2010: The Year We Make Contact
Release: December 07, 1984

In the year 2001, Dave Bowman was taken by the Jupiter monolith and transformed into a powerful being. Now, in the year 2010, Dr. Heywood Floyd, the man held responsible for Discovery's failure, is going to Jupiter. He and his crewmates must reactivate the psychotic HAL-9000 computer, so they may learn what happened, and they must find out the meaning of Dave Bowman's last transmission... "My God, it's full of stars..."

HAL-9000: "What is going to happen?"
Dave: "Something wonderful."
HAL-9000: "I'm afraid."
Dave: "Don't be. We'll be together."
HAL-9000: "Where will we be?"
Dave: "Where I am now."
HAL and Dr. Floyd: "-Floyd: Well tell whoever it is that I can't accept that identification without proof. -HAL: The response is, "I understand. It is important that you believe me. Look behind you." -HAL and Dr. Floyd"
HAL and Dr. Floyd: "Floyd: Well tell whoever it is that I can't take any of this seriously unless I know who I'm talking to. -HAL: Dr. Floyd? -Floyd: Yes? -HAL: The response is, "I was David Bowman." -HAL and Dr. Floyd"
Hal-9000 and Dr. Chandra: "HAL: Dr. Chandra, will I dream? -Dr. Chandra: I don't know. -Hal-9000 and Dr. Chandra"
SAL9000 and Dr. Chandra: "SAL: Will I dream? -Dr. Chandra: Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why. -SAL9000 and Dr. Chandra"
David Bowman and Heywood Floyd: "Bowman- You see, something's going to happen. You must leave. -Floyd: What? What's going to happen? -Bowman: Something wonderful. -Floyd: What? -Bowman: I understand how you feel. You see, it's all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It's wonderful -David Bowman and Heywood Floyd"
HAL9000: "I'm completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. -HAL9000"
Dr. Heywood Floyd: "I don't know if Hal is homicidal, suicidal, neurotic, psychotic, or just plain broken. -Dr. Heywood Floyd"
Dr. Heywood Floyd:: "I do seem to remember a process where you people ask me questions and I give you answers, and then I ask you questions and you give me answers, and that's the way we find out things. I think I read that in a manual somewhere. -Dr. Heywood Floyd:"
Dave and HAL: "HAL: What is going to happen? -Dave: Something wonderful. -HAL: I'm afraid. -Dave: Don't be. We'll be together.-HAL: Where will we be? -Dave: Where I am now. -Dave and HAL"
Dr. Chandra: "HAL was told to lie - by people who find it easy to lie. HAL doesn't know how. -Dr. Chandra"
Heywood Floyd: "Someday, the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old. I think they will be our friends. -Heywood Floyd"
Floyd and HAL: "Floyd: Who's calling? -HAL: There is no identification. - Floyd: What's the message? -HAL: Message as follows: "It is dangerous to remain here. You must leave within two days." - Floyd: What? -Floyd and HAL"
HAL and Dr. Floyd: "Floyd: Who's sending it? -HAL: There is no identification. - Floyd: I don't understand. -HAL: Neither do I. - Floyd: This this message by voice or keyboard? -HAL: I don't know. -HAL and Dr. Floyd"
HAL: "[message relayed from monolith] All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there. Use them together. Use them in peace. -HAL"
Dave Bowman: "My God, it's full of stars! -Dave Bowman"
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