Archie's Weird Mysteries
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 1999
Debut: January 01, 1999
Ended: January 01, 1999

There's somthing going on in Riverdale and Archie is determind to find out what it is to, ghosts, vampires, goblins, gods, you name it he'll try to find it and Jughead, Reggie, Betty and Veronica are here for the ride.It's Archie's Wierd Mysteries, the short lived series of Archie. If you live in the eastern part of the US, reruns are airing on FOX. Check your local listings. Theme Song Lyrics What's that sound? Archie's Weird Mysteries What is going on in this town? Archie's Weird Mysteries Who is gonna crack the case? Archie's Weird Mysteries That redhead with the freckled face Archie's Weird Mysteries Things are getting weird in Riverdale Hey, what's that sound? Archie's Weird Mysteries What is going on in this town? Archie's Weird Mysteries Archie, Reggie Veronica, Betty Jughead, too (Weird) Archie's Weird Mysteries!

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Veronica: "Oh, Archiekins! -Veronica"
Archie and Veronica: "bbbbbut veronica can you see you've changed, your different now. I'm not different your different . You all are your punie and weak and I don't date weaklings. -Archie and Veronica"
Archie and Veronica and some guy and other people: "Veronica are you all right (archies look ups at her). Why of Course (Loud Stomps of feet of veronica walking)(BOOM BOOM BOOM) Some guy screams and runs away. Veronica gets ready to jump in pool (she says Oh yeah). Big Splash. Archie looks sc -Archie and Veronica and some guy and other people"
Reggie Mantle: "Hey, Pop, speed it up! I'm burning daylight here. I've got people to go, and places to meet! -Reggie Mantle"
Jughead Jones: "Bad mutated alligator! -Jughead Jones"
Reggie Archie: "Reggie: I just kill me! Archie: I understand the impulse. -Reggie Archie"
Jughead Reggie: "J: Hi, Reggie. R: [dressed as a werewolf] Ah, man! How did you know it was me? J: Besides the fact that you've always come to Veronica's parties dressed up as a werewolf? -Jughead Reggie"
Archie: "[at the end of every episode] In a little town called Riverdale. -Archie"
Veronica Jughead Archie: "Veronica: My pendant! Jughead: My Peanut! Archie: My goodness! -Veronica Jughead Archie"
Veronica: "[has been transformed into a vampire] It's your old friend, Vampronica! -Veronica"
Archie Andrews: "I think I just put my hand where too many hamburgers have gone before. -Archie Andrews"
Dilton Doiley: "We'll be back faster than you can say, "Pythagorean Theorem." -Dilton Doiley"
Archie Jughead: "Archie: You sat in front of that television for 12 hours? Jughead: That's why they call it a marathon. Archie: No, that's why they call it the boob tube! -Archie Jughead"
Betty: "Betty Cooper: Veronica, never go running into a crowd of you! -Betty"
Veronica Lodge: "I am the only one who is still me... Well, technically everyone else is me. -Veronica Lodge"
Jughead: "Why do houses burn down but paper burns up? If "he" is a "him", why isn't "she" a "shim"? -Jughead"
Reggie Mantle: "Archie, Jughead! My pals! [to werewolf] Eat *them*! Eat *them*! -Reggie Mantle"
Archie Jughead: "'Wait! Aren't you going to volunteer to stay behind?' 'Sorry, I'm allergic to fur and having my legs ripped off.' -Archie Jughead"
Reggie Mantle: "Great. I finally meet a girl who likes me, and it turns out she's the teacher who made me retake geography in summer school. -Reggie Mantle"
Archie Reggie: "Archie: Reggie, why do you have to always point up everyone's mistakes? Reggie: Because I'm better than everyone. -Archie Reggie"
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