The boy who wouldnt grow up

peter pan syndrome
June 08, 2009
[/size]rs ago my second grade teacher assigned the class twenty minutes of reading. Of course being that I was only seven and didn't have the patience to stay still for a period of time, never mind actually sitting down and reading (yuck)would be absolutely out of the question. My mind was mainly set on cartoon episodes I needed to catch up on and how I'm going to get my sister good in my next plot to make her cry. But out of fear of being forced to stay after school I went along with it. I walked to the only bookshelf in the classroom and was limited to books that at first glance looked unreadable due to the fact that anything over thirty pages when your seven was a long book, at least to me it was. I made my choice based on the fact that I had too and because it had a boy on the cover, so maybe I could relate to it.

As i took it back to my desk and sat down, I couldnt help but just keep my head down and just stare at it hoping that time will slip by before I even get to reading it. I eventually got to reading when the teacher kepy sliding her eyes across the room, so i had no option. The first line read "all children, except one, grow up" and as i read on the book memorized me of a place where you could have the ultimate in adventures and soon wished that neverland was real. Just picturing myself flying was enough to put me on edge. I kept reading untill the dreaded "times up" is said, more like a screech ringing in my head...why now? this was actually good. Well i had to wait everyday to get back to that book and i loved it every single time.

Well a couple years went bye and i just kept memories in my head from the wonderful book. I never got to see the original film that was based on the book made in 1952 so when the film "Return to Never Land" was made in 2003 it was a must see thing.

it was as good as I remember it. Especially using the "lost boys" as comic relief. The lost boys were Peter pans gang of brothers who were whisked off into never land after getting lost from their nannies and left unclaimed for days. Peter Pan always said that girls were too clever to be lost in that manner. A big difference between the book and the movie is that in the book, the Lost Boys leave Neverland and grow up, but in the Disney movie they are tempted but change their minds eventually choosing to remain with Peter Pan.
In 2003 they also made a live action film with the same name as the book "Peter Pan" made by culumbia pictures.The film only grossed $48.4 million at the box office in the U.S. and another $73.5 million outside of the U.S.

It wasnt that bad and it was nice to hear british accents since peter pan was born in London, England. The acting was decent and how some of the actors played the characters were quite entertaining. Jeremy Sumters portayed peter in this one. I read somewhere that he kept growing during the make of it and they had to do scene tricks to make captain hook bigger than him. I saw this movie again recently and it was a nice gift from the tv gods on a friday morning.

I thought id keep this last since it was made in 1991. This movie was based on Peter Pan but with a diffrence, Peter Pan is grown up and moved on from his "never grow up" motto. One day his old nemeses captain hook kidnaps his two children and peter pan potrayed by robin williams must go to neverland to save them and find his old youthfull soul.

J.M. Barrie(creater of peter pan) considered writing a story in which Peter Pan grew up; his 1920 notes for the revival of Peter Pan included possible titles for another play: The Man Who Couldn't Grow Up or The Old Age of Peter Pan. Steven Spielberg's took note to that and made the film based on it. At first i didnt get why he was older but after finding out that barrie had a vision of a grown up peter pan book i grew to the idea but never liked it as much as the original concept. I think captain hook was one of the best parts of the film. Dustun Hoffman's demeaner of captain hook was spot on.

Thank you J.M. Barrie for a great book. I immagine that somewhere in your heart you where still a child. You speak for alot of people when you say that growning up is hard, but its something we all have to do and many of us refuse. Cheers mate.(May 9,1860 - June 19,1937)

"Wendy knew that she must grow up. You always know after you are two. Two is the beginning of the end."

::: i hope you enjoyed; this is jerrythemouse signing off, goodnight. :::
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