The Indian in the Cupboard
Release: July 14, 1995
Release: July 14, 1995

On his birthday, a young boy receives two gifts. One is a small plastic toy of an Indian man, and the other is a cupboard. But when these two items meet, something amazing happens. Puppeteer Frank Oz ('HouseSitter'; 'What About Bob?') directs from the screenplay by Melissa Mathison ('The Black Stallion'; 'E.T.'); Based upon the novel by Lynn Reid Banks ('The L-Shaped Room'). Produced by Kathleen Kennedy & Frank Marshall and Jane Startz. A co-presentation between Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures from The Kennedy/Marshall Company and Scholastic Productions.

Little Bear: "What's this?"
Omri: "It's a teepee, for you to sleep in."
Little Bear: "[examins; realizes] It's plastic."
Omri: "I don't have a wife. Do you have a wife?"
Little Bear: "She died."
Little Bear: "You are not a man! You do not understand!"
Omri: "You don't deserve that hair!"
Boone: "Oh, my dear sweet lord. I need a drink."
Boone: "Where may I ask, is my coffee? I always start my day with a cup of coffee."
Boone: "The boys back home call me 'boo-hoo, Boone'!"
Boone: "I come from Texas, Mr. Half-a-brain!"
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