Forgotten films part 2

This is the second part to lost films found just with a better title.
By dg
August 11, 2008
When I did the first article on this I remembered loads more films that I forget about and others I recommend. So I thought why not do a second part to it. I forgot to mention as well that the first article and this article is to try and find films that are less well known or even underrated but still had an impact on my childhood.
This is because its more interesting trying to remember those smaller films that are more forgotten than just talking about well known ones all the time although there are a few in here.

This is a good low budget film. All I could remember was the two cops going down into the sewer where one gets eaten. When an alligator get flushed down a toilet and goes into the sewers he grows huge and wants his revenge and the chopping begins. It stars the guy from Jackie Brown Robert Forster who's a cop investigating the murders or remains of the victims from the Alligator. There's plenty of great gore and a fun little flick.

I could remember that it was a Planet of the apes film but I didn't know which sequel it was. Probably the best sequel to the series in my opinion. Its basically a remake of the first film just with a different character this time called Brent who's looking for Charlton Heston's character Taylor from the first film. He ends up becoming a prisoner from these freaky looking people. They have telepathic powers and wear fake faces but underneath is there true hideous form. They worship a nuclear bomb waiting for the time to use it.
It has climatic ending but very doom and gloom. I would rather it had a more up lifting ending which I think would have given the film more credit.

This is a strange film I had been looking for. I cant really explain the whole plot since you have this dragon going around killing people in New York and a murderer doing the same and it didn't make much sense to me. It has David Carradine as the cop trying to figure out what's killing everyone and as the film goes on they tie everything together.
Its not a bad film but just a bit weird in places but I did think it was ok and I like the old effects on the dragon.

It has the legend of hammer horror himself Peter Cushing as vampire and witch killer. These two tasty twins go to live in this village where Dracula lives in this castle above them. One goes up there and becomes a vampire and then causes havoc. I remember at the end when the big guy that guards Dracula has this meat cleaver that splunges into some guys head which was quit gory. the film had quite a cool dark story to it and things it showed. I think its one of the better hammer Horror films.

Another hammer horror film I liked when I was a kid starring Peter Cushing again. It was basically the Chinese version of Dracula showing king-fu warriors kicking butt. I remembered it being really bloody and when I saw it again the blood did look quite tacky. I also remembered the hero sacrificing himself for the blonde lady because he loved her. I think this film could make a good remake but obviously with a bit better story. I didn't watch all of it but if its on TV again Ill have to see the whole film again.

All I remembered about this film was the evil guy played by David Patrick Kelly ripping some guys heart out and the bit when the ladies dreaming and a nuclear blast wipes her out. Seeing that when I was a kid was pretty disturbing.
I saw it again and thought it was ok. It had some cool imagination in it but over all its a pretty average film.

I could remember the bit when the guy gets his leg ripped off that was turning into a monster and that was it. I didn't realize Peter well starred in it. I thought it was a decent little horror flick until they introduced the monster and every thing went over the top. It was basically an Alien film under water. The look of the film was quite well done in my opinion but just went down when the creature came on screen. I actually remember another film similar to this as well. I did remember a giant shark at the end not sure if that was in the other film.

When I heard the intro music I remembered this film straight away. It had the guy from It in it. Not really bothered about watching it again but it was nice to recognize the intro music.

This is a film I was trying to remember for ages, until came on here and some cool person found it. I have lots of fond memories of this film especially of a kid because its when I watched it for the first time.
Created by Jean 'Moebius' Giraud who is a brilliant designer and worked on some other great films. He did the heavy metal comics. Its a weird and bizarre cartoon full of strange creatures.
One scene that always stands out in my head was when the rhino creatures gets killed and taken up by these weird tentacles. Which as a kid made me real sad because he seemed the boys only companion only to die in a horrible way.
It a classic French animation and any one that likes animation films should check it out. I prefer watching the English dubbed but its very rare to find.

I caught a glimpse of this on the sc-fi channel and remembered it again. From what I remember a lady goes into some virtual world where its all apocalyptic with strange deformed people. The bit I remember the most is when this girl goes into the grinding machine where she gets chopped up which is near the end which I thought was pretty disgusting. It was great to see Bruce Campbell in this which I couldn't remember. I didn't manage to watch the whole film but hopefully are order it because its a cool little sc-fi flick.

This was a hard film to find since its not well known atoll until I described it on IMDB in the horror part and finally found it. Its a very low budget horror sequel and from what I found out its based on a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft. When I was a kid the creature in it really freaked me out. The only real decent actor which I was surprised starred in it was John Rhys-Davies who's been in the Indian Jones films and the brilliant TV series Sliders. I cant remember too much apart from this demon thing been awaken and on the hunt for more victims which was trapped in some underground layer. I never saw the first film and I haven't managed to watch this one again although its probably quite terrible.

Another horror flick I've been trying to find for ages and by accident I found it when I flicked onto the sc-fi channel. It has the guy from Gremlins Zach Galligan and even Bruce Campbell makes an appearance. I was happy to see George Buck Flower make a cameo as well which was pretty funny. All I could remember was the hand and the two main characters going into different dimensions.
After seeing this again, I had to check out the first film to see if it was better. I didn't mind it but both films are quite average horror flicks. I thought it was cool seeing all the different characters come to life in the first film and it was cool seeing the two main actors become different characters in the second film in each scenario they went to.

I remember this being a decent horror film back in the day. I cant remember loads about it apart from the stepdad killing loads of people that pissed him off and it happened allot lol. Also the kid that was in It was in the second film.

These were insane horror films. I remembered the demons looking really scary as a kid. Its about Demons that come from every where and once they bite you, your face would start messing up and you would turn into the evil demons. The first film started when people went to a cinema and this lady put on a mask and then she had a scratch on her face and became a demon. I remember them looking quit scary for those days. I still think it would terrify people now if they watched it because the films were made quite well. The second film was freaky when the demon came towards the TV screen to kill the girl and make her a demon. They were both quite decent horror flicks for there time and I never realized they were Italian films.
This articles made me realize I used to watch allot of horror films when I was a kid lol.

I wont spend too much time on this film since it was an awful sequel . I remember seeing this a kid and the bit when they take her too a circus or something and they take a photo of here and you could see the evil behind her that really freaked me out and I never realized it was this film.

I saw this once as a kid and thought it was quite a scary film at the time. Its another film with Peter Cushing and even Christopher Lee as the good guys. I could remember they find a demon like man in the ice and they it take back to a train where it thaws out and turns people into demons. First the demon would put the victim in a trance with creepy music and then there eyes would start bleeding and they would keep doing that to every other person like zombies. From what I remember it did seem a decent horror flick and worth a watch.

Just a few other films I forgot about and found.

Now to films that I've seen recently and recommend. Its great seeing all these new films for the first time.It made me realise how many other good films were made. Obviously I was too young for some of them when I was a kid but still.

I think this is a pretty cool sc-fi flick. It stars Bill Paxton was is his usual character full of energy in this apocalyptic world where there's a strong slipstream which devastated the world and everyone has different flying aircrafts. A very clever robot played by Bob Pec is being hunted down by Mark Hamill. Although its not brilliant I still say give it a watch. Maybe the stories a bit weak or they needed a bit more action but it did keep me watching.

I have seen this recently and thought its very nice and sentimental sc-fi film. I found out about it on the greatest disaster films so I had to watch it because it had good reviews.
So basically Bruce Dern and the other characters are out in space looking after the last remaining plant life and then suddenly they get instructions to blow it up. Bruce Dern hates this and you really feel for him because your on his side and tries to stop his companions from carrying out the order. He ends up having to kill them. The rest of the film he becomes friends with the robots that help out on the spaceship. Its a really sad film but one you have to watch.

An early role for Mel Gibson and a great war film. Its a brilliant story about two Australian sprinters who become friends and go to war in Turkey where they must fight in a place called Gallipoli. Its a great friendship film and a very sad ending.

Anther classic David Cronenberg film with all his trademark gore. Its a very weird film with Cronenbergs unique but strange style of dialogue and storytelling. James Woods is great in it as the sleazy cable-TV programmer who stumbles on a show called Videodrome. It starts getting bizarre from then onwards. Its not just the gore but the old effects Cronenberg used in it that brings it too life. If it was made today I don't think it would be as good because the effects are what really make the film what it is and of course the story.

Another film with a crazy imagination from Terry Gilliam. I really like his ideas and style he uses in his films especially his earlier ones. He makes his films a very industrial look which gives it so much detail and the characters are really interesting. Its a very dark and bleak future he depicts but theres also allot of humour in it. there's a few faces that pop up from his other films like Michael Palin, Katherine Helmond and Ian Holm. They really fit into Gilliams style like some actors do. Never been a big fan of Jonathan Pryce but he was perfect in this film and cool to see Robert De Niro playing Archibald 'Harry' Tuttle. It had quite a bleak ending but apparently they did do an alternative and happier ending to please the crowd more. Maybe it worked better with the darker one like some films have like The Thing because it fits better. Im not too sure.

You can see where Robert Rodriguez got his ideas for his film The Faculty from. I didn't know whether to take this film serious or not. There were some really freaky moments like when his parents are taken over by the aliens but once you see the aliens you have to start laughing because they look so ridicules. There's some really cool sc-fi things in this film like when he goes into the spaceship and finds the main alien that runs the show.
Its not bad but I thought it could have been better and still worth a watch.

I thought this was a really decent thriller or sc-fi film. It got good pacing and builds up every scene great. Although its not nice seeing the people dead in the village it was still cool especially they open the skin seeing all the powered blood. Its quite good when they go into the underground base and have to change there clothes every level they go to.
I did think the germ they found would mutate into some kind of killer monster lol. When it didn't I realized it was more about being an intelligent thriller film.

Before the remake I am Legend came out I wanted to watch the original film with Charlton Heston as the main character. I didn't mind it but it did have that corny 70's psychedelic feel but it was still a fairly decent film. The films based off a book but since I've never read it I don't now how faithful the film is.
I thought the creature people in the remake were much more scary but Omega Man as whole was allot more fun to watch.

The more I see this film the more I like it. Maybe Charlie Sheens last decent film. Its a great sc-fi film where Charlie Sheen who plays Zane Zaminski an astronomer who discovers why the earths climate it soaring high. Its because aliens are pumping green house gas into the air. Its great when you see the machine that's underneath the ground that pumps green house into the air, it has a really unique look to it and something out of a Halo game.
The film gets quite tense towards the end as Zane tries to reveal to the world what's happening. Its a great sc-fi film anyway so check it out.

And a few other good films I've seen recently that I recommend.

I hope you enjoyed the second and final part of my article and remembered the films I was looking for as well.
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