Famous Dogs: Volume 2

part deux
June 03, 2009
Originally named Woof-Woof, coming in first, here's Barkley. He was owned by deaf librarian Linda and remained a major recurring character on Sesame Street until the mid- to late-1990s, and rarely appears on the show today.

With the name Santa's Little Helper , its hard to figure out if your a pathetic man trying to make a buck at the mall, or a fictional character in a story book. In this instance...neither. He's a dog, owned by the most famous cartoon family in the world, The Simpsons. Santa's Little Helper's life with the Simpsons was not always easy. He nearly died of gastric tortion, broke 2 legs, and was shortly abandoned. Even threw all that, Santa's Little Helper still loves them threw thick and thin.

In 1992 the world took notice to a new star that goes by the name of Beethoven, and im not talking about ludwig(although the lucky pup was named after him). This St. bernard popularity boosted 6 films onto the box office, maybe a record for dogs?, hard to tell. This adorable fella will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Comming in next is the golden retriever and family pet in the sitcom, Full House. Born to a lost dog named Minnie and born unexpectedly on Uncle Jesse's bed. The family grew to the pup and loved them as their owna nd by the end of the episode became part of the family. Sources say that the real comet was the original Air Bud, but that remains to be a rumor.

He is known for being the loyal companion to the one and only, The Grinch. Max is the partner in crime to the Grinch's plots, most notably dressing him up like a reindeer, snatching the who-ville presents and stolling away with them by pulling the slay. His last appearance was alongside Jim Carey in the live action film remake of "How the Grinch stole Christmas".

Although he's not a real dog, he's as loyal and faithfull to Woody then any dog could be. Originally appearing in Toy Story (1995), heres Slinky. He was voiced by the late Jim Varney (otherwise known as Ernest) who died in February of 2000.

So nice, we had to say it twice. We got a double for yea, starring in the 1980's American drama, Magnum P.I., heres Zeus & Apollo. Otherwise known as "The Lads" they lived outside the mansion of novelist Robin Masters and patrolled the perimeters of his estate looking out and chasing intruders and ex-naval intelligence officer turned private eye, Thomas Magnum. Later in the series, magnum and the lads become close pals. What are "the lads" doing now?,well id say their probably chowing down on some prime cuts of sauteed steaks. Indeed, life is good for Zeus and Apollo!

Normally chihuahua's are known for their bark not bite. But Ren has them both. Popularizing the phrase "You IDIOT!" comes the co-star of Nickelodeon's Ren and stimpy, heres Ren. He's been described as "violently psychotic","adventurous," "intelligent," and "emotionally brittle." Especially to his ol' pal stimpy.They may have their fights but they may share some brotherly moments at times. Very few at that.

He was awarded the #1 spot in The 100 greatest animated pets of all time list and is the loyal companian to Mickey Mouse, heres Pluto. He's been listed as the fifth most popular Disney character of all time and is an important member of the Mickey Mouse Club & the Mickie Mouse Universe.

You asked for him, and now you got'em. He may just be the distant cousin to beethoven. The creation of Stephen King, heres Cujo. Cujo is about a rabid St. Bernard dog who wreaks havoc on a mother and her young son. He also contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town as read in the 1981 book and seen in the 1983 horror film.

"¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!" the chihuahua would ask in taco Bell commercials and merchandise. He also started two other catch phrases, "Drop the chalupa!" and "Viva Gorditas!," He famously attempted to trap Godzilla in a box, attracting the japan legend with the phrase "Here, lizard lizard lizard..." only to see Godzilla's size and respond "Uh-oh... I think I'm going to need a bigger box." His names include "The Taco Bell chihuahua", dinky and gidget throughout the years.

Known as the "target mascot" heres Bullsye. Famous for the red rings around his eyes and his plush toys in stores he's been targets trademark pup for years.

He's known as Johnny Quest's Comic Relief, bad guy catching machine, heres Bandit. Also is very recognizable with the black racoon like stripe across his eyes making him look like a crook, thus the name bandit.

A skateboarding bulldog! whats next?! heres Tyson. Tyson's name soon spread around after making several television appearances, including "Pet Star" and "Rob & Big". We know he can ride it,..lets see him do a kickflip!

First appearing in the garfeild comic strips, Heres Odie. Odie is the only animal character in the Garfield series without a recurring voice bubble, as he is portrayed as a "normal" house dog. Garfeild thinks odie is a complete idiot but Odie is actually smarter than he appears,he uses his idiotic agenda to take advantage of garfeild.

One of the most famous scenes in history took place in the 1955 movie, Lady and the Tramp. Dogs eating spaghetti isnt much of a scene, but add some romance and a little smooch and you've caught up with the program.(Tramp on left, Lady on right)

i think ill end this volume with a very underrated animated series, heres Cadpig, Lucky and Rolly of 101 Dalmations: The Series. Its original debute was part of the Disney Afternoon block, debuting new episodes every 5 days a week where the pups would go on wild adventures. Lucky was the most adventurous of the 3. Cadpig was the intelligent one, and Rolly is the greedy one who gets the pups in more trouble then they can handle.
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