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Yet again, another epcot classic
November 23, 2009
It's me again retrojunkies, with yet, yep that's right. Another classic Epcot article. I only have a few more to go so here's the next one.

This pavilion opened on October 1, 1989, and it explored the anatomy of the human body and explained to us how it is very important for people to take responsibility on their own health.

It had and exercise area with bikes that that were called wondercycles, they displayed monitors that let guests feel like they were running through an area like their own house and Disneyland. There was also a health bar that served all types of juices and I think tofu if I remember, maybe they didn't but I think they did.

There was an area called sensory funhouse that tests guests about their senses, one such area I remember was that there was an exhibit where people saw a replica of the statue of liberty inside a tube guests were given clues about what was inside and felt it and there called Coach's corner, it was a place where you play baseball and it was measured as to how far you hit the ball. The music loop was also my favorite; walking outside, it was amazing music to listen to.

Along with all that, there were some cool exhibits inside, we'll start with this.

This was my favorite part of going to Wonders of life, the first few visits of going to epcot, the line was very long, before fast passes came into the scene, I had to wait 15 minutes in line to ride this.

In this ride, we are injected into a patient who has suffered a splinter in her right finger, along the way; we are to pick up a Dr. Cynthia Lair (played by Elisabeth Shue), you may remember her as Ally in the Karate Kid. Anyway, she was injected awhile ago and she is studying the sight of the splinter. We will be picking her up as we see her examine the damaged area. Before we board, we are given the usual, no eating, drinking, smoking, or flash photography speech, then we board.

Once we enter, we see Dr. Lair continue to examine the splinter but we lose her and were we go through a blood stream that rushes us to extreme capacity. It takes us to three places in the body. The heart, lungs and brain; we are successful in getting her from being attacked by a white blood cell, but we run out of power, and just when we think were doomed; an electrical surge in the brain beams us back to safety. I remember first going on this ride I was a bit terrified because I thought we were really going through the human body, but I learned about the ride and wasn't terrified at all. If you wanna experience a ride like this, go to star tours.

Here's another fun part, in Cranium command, this explores the human brain, and this is what I usually call the SNL exhibit, since most of the performers are from Saturday night live.

In the preshow, we see some new recruits being prepped to pilot the most difficult craft ever and that is the human brain.

Our commanding officer, General knowledge, whose character reminds me of Sgt. Hartman from Full metal jacket, informs us about the likes and dislikes of the human mind.

One funny part is he tells us about the successes and failures about the brain and the failure is Ernest P. Worrall. I remember that every time that part comes up, everyone laughs.

As General Knowledge continues to drill the recruits, a little nerd recruit named Buzzy shows up late and General Knowledge is not impressed with him at all.

After the briefing, the recruits are shown to their assigned heads; Buzzy is given the task of piloting a 12 year old boy's head and should he fail, he will pilot the head of a chicken.

We make our way into the next theatre which is exactly like we are inside the brain, we see Buzzy in the command seat and the crew checks in which are other parts of the body.

The left brain is played by the dad from Beethoven, They should've gotten Chevy Chase to play that part.

The right brain is played by none other than Jon Lovitz, who else better could be the right brain?

The heart is played by both Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon, who are Hans and Franz on SNL. This is where the SNL element comes into play.

The Adrenal gland played by the only wildman I know, Bobcat Goldthwait. He snaps at every moment in this show.

And the stomach is played by the stepfather from Man of the house. Talk about the perfect lineup for SNL, right?

Buzzy must try and get the crew to work together and help the boy (named Bobby) get through a whole day without stress. Like anyone can do that.

Buzzy sees a new girl and is truly head over heels for her. He tries to do everything he can to impress her but he messes up most of the time, at one point, she is being hassled by two bullies and Buzzy tries to help her with advice from the left brain but fails and the right brain makes him start a food fight. Afterwards, Bobby is sent to the principal's office he starts to breakdown. General knowledge reminds him that he must think to make the right choice and gets the crew to work together for once. The girl shows up and thanks him for helping her she gives him a kiss. General Knowledge congratulates him and makes him a member of the member of the Cranium command. Although this attraction seemed it was for young viewers, it sure was for all ages.

Here's another fun exhibit, this stars goofy and in a classic style goofy cartoon with a narrator at his side like always, along with clips from his old cartoons, this teaches us how health important it is for all of us to keep healthy and take responsibility for it. I'm sorry to say I never saw this one and never cared much for it; I heard that it was very funny. I always liked to watch goofy cartoons growing up and this would've been very funny to watch.

Now here's one of those attractions that Disney had the guts to put up, in "the making of me", we explore childbirth. Now for those of you who are parents and your kids ask you where babies come from, maybe you can show them this, and keep the dirty stuff out.

This show is hosted by Martin Short, he plays an unborn person who is seeing his just born father; he tries to explain to us how babies are made and how when two people love eachother, they make a baby, I wonder to this day how Disney was able to pull this off without trying to mention anything vulgar.

The pavilion would be seasonal operational at 2004, until 2006 all attractions were shut down for good and the building was used for private events. These pictures are proof of the ghost attraction.

Today, the attraction is used mainly for the Epcot food & wine festival. I attended that in September and it was really nice. I couldn't take picture inside but I did try a few international wines. It was a real shame to see that everything inside was all gone.

I haven't tried to gather that much history on this attraction just what I heard on Wikipedia, if I'm wrong just let me know.

That's another classic Epcot article in the bag, just got a few more to go, and I'll be finished with future world.
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