16 TV Shows I like

These are the TV Shows I'll watch anytime
February 13, 2012

TV has been around since The end of the 2nd World War. But though I like so many classics...there's some TV Shows that I love to the extreme. The list was difficult to make, there's some good shows like "All in the Family" and "Seinfeld" that I like, but these are TV Shows that I'll watch on a weekly baisis.

BUT...These are the 16 TV Shows I'll watch and NEVER get old no matter how many times I've seen them!

#16...The Drew Carey Show

Before "The Price is Right" and "Whose Line is it Anyway" was "The Drew Carey Show". It starred Drew Carey, a Clevelander who works a 9 to 5 job, but loves a good beer after work. What made this show is the characters, Lewis Kiniski (Ryan Stiles), Oswald Lee "Butthead" Harvey (Dedrich Bader), Kate O'Brien (Christa Miller), Mimi Bobeck (Kathy Kinney), and Nigel Wick (Craig Furgeson). I hope one day that there'd be a "Drew Carey Show" reunion on "The Price is Right".

#15...The Looney Tunes Show

Now this is a newcomer, but as in the words of Bugs Bunny...


Why?...Because unlike "Baby Looney Tunes" and "Loonatics", it nearly brings back the old-fashioned Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies. Now it'll never be ranked any better than the older shows, but it comes awfully close. I can't wait for the 2nd Season, and it brings a new generation to see These Looney Tunes. I hope they like it too....


Who are the Mythbusters? Why they're named Adam Savage and Jamie Heyneman...with the help of Kari, Grant, and Tori. They'll find a myth such as "Did man really go to the Moon or was it staged" and try to bust it. Sometimes the myth is...a myth, or is plausible, or it can be true. And almost every episode ends with an explosion...even when the myth is BUSTED!

#13...The Dick van Dyke Show

The **BLEEP** van **BLEEP** Show, Starring **BLEEP** van **BLEEP**!

"Family Guy"...FTW! But actually, The Dick van Dyke Show
is one of the best written shows out there. It stars Dick van Dyke as Rob Petrie who writes for "The Alan Brady Show" with Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam. And Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie. Carl Reiner (Father of Rob Reiner) plays Alan Brady. This show was also under the pen of Desilu Studios.

And who can forget Dick van Dyke tripping on that ottoman?

#12...Sonic SatAM

Now..."Sonic SatAM" DESERVED a 3rd Season, but since there was a competion with other SatAM Cartoons...it didn't have a chance. Unlike "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", it had a better story plot, Miles "Tails" Prower is in the cartoon...but would be scaled-down or sometimes NOT seen. If there was a "Sonic the Hedgehog" Movie...it should be revolved around this show, the Archie Comics...and the early Video Game Franchise as well.

#11...Hot in Cleveland

Another newcomer, but..."Hot in Cleveland" has the classic sitcom standard. It features Betty Wite, Valerie Bertenelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick. All four of these women were once in sitcoms...White was in "Golden Girls", Bertenelli was in "One Day at a Time", Leeves was in "Frasier", and Malick was in "Just Shoot Me". These four L.A. Ladies would go to Paris...but wind-up in Cleveland. I'm sure one day it'll be syndicated.

#10...Aqua Teen Hunger Force

What makes Adult Swim? "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"! There's talking Fast-Food, such as a wad of meat named Meatwad, a box of fries named Frylock, and a Milkshake who names himself Master Shake. They have a neighbor named Carl Brutananadilewski who tries to sell his house and there's aliens named Ignignokt and Err from the Moon and Ogelthope and Emeroy from Pluto.

There's NEVER a dull moment on this show, whether it's a horny created dog, a self-centered mummy, or a spider wearing a shower cap and diaper that would come back as another creature. Oh...and there's Dr. Weird who mafe The Aqua Teens.

#9...Cheppelles Show

Dave Chappelle just needed 2 1/5 Seasons just to have ONE Series that would make great success for Generation Y. It's just a shame that Chappelle would quit while he was ahead. Because we got Carlos "Dee-Dee-Dee" Mencia to replace him. But unlike Mencia, I feel that "Chappelles Show" is highly memorable. Poking fun at R. Kelly when he was sent to court, The Racial Draft, Pixies that try to overcome the stereotypes, and who can forget this?...


Let's see Carlos Mencia outdo that!


#8...Monty Python's Flying Circus

If there was a Beatles for Comedy, The cast of Monty Python would be it! For 45 episodes, they would create the most wackiest show ever. It featured Dead Parrots, Gay Lumberjacks, Spanish Priests that would torture people with comfy pillows, Giant Penguins, Nude Organists, Giant Feet, and a lot of other things! The cast would be in other comedies, Eric Idle would make a spoof of The Beatles called The Rutles, John Cleese has a resume for many comedies, and Terry "The American" Gilliam has directed many films like "12 Monkeys" and "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"....Gilliam was also the animator of Monty Python.
#7...Big Chuck and Lil' John

Now...this show is mostly seen in my region of Northeast Ohio, but here's the skinny of the show....

It started with a Radio DJ named Ernest Earle "Ernie" Anderson who would name himself "Ghoulardi" and he had Tim Conway (Who would later be on "Carol Burnett Show") and a cameraman named Charles "Big Chuck" Schodowski. But by the end of 1966, Ernie Anderson would leave the show and have Big Chuck take over along with Robert "Houlihan the Weatherman" Wells. After 13 years, Wells would leave and "Lil'" John Rinaldi (No...he has NO relation to Lil' John the Rapper)!

"Big Chuck and Lil' John" is the longest regional show out there, even surpassing "Bozo the Clown". Here's a sketch from "Big Chuck and Lil' John"....

PS-If You're a Cleveland "Browns" fan...this is a sketch for you! (I think they've replaced their TV's 12 times this year)!

Okay, enough with The "Browns"...let's move on....

#6...I Love Lucy

Now, unlike Desi Arnaz...I Love Lucy! This show is the predecessor of many sitcoms. There's four main characters, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Fred and Ethel Mertz. "I Love Lucy" is likely the predecessor of "All in the Family" (Without the Religion and Politics) and "Seinfeld" (Though this show talk about something).

Lucy gets into a lot of mischef, Ricky is the bandleader, Fred plays a stangy landlord, and Ethel is as bimbo-ish as Lucy. Oh what crazy hijinks they get into!..."That 70's Show"...FTW!

#5...South Park

I'm goin' down to South Park...and I'm sure I'll have a GREAT Time.

"South Park" is the 2nd-Longest Running Animated Sitcom ever...next to "The Simpsons", but who knows..."South Park" may outlast "The Simpsons".

Why?...Because it seems that Trey Parker and Matt Stone has made "South Park" as fresh as it was since 1997 when it debut on Comedy Central. "South Park" uses a lot of the modern technologies and latest news and twists it. No One is safe from "South Park" it seems. (I even say that Comedy Central has two eras...Pre-South Park which is 1991 and 1997...and During South Park, between 1997 and now).

Here's to another 15 years!

#4...Family Guy

It seems today, that all you see...is violence in movies and sex on TV...

And "Family Guy" is NO exception!...If "Family Guy" wasn't on the air, "American Dad" and "The Cleveland Show" wouldn't go anywhere. But though Seth McFarlane pwns Sundays now with The Griffins, Browns, and Smiths...it's the cutway scenes that makes "Family Guy" more than anything! And here's the two I enjoy the most....

#3...Home Improvement



If you hear that...that means you're watching a show based upon Tim Allen's Stand-Up. It features Tim "The Toolman" Taylor (Played by Tim Allen), Al "Insert Something Witty Here" Borland (Played by Richard Karn), Jill "The Tool Lady" Taylor (Played by Patricia Richardson), Brad "The Tool Son" Taylor (Played by Zachary Ty Bryan), Randy "The Smart-Ass" Taylor (Played by Johnathan Taylor Thomas), and Mark "The Black Goth" Taylor (Played by Taran Noah Smith) who except Al...were the Taylor family, who was a well-to-do family in Detroit (which is now an oxymoron) and there's also Wilson Wilson (Played by the late Earl Himdman) who gives Tim advice, and there was the Toolgirl which was once was played by Pamela Anderson (Before she went to "Baywatch") and then Debbie Dunning.

"Home Improvement" made my 90's and if it wasn't for "Home Improvement"...I may have NO interest in Prime-Time TV during the 90's.

#2...Garfield and Friends

If I ever had an excuse to be sick on a Saturday...it's because I would want to watch "Garfield and Friends"!

Unlike many SatAM Cartoons..."Garfield and Friends" lasted for 7 years! And there's 100+ episodes of "Garfield and Friends", it seems that "Garfield" has the old-fashioned cartoon montage...6 1/2 minutes of 3 cartoons and a 1 minute quickie. Not only does this show feature Garfield, but it also features "U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm" in between. Featuring Orson T. Pig, Wade Duck, Roy Rooster, Booker Chick, Sheldon Egg, Lanolin Sheep, and Bo the Sheep. But when 1995 came, E/I was bound to show its eerie face and "Garfield and Friends" HAD to go. We now have "The Garfield Show", but there's NO "U.S. Acres/Orson's Farm". :(


Myster Science Theater 3000!

"In a not too Distant Future...Somewhere in Time and Space..."

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" is a TV Show that never has and never will be dupilcated! Joel Hodgson started the show in Minnesota and he had Mike J. Nelson write most of the material, Mike would even make many cameos during the Joel Years (1989-1993) before he took over. But the REAL Stars were the Robots named Tom Servo, Crow, and Gypsy! Servo and Crow would join Joel or Mike in the theater watching bad movies and riffing them in every episode.

Though the show ended in 1999, Joel Hodgson STILL riffs movies from "Cinematic Titanic" and Mike Nelson STILL riffs movies from "Rifftrax"


I may have added great shows like "That 70's Show", "Seinfeld", "All in the Family", and "Andy Griffith Show"...but I'd make them honorable mentions...they're good shows, but there's sooooo many I can fit on this list.
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