Sequels I would love to see

A look at some films I think need a part 2
May 05, 2008

The following plots you are about to read are fiction and any similarities to upcoming or already released films of the same titles are coincidental and unintentional.... In short everything is made up.

Without further ado, I give you movies I feel deserve a sequel.

Top gun

One of my all time favourite movies, if you never liked this one then you're probably from another planet. This movie defined what being cool (in the 80s) was. I mean who didn't want to wear the Bomber Jackets with the the matching Ray-Bans or fly a jet? Well, this movie alone boosted sales of bomber jackets, Ray Ban sunglassess as well as recruitment into the US Navy and gave us memorable tracks like "Take My Breath Away" and "Dangerzone".

However, you try disobeying orders, hit-on your instructor, whiz by the control-tower at more than 400mph, and I don't know if you'll still have a career in the Navy.

Remaking this movie wouldn't work, so a sequel would be OK. Just imagine, Top Gun 2!

Possible plot:

Last time we left maverick saying he'll probably be a flight instructor, (maybe as a joke) well he is a flight instructor at Fightertown USA, where he meets a young hotshot cadet (kinda like a young mirror version of himself).

The two don't get along at first but eventually they do. After graduation the young pilot is stationed on some air-craft carrier somewhere, and during a dogfight the young pilot freezes up after he sees his friend killed (sound familiar?). Maverick grabs a jet, comes to the rescue, gives him a little confidence and they start kicking-ass side by side.

Summer blockbuster or what?

See? He thinks so.

I wouldn't mind Michael Bay directing this one.... Seriously I wouldn't mind!

Passenger 57

This was the first movie I saw Wesley Snipes do martial arts and loved his foul mouthed, no nonsense attitude as John Cutter. The sequel should be called passenger 57 II (hmm..... sounds like a mouthful) or how about Passenger 58? (perfect!).

Originally, the role played by Wesley Snipes was offered to Sylvester Stallone but Stallone turned it down.

However, just for fun, the script writer named one of the major characters, "Sly", short for Sylvester and a nickname for Stallone. The character was named Sly Delvicchio played by Tom Sizemore........... Wonder what happen to him?

Who knows, this movie would be a big comeback for Wesley!

Possible plot:

John Cutter now has his own Sky-Marshal school after his experience in the first movie or 9/11 (Whichever you prefer). Oh, and also a teenage daughter (coz it's all about the girl) who is visiting him from overseas.

On her way back the plane is hijacked and to make things interesting, by a rogue sky marshal trained by John Cutter. And now John has to save the plane as well as his daughter. What follows next is an out-thinking, outsmarting game of cat-and-mouse.

"Always bet on black!"

I think John Woo would be OK for this one. And speaking of marshals.........

US Marshals

OK, I'm sure some of you will argue that US Marshals is basically the sequel to The Fugitive. I like to think of it as a spin-off because what was wrong with calling it the Fugitive 2 or Another Fugitive, or The Fugitive Again? (why didn't they call "Joey", "That guy from Friends"?)

Anyway the titles are different and really liked this one. Just saw it recently after a long time and it's still good.

I liked what someone said about this movie: He said try to imagine Wesley Snipes as a fugitive escaping from paying his taxes and Tommy Lee Jones is a relentless IRS agent hot on his trail, and you will really enjoy it.

Possible plot:

Another fugitive has escaped during a Prisoner Transfer and has virtually left no clues and the head of the US Marshals knows that this is no ordinary fugitive they're dealing with.

just an example of a baddie to expect

And decides to recruit the now retired Sam Gerard for (say it with me, now) ONE-LAST-JOB and Gerard does or did what does he best... First, go into psycho-blabber of road blocks, check points, increased highway patrols, helicopter sweeps, unusual credit card transactions, possible witnesses or known associates, people who left the country in the last 24hrs, people who checked INTO a hospital in the last 24hrs, people who visited a plastic surgeon in the last 24hrs... Alright you get the point.

When that is said and done, the action begins! Yes sir Gerard and the team are back!
We'll just have to wait and see whether the fugitive is innocent

"I don't care!"

For this one I'd like Ridley Scott to be in charge.


With the latest craze in film making and NO, I'm talking about those annoying spoofs, I'm talking of adapting comic book heroes into movies for example x-men, Hulk, Fantastic 4, The Punisher, Ghost Rider, Batman, Spiderman, Iron-man; whatever, how about this forgotten hero?

I mean chicks can also have their own comic-book action flick, right? Y'know like Catwoman (....OK bad example) or Aeon Flux the one staring Charlize Theron (hmm.... Now, that one....)

OK I give up, basically what I'm saying is if they can make Superman Returns (*cough* guilty pleasure *cough*) I don't see why they can't resurrect this one and call it Supergirl Returns (Also)?

Two weeks or so before the film's original summer 1984 premier date, Warner Bros. dropped the film due to the disappointing performance of Superman III, both critically and financially.

Supergirl was then shelved for a few months, without distribution, until fledgling company TriStar Pictures picked it up for holiday release in November.

The company decided to edit the picture, cutting it from 124 minutes to 105 minutes. The drastic changes were not only damaging to the film's original intention, but also hampered the performances of stars Faye Dunaway and Helen Slater.

But back then I thought it was quite good. I once had a nightmare of that wicked Selena.

Possible plot:

Lex Luthor who we last left stranded on a deserted island in Superman Returns has managed to escape some how and build some machine that zaps superman and sends him into another dimension but in the process opens another portal and through it comes another villain (maybe a more badass version of the silver-surfer, or something) who seizes the opportunity to escape but was hot-pursed by SuperGirl, and both find themselves on Earth where their battle continues, while at the same time Supergirl has to keep a low profile as Linda Lee.

Think of it as a high-speed car chase and both of them suddenly find themselves in a foreign country miles away after taking a detour/wrong turn/ill-advised short cut. (That's if my quasi sci-fi geeky explanation isn't clear).

For this one I would propose that the title role be played by the undisputed queen of sexy/seduction (IMO) Angelina Jolie or better yet a daring, career-defining performance break through for Amanda Bynes!

you'll never know she could pull it off if given a chance

I'd give this one to Roland Emmerich.

True Lies

One of my favourite Schwarzenegger flicks of all time. I think it was this movie I first saw MS-Windows. I don't know what you can call this movie; was it an action-comedy or just an action movie with a sense of humour?

I'm not sure, but I do remember enjoying it and in age of "Terrorists" and/or "Extremists" this movie was ahead of its time.

bombs and babes, who says bad guys aren't cool?

I never knew that this movie was an Oscar contender for Visual FX which lost to Forrest Gump. The best scence had to be Harrier Jet hovering around the buildings.

A full scale model of a Harrier was built for all close shots of Schwarzenegger flying the plane; it was puppeteered from a crane on a nearby building which was painted out with CGI. As the Harrier lands in the street, dust and debris stirred up by its jetblast is all done in CGI. Back then I couldn't tell the difference.

I supposed when you watch a James Cameron movie expect ground breaking stuff. It turns out a sequel was promised but never came.

Director James Cameron originally planned on making a sequel sometime in 2002 but put his plans on hold once the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred in New York, claiming that "in this day and age, terrorism isn't funny."

Aww, did someone lose his sense of humour? OK seriously, he has a point...... But try telling that to Jay Leno.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then stopped making movies and became governor of Hollyw... whoops! I mean California. When he steps down I'd to see him in action again.

Hey if Sylvester Stallone can make Rocky Balboa and Rambo, then Arnie should also have no problem ducking bullets and running from explosions... Or would you rather have someone Shia Lebeouf take over the role?

Possible Plot:

Harry Tasker and his family have moved to small town where they hope to keep their spy-background on a low key and are now organisers of an up coming county-fair. However a new group of "extremists" now pose a new threat to national security led by the brother/sister of the terrorist killed in the first movie.

Can Harry & Helen organise the county-fair and take out the terrorists at the same time? Prepare yourself for non-stop, hard hitting action as well as hilarious slap stick comedy as they try this unusual balancing act.

Hey honey, are you ready for a sequel?...... Hell Yeah!!

As much as I'd like James Cameron to come back on this one, I think Brett Ratner would also do a good job.

Hope you enjoyed this, and look out for a sequel to this article!
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