Debut: December 15, 1993
Debut: December 15, 1993

Beginning as WWF Monday Night Raw, the program first aired on January 11, 1993. It aired on the USA Network for one hour. The original Raw broke new ground in televised professional wrestling. Traditionally, wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows. The Raw formula was very different than that of its predecessor, Prime Time Wrestling. Instead of taped matches, with studio voice overs and taped discussion, Raw was a show shot and aired to a live audience, with angles playing out as they happened. The first episode featured Yokozuna defeating Koko B. Ware in the opening match, The Steiner Brothers defeating The Executioners, WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels defeating Max Moon and The Undertaker defeating Damien Demento. The show also featured an interview with Razor Ramon and an appearance by Doink the Clown. Raw originated from the Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center Studios, a small New York City theater, and aired live each week. The combination of an intimate venue and live action proved highly successful. However, the weekly live schedule proved to be a financial drain on the WWF, and taped shows began airing every other week. From early 1994 to September 1999 (and used occasionally in case of Monday being Independence Day, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day), Raw was shown live on one Monday and then the next day (Tuesday) next Monday's Raw was taped. This meant that Raw was live one week and taped the next. Vince McMahon, Rob Bartlett and Randy Savage served as the original hosts of Raw.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: "And thats the bottom line cuz Stone Cold Said so"
Stone Cold Steve Austin: "That damn belt is coming to Steve Austin."
Stone Cold Steve Austin: "Stone Cold Steve Austin can kick anybodys ass and thats the bottom line cuz i said so."
Undertaker: "McMahon you can go to hell."
Undertaker: "Its time to take your ass to the learning tree."
Vince McMahon: "You make me sick"
Sable: "This is for the Women who want to be me and for the Man who come to see me. Are you guys ready for the grind."
Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Puppies!!!!"
Vince McMahon: "Welcome to Raw is War"
Jim Ross: "Welcome to Monday night Raw"
Jerry Lawler (Talking about Mankind): "When you were born and your mom saw your face and your rear end, she said, Oh! siamesse Twins! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
Kanyon: "Whos Better Than Kanyon?!"
Crowd: "Everybody!!"
Stone Cold Steve Austin: "GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!"
John Cena: "The Champ is here! -John Cena"
Edge: "I am The Rated R Superstar!"
Edge: "I am The Rated R Superstar!"
The Rock: "If you smell what The Rock is cooking"
Bobby Heenan: "He looks like something that fell out of a deck of cards!"
The Rock: "Jabroni-beatin, pie-eatin, trail-blazin, eyebrow-raisin, faster than a cheatah, stronger than a buck, hottest thing to hit Canada because the Maple Leafs suck!"
Triple H: "Keep off my grass, but don't be afraid to stop by and whack the weed..."
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