HBK,you will be missed...

One of my heroes retired... I spent all day thinking about how much that sucks.
April 05, 2010
This, my first article, is submitted for the approval to the Retro Junk community.

Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid, has officially (bad pun intended) broken my heart.

I was in attendance at WWE's Monday Night Raw on the brisk evening of February 22, 2010 when HBK made a deal with the devil to end his career. Michaels had been obsessing for almost a year over the fact that Undertaker had defeated him at The Show of Shows, Wrestlemania XXV. His goal was for a rematch and The Deadman agreed on one condition. The stipulation was; Michaels would put his career on the line in return for a chance to be the one to tarnish Undertaker's 17-0 Wrestlemania winning streak.

My heart sank and my jaw dropped as I thought "What the F*** SHAWN?!" I knew that HBK would not be the one to victoriously raise his hand at the end of the match.

I was right, at Wrestlemania XXVI The Undertaker obtained an unprecedented 18-0 winning streak and Michaels went home to prepare his farewell speech to the WWE Universe.

I will be the first one to admit that I was depressed over the fact that The Show Stopper would never return to the ring again. Then a new thought crossed my mind "How did I get to the point that I even care? I'm a Bret Hart fan."

For those who don't know, Shawn Michaels ended Bret Hart's career in a controversy that has been dubbed "The Montreal Screw Job" at Survivor Series 1997. (For those interested on the full story, Wikipedia actually has a pretty accurate recap.)

After that, I saw red every time I heard Sensational Sherry scream "OH SHAWN SHAWN SHAWN!" during Michaels' entrance. But still, I followed the roller coaster career of The Heart Break Kid, mainly to see him get beat up; as this was my logic at the age of 9.

As I continued to watch and hold HBK in contempt for what had happened, I started to grow fonder and fonder of Michaels' Sweet Chin Music and signature attitude. The wacky antics of D-Generation X also started getting my attention as I found myself asking "Are you ready?"

At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Michaels was severely hurt in his match against 'Taker and took a hiatus from the wring to take the title of WWE Commissioner from Sgt. Slaughter.

Following that was a long string of short lived retirements, comebacks, job changes, titles, and feuds. Those following years watching HBK made me actually want to hear the theme music that used to make my blood boil. I knew that when I heard it, I was in for a show.

This time the retirement is supposed to be for real as the now 44 year old Michaels isn't really a "kid" anymore. My thoughts were held firm as the chant of "One more match" was rejected by a teary eyed Michaels prepared to depart the RAW ring for the last time.

I know the world of Professional Wrestling will never be the same without HBK. But then again, I just found a copy of "Boyhood Dream" for five bucks at Walmart so we will always have DVDs, I guess.

So there it is, My first RJ article, I have more in mind on various subjects. I'm open to suggestions and any criticism.

Thanks for watchin'.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Shawn Michaels has left the building."
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