Pinky and the Brain
Debut: September 09, 1995
Ended: November 14, 1998
Debut: September 09, 1995
Ended: November 14, 1998

Pinky and the Brain are cartoon characters from the animated television series Animaniacs. Later, they starred in their own spin-off cartoon show called Pinky and the Brain and even later in Pinky, Elmyra and The Brain. These latter series were produced by Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Animation, and aired from 1995 to 1998 on The WB Television Network, running for 65 episodes. The two are genetically enhanced lab mice who reside in a cage in the Acme Labs research facility. Each week sees Brain come up with a new plan for the two (led by him) to take over the world, which ultimately ends in failure. In common with many other Animaniacs shorts, many episodes are in some way a parody of something else - usually a film. The cartoon's famous tagline is: - "Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?" - "The same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try to take over the world!". The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class - Animated Program in 1999. The show is not currently in reruns, but all of its seasons have been released on DVD.

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Pinky: "Gee, Brain. What do you wanna do tonight?"
Brain: "The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world!"
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Brain: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
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Door Man: "It must be winter the Knights are getting shorter. Get it?!"
Don Cerebro--Brain: "Unfortunatley yes.."
Brain: "To scheeeme the improbable scheeeeme, to plooot the improbable plooot."
Pinky: "Brain! Larry! Cheese! Brain! Larry! Cheese!"
Larry: "Listen~ to the smells of loudness~"
Brain : "We will take the steel by birthright."
Pinky: "We'd better sign up for lamaz classes then."
Pinky: "I just love slinkys!"
Brain: "Why don't you marry one? "
Pinky: "HAHAHA good one Brain, wiityy~!"
Brain: "I too have my moments of jockularity"
Brain: "This is a pain that is nearly flawless... *is hit by 18 wheeler* yes, now it is perfect."
Del Monty: "Let these cute and cuddly fellows propagate, unabated."
Pinky: "Won't we need special shoes to do that Brain? *Brain whaps him with a pencil*"
Pinky: "For just pennies a day, you can save a hungry mousalope.."
Brain -singing-: "Pitsberg is my land. It isn't your land. Go find your own land! Cause this is my land! Please find your way to, the nearest e~xit! Pitsberg is for mousalopes only~!"
Pinky: "Oh please~ can I? Pretty please with sugar on top and baccon bits and those fish in the supermarket with the head still on, their eyes starring longingly at grocer's dairy case? NARF!"
Brain: "If we attached a tube to the vacuum that is your head, we could clean the whole city."
Brain: "Pinky do you know what obsession is?"
Pinky: "A Calvin Kline marketing scam?"
Brain: "Well... yes.."
Brain: "There's only one way to describe such a stroke of luck!"
Pinky: "Contrived? "
Brain: "Yes! "
Brain: "I am Cher, loved by millions for my couple of tallents!"
Animal Extreemist: "Look what they've done to these monkeys! "
Brain: "We are mice. "
Animal Extreemist: "Don't worry bright eyes nobody's ever gonna hurt you again!"
Pinky: "Don't worry Brain, two simple words that will make it all better. Hakkuna Mattata."
Brain: "If I hurt you now, no one would know."
Pinky : "So that's what I get? Working double shifts to put you thru law school!"
Brain: "I never went to law school. "
Pinky: "I suppose that's my fault too!!??"
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