The legacy of the Guyver

From the comics to the live action films.
By dg
July 25, 2008

Bio-Booster Armour Guyver or Guyver is a long-running manga series written by Yoshiki Takaya. The Guyver itself is a symbiotic techno-organic (or biomechanical) device that enhances the capabilities of its host.

The manga was originally serialized in Tokuma Shoten's "Shonen Captain" magazine beginning in 1985. When Shonen Captain was discontinued in 1997, the manga was picked up by Kadokawa Shoten who subsequently re-released all of the previous graphic novels originally published by Tokuma. The manga is currently serialized in Kadokawa's monthly Shonen Ace magazine. It has been licensed by Viz Media, Star Comics, and Chuang Yi Publishing.

I first became a fan when I saw the original manga series. I think its one of the best series they ever made. Its gory, brutal and very epic and the storytelling was great and characters were all interesting. I really liked all the transformations of the monsters and the Guyver's it seemed very typical Japanese which there great at showing.
The story begins with an uncompleted Zoanoid named Malmot carrying three Guyver units in a briefcase. He's trying to reach Agito Makishima so he can help him return back to being human in exchange for the units. It all goes wrong when other Zoanoids catches up with him and in the end Malmot blows himself up with the three units scattering in different places.
Then the main character is introduced who will become the Guyver Sho Fukamachi and his best friend Tetsuro Segawa and also Sho's love interest Tetsuro's sister Mizuki Segawa.

Sho Fukamachi

Tetsuro Segawa

Mizuki Segawa

Agito Makishima

Sho stumbles upon the Guyver unit and wonders what it is. He then accidently falls onto it somehow activating the unit and then becomes the Guyver. Its a wicked seen as he turns into him and when he rises out of the water to fight a Zoanoid named Gregole. He cant control his new found powers at first but as the series continues he learns more about what he has become and being able to control it more. The Zoanoid's in the series are pretty much cannon fodder as there killed left right and centre but its fun watching them be destroyed by the Guyver.

Even more stronger than the Zoanoid are the Zoalords who are the leaders and the brains behind the The Cronos Corporation giving the orders.
Hamilcar Barcas

Richard Guyot

The first main villains is now introduced Oswald A. Lisker who works for the Cronos Corporation as some sort of agent. Cronos manages to retrieve a Guyver unit but the control metal had been damaged. Regardless Lisker having more knowledge on it activates it and becomes Guyver 2. He seeks out Sho and has him kidnapped by Zoanoid's so he can destroy Guyver 1 and retrieve his unit metal. This is Shos first major challenge against a superior fighter. From some where he gets telepathic messages who you will later find out as Agito Makishima Guyver 3 who is a very bad ass looking. He helps show kill Guyver 2 by hitting his damaged control metal. His Guyver unit shuts down and his body shrinks and melts into nothing. Sho has nightmares later but overcomes them and carries on the fight against Cronos now with the help of Guyver 3 who teaches him how to control his Guyver unit.

Many things happen as the series goes on with different Zoanoid's appearing and even Hyper-Zoanoids and also the death of the Guyver with Sho having to kill his own father. In later episodes a really interesting characters is introduced Masaki Murakami who is a journalist but he reveals himself a bit later as a Hyper-Zoanoids and explains the origin of the Guyver to Sho and the others. Its a great episode when you watch it because you finally get to understand what the Gyuver is and really cool seeing the alien spaceships land and how its shown.

The series kicked ass and I recommend any one to watch it. The only thing sad about the series is they never managed to complete it. They left it on a cliff-hanger making you want more but they never made any more which was a real shame. They have made a new series but I'm not really a fan of it . Its great that they completed the story since the old ones didn't but its just the new style of animation and its less gorier and that was one of the cool things with the old Guyver series. Its just a watered down version and has less impact to me so I prefer the older series much more. Also at the end of every episode it shows the analysis of the characters and in one it shows the Guyver 4 which had unknown which always maybe me wonder if it was the first Guyver unit.

Now to the first live action film. When I watched this as a kid I thought it was cool. I remember going into my local video shop and seeing the front cover which I always thought was cool and made me wonna watch it. It did have some wicked moments but over all it was quite a terrible adaption of the Guyver story.
I think they did the best with it for its time and even Mark Hamill was in it which I didn't realize until I was older. The Zoanoids were quite a joke and there weren't any that resembled the ones from the anime series. It also had allot of stupid humor as well which wasn't needed and that didn't help the film atoll. The Guyver costume itself wasn't bad in my opinion and I loved it when Sean instead of Sho called it to transform. The fight were average and over all it was a pretty big flop.

The second live action film Guyver dark hero is defiantly an improvement. The Zoanoids did look slightly better and even one looked like Gregole which was quite cool. The Guyver costume looked more cool and the fighting was defiantly better done. He performed more like how he did in the anime series but in a power ranger sort of way. The film took itself more serious than the first live action and the story reminded me of the anime series as well with the mountain. So they defiantly tried to relate to the anime series in some ways. There were some really cool moments in the film when Sean jumps off the mountain and transforms into the Guyver which allot of people liked and remembered and of course the end fight against a half Zoanoid-Guyver which was wicked. These are some of the things the first film needed much more intense fighting.
The film also shows the alien spacecraft which is in the mountain where there's diggers trying to preserve it or find out about it. Its cool when Sean tries to communicate with the main control metal which obviously controls the ship. You can see other units around it. It had a cool look to it.
Over all if your gonna watch a lie action version this one would be the better choice.

With all the rebooting going on with films this series could be a great reboot especially with the special effects now. Be great to see better fights and Zoanoid looking the sizes they did in the comics/original manga series also making it gory.
They could make a trilogy so they could complete the story. I think it would turn out great if they had the right cast and good director. Allot of it would have to be CGI but I think that's what the older live action films didn't have. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this article.
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