Tribute to Michael Jackson

some things that I remember about the late king of pop
July 03, 2009
I know that most of you out there think I should come up with something new to write about, and I found the perfect thing. Sadly, the world of entertainment lost one of America's most beloved icons just recently and sorry to say that it was the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Growing up in the small mill town in Gary, Indiana to forming the Jackson 5 and becoming one of the most entertaining and inspiring entertainers of his time, Michael Jackson captured the hearts and souls of millions around the world from selling over millions of albums to performing on stage worldwide, he became the one of the all true greats.

I'm going to write about how I remember Michael Jackson and I will not try to say anything negative in what I say about him.

I had liked Michael Jackson when I was 9 years old and I so wanted to dance like him but I guess I never had it in me in the first place. Oh well, but I did like his music and his moves. I had liked him up till I was 15 and I started to move away from him, even though I lost touch with being a fan of Michael Jackson, I still kept in touch with what he did.

Michael started out in the Jackson 5, he joined brothers, Marlon, Germaine, Jackie, and Tito and later Randy joined to replace Germaine. They became teen sensations of the 60s and 70s. Founded by their abusive father, Joseph Jackson, through threats and intimidation they took the entertainment world by storm and it was only just the beginning for Michael.

These are some of his best known albums that I did own in my life so I'm not gonna mention all of them to you.

The album that is known as the best selling album of all time, over 100,000,000 copies were sold worldwide. There were some great hits that came off this album like Thriller itself, which was a movie and music video in one, it was the scariest video I watched when I was young; then there was Beat it, which was the first ever MJ video I saw.

This was the first album I ever owned when it came out. I had listened to this album mostly all day and the tape would never wear out. I saw the moonwalk for the first time; the music video, bad was really awesome, the outfit he wore was even better, I so wanted to wear that outfit, I was still very young to realize that it was about gang violence, I was really lucky to overlook that, the one song I liked was "the way you make me feel", I really danced to that song a lot but never got to dancing, that you already know.

The first Michael Jackson video I ever owned, this was mostly a series of clips that chronicle Michael's life from his days in the Jackson 5 to his Bad tour, and even a movie. The music video Bad is parodied with a bunch of child actors, following that, there's a claymation film sung to the tune "speed demon" Michael is trying to get away from over zealous fans and disguises himself as a biker bunny named Spike, as he gets out of it, Spike comes to life and they have a dance off in the streets, and he gets a ticket for dancing. We now see the movie, where Michael plays a 1930s gangster in disguise who has special powers that makes him change into everything, the powers come only when he sees a shooting star. Three kids (one of them is Sean Lennon), spot him almost getting gunned down by a bunch of soldiers. In a flashback the children knew him, they play soccer in a field and their dog takes the ball and runs off, Michael and one of the children try to retrieve him and accidentally find the secret lair of Mr. Big, Frankie Lideo (Joe Pesci), a druglord trying to get all the children around the world addicted to drugs. He spots them from above trying to pursue them, we now return to the present where Mr. Big and his men are chasing after Michael. The kids go to an abandoned night club called club 30s, where Michael told them to meet but are alone. Michael changes into a car trying gets away from Mr. Big, he arrives at the club and it starts to come to life, and is the setting of a 1930s gangster life. This is where the video "smooth criminal", begins. As the children are observing the whole thing outside, one of the kids are kidnapped, Michael meets with the other two and track down Mr. Big's lair. As they are trapped by soldiers, a shooting star goes by and Michael uses it to transform in a giant robot; after gunning down all the soldiers he changes into a spaceship, Mr. Big goes into a giant laser and shoots down Michael, just as he's about to shoot the children, he reappears from out of nowhere, and fires at Mr. Big, killing him, he then flies off into the night. Moments later he comes back to the children and takes them back to the club which is actually a backstage for a concert. Michael plays "Come together" in front of a live audience.

The movie was great but I think the video game was better, I only like played the game twice in my life, I was never any good at it.

This was the second album I ever owned, the first video I saw, Black and White, was something a little weird than something I saw. It had Macaulay Culkin in it and after the video, it showed Michael beating the daylights out of everything and grabs his crotch changes into a panther. I admit there was some good songs on this album but none too good.

Well, that's about all I can write about the king of pop. He really left us with some good memories and made us all feel special, I think all that stuff about those child molestations were nothing but lies, Now Michael you can rest easily now, now you're up there with greats like Maralyn Monroe, Kurt Kobain, Anna Nicole Smith, and of course Elvis Presley. We miss you Michael.


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