Crazy Childhood: Weird Science

Take off those bras off your heads and read this!
March 02, 2010

Weird Science (1985)

Directed By: John Hughes

Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Ilan Michael-Smith, Bill Paxton, Suzzane Snyder, Judie Anderson

Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Michael-Smith discuss who's turn it is to make out with the lovely LeBrock.

Ahh, John Hughes. How could I possibly have over-looked any of your films? What is it that makes his films so fun to watch? Why are most of his films so recognizable to so many 80's lovers?

Because that most of his films seem to have a connection with us. Whether it's Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club, Hughes' films seem to know who watches them and wants them to relate to these characters in these films. There's at least one character in one of his films that we used to be in teen years.

Then came along Weird Science. Gone were the dramatic and heart-warming elements that we all could relate to. Pretty soon, goofy sci-fi antics and nerds' wet dreams seem to loom over the mind of John Hughes.

Nevertheless, it does manage to not only dig deep into the mind of a computer geek and potray it in a way that makes us feel for them, the film is just funny. REALLY funny. It could easily go down as one of my favorite films of all time, as long as there's repeated viewings.


Two dateless geeks (Hall and Michael-Smith) create the ultimate woman named Lisa (LeBrock) from a computer. Not only is she programmed to adore them, but she secretly tries to help them get their own girlfriends.

Say cheese or freeze!

Seriously, dudes. TAKE OFF THE DAMN BRAS!!!

"Oh, LeBrock, your neck tastes like Mentos..."

The two main characters say shit a lot in the film, which gets annoying at times. Watching the film a second time, I kept track of all the times any character said the word. There's a total of 32 uses of the word shit. Yikes.


Everything else.

I really like the beginning of the film, as it just dives into the story 2 minutes after the opening credits. No filler, no bullcrap, nothing. We're just introduced to the main characters and their goals and personalities and it's on to the good stuff.

And then there's Kelly LeBrock. We all can't forget about HER, can't we? She's probably the most memorable character in the whole movie (along with the cigar-chomping Chet, played by Bill Paxton.). LeBrock was obviously the perfect choice for this role, as she can both pull off sexy and enduring.

"So, what would you little maniacs like to do first? Hopefully not play chess."

I like how Hughes uses LeBrock's character as an affectionate figure that not only does what the main characters say, but even secretly helps them get their own girlfriends and get respect from others. It's a different type of character that you would never expect.

Finally, it's hilarious. At times, it's mean-spirited humour, but even that's funny at times because it helps the plot run smoothly and it also deterimines whether any of the characters will get out of a sticky jam or not.
Most of the time, it's goofy and weird, but that's the kind I like.

"Can I have my Ipod back, you little shit?

More innocent victims to wearing bras on their heads (Note: You can see an young Robert Downey, Jr. on the far left.).

"My God, I've caught Uwe Boll's Disease!"


This is a silly, silly movie. But that makes it more memorable. Enduring characters, interesting plot, and a whole lot of fun. Don't be a wanker, go and see it now.



See ya!
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