Lunchboxes of my childhood

The lunchboxes I remember as a kid
October 05, 2009

As a kid, during my school years, we all remember when our mothers made our school lunches, they would always be mainly our favorite shows, movies, or comic book characters; that, I believe is what really pleased a child so easily and made lunch time real fun. I was mainly fascinated by the designs and colors, and the thermos that they came with. Most of the lunchboxes I had were from shows that I didn't like, but some I did like; I guess it really didn't matter to me which show I liked as long as there was food in it. I had very few over the years, and some of them started to age badly, it's a real shame that I never held onto any of them I guess when I got into junior high, it was going to bagged lunches.

Here's a list of some of the lunchboxes that I had.

This was the very first lunchbox I had, I guess I had this when I was in preschool to kindergarten, it was so long ago, I hardly remember. This wasn't the one I had, overtime, the sticker started to peel off and the image started to fade away, the thermos' image was also fading from sight till it wasn't there anymore. I never hardly watched the show but I did like liked Mindy's smile, that's probably the only real thing I liked about this lunchbox.

This is one I had for sometime and was one of my favorites. This side I liked most of all, that's what I call one best family portrait, Martin didn't look all that pleased to be in the picture. That's typical of him. I had this one from 1st to 2nd grade; I wished that I had held onto it.

I don't know how I got stuck with this one; the images here terrified me, I didn't see the movie till I was 12 and it still scared me to death. I had this one from 3rd to 4th grades. Never really cared for it all that much.

The Nintendo era was in full gear when I started 5th grade and a super Mario bros. lunchbox is what I needed to start off. Sorry to say that after six months of having it, I accidentally broke it, but I was able to save the entire sticker and still had my Mork and Mindy lunchbox from long ago stuck it on there. This was the last one I had when I started junior high and the end of my simple life.

Well, that was a walkthrough of the lunchboxes that I had and now here's a list of lunchboxes that I wish I had.

My favorite fantasy film, I only saw this one twice, I saw a kid with this and I asked him if I can see it and he showed it to me once. I wished I had this because it was my family's favorite, but my SoN one was best for me.

I was into arcade games a lot when it was booming, even though I was still young to go into an arcade, I still had the privilege of an Atari 2600 although I never had the real effects of an arcade. I remember I saw three kids with this lunchbox and I begged my mom for it, but got stuck with M&M instead, I was disappointed but I got over it, the only memory of Pac-man that I have is it was my very first drawing.

For some odd reason, I was really mesmerized by this one. A friend of mine had this and he sat across from me; everytime, I would always ask him to show me KITT's magic, (the sparkles off the car). Michael Knight's was always like, Yeah, I'm cool and so is my car.

These lunchboxes made lunchtime lots of fun for me. See you later.
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