as he was also known as) was a blue dog that spoke with a Southern drawl and had a sweet and kind persona. His shorts consisted of him trying to perform jobs in different fields, ranging from policeman to a gladiator with backfiring results. He somehow manages to come out on top either threw persistance or pure luck. Today, Huck's television appearances are rare. Though his shorts can be found on Cartoon Network's sister cable TV channel Boomerang.
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