Resident Evil-Biohazard

The game that sarted everything...
By dg
October 16, 2006

The Resident evil franchise created by capcom has grown huge but I feel with all the spin off games and the disappointing movies I would like to write about how it began and get back to its origin.I think the first game really is more about the suspense and horror and the second game is more a following on but they use an action take on it and make it much more epic.The first game is exploring the mansion's grounds and you feel a bit claustrophobic at times then the second game they expanded it and gave you more room to roam around the levels so you could get a good feel about the game itself.That's why I think with Resident Evil 1 it's a much scarier game to play .I also found with the first game it was allot harder because you had to think more in it because there were so many tricky situations.


When a team called S.T.A.R.S Bravo loose contact another team are sent in to investigate what happened.You then see the team running for there lives' with live action people in a forest, you know straight away that this game was going to be something special which gave it an amazing introduction.Every thing seems very spooky and scary especially when you're playing it for the first time and you wonder what the hell is going on.It all seemed like a rollercoaster ride and your on board until the ride ends. The story line was so compelling and clever that sometime's you wonder how a game could be so good.

Once your inside after reaching the mansion it comes to a cut scene and a breathing space in the game and the really eerie music kicks in and suddenly you feel like saying "shit they should of took there chances out side with the muts".You see that there's three characters Jill and Wesker if your Chris, Wesker and Barry if your Jill.The cut scene comes to an end and they split up to investigate the mansion and the horror begins.

You can choose the option of Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield,I always chose Redfield although choosing Jill would be much easier because she can use a lockpick which comes in handy allot through out the game.Obviously its not a sexist game so you get the choice of choosing a man or gal to kick ass but both great character's to play as.Together through the game there relationship becomes close and they rely on each for help to survive till the end.

You soon encounter your first zombie which is hungry for some flesh and your on the menu.With your option screen you can use your trusty berretta to take the zombie scum down or do it the hard way and use the knife. I usually do it the hard way because I have such an awful shot I run out of bullets and have no choice.

After all that you start to explore the mansion doing the early mission's which are fairly easy just to get a taste of the game and knowing how to use all the control icon screen item's which is really helpful because you need to really get a skill going when killing all the nasty creatures which you have to encounter later.What I did notice though was Capcom used an old fashioned style look to the a mansion which created a much eerie environment, like the deer head and the wallpaper.

When you do explore the mansion there are plenty of zombies to take out unless they get you first which was annoying because they can rape your life loads and then you'd have to be carefully on the next encounter.You can usually hear the flesh eating rotting corpse walking round the corridors slowly coming towards you.You must be ready to aim and blow it a new hole and show them who's boss because they will grap you and chomp on ya.It kind've freaks you out when they come towards you because they usually groan loads and you think shit I hope I don't run out of bullets.

There's plenty of jumpy moments as you run or walk around the corridors as dogs or spiders will jump at you depending how far you have got and you have to have quick reaction's to take care of the situation.I usually chicken out and head straight for the door only to find myself ambushed by blasted zombies that wont learn a lesson until I fill them with led.Through the game you find documents describing what went wrong in the mansion and learn more as you go on in later levels.You also find the keys which are the big thing in the game which are found in bath tubs and in hidden areas.You find that allot of doors that say there is a diamond carved" which makes you frustrated at times because there's a few keys to use in certain doors.What was also brilliant was the angle's which they a gave you as you ran or walked around the mansion, it really gave you a movie feel to it so know wonder film studios were influenced by it.There's plenty of puzzle's in the game such as a painting one where you have to put them in the right order to collect an item but if you don't the blasted crows will start pecking at ya.

Throughout the game you run into character's depending on who you are.Jill sees another S.T.A.R.S member Barry Burton but both in the end see the dodgy character Albert Wesker which you always seem to think he's up to something.You also see dead S.T.A.R.S members through the game not looking to healthy with flesh eaten off them Forrest, Richard and Kenneth,Enric which I thought was a nice touch to show what happened to them.You also encounter the girl named Rebecca Chambers which Chris meets he doesn't get it on with her but she help's you out when he gets poisoned by the snake and you can control her to get the syrem after she saves you,you then meet her through out the game.

The gore in the game is quite cool as you take out zombies and blood sprays every where,they usually take a few shots to take down depending what weapon you use.There's not really what you call bosses in the game, the only one is the snake and the tree roots.If you come up to fight them you'll defiantly have to save somewhere and take enough life and ammo to defeat it because there a pain in the ass to kill. There's plenty of creatures to take out along the way including huge spiders, killer wasps and the most deadly of them all the Hunter killer's which if your not careful will slice your head clean off.

Now after you complete the mansion you have to venture out into the court yard to reach the Guard house where you have allot to do.This is where the game becomes real tricky and a complete pain in the ass because there's one bit when you have to work out a code to a door which is annoying to find the right one to open it and if I remember correctly there was jack shit inside it any way.Eventually you go back in side again only to find that its swarming with Hunter's and there's allot of them.If the game was hard before this defiantly is as you have to be extremely careful either killing them or passing by them without them decapitating you.

Now to the end where we finally see Tyrant himself, one mean badass mother.Before all this though you find out that Albert Wesker is part of an evil corporation and has his own agendas which gives it a brilliant twist in the story.He finally meets his end when tyrant slay's his sorry ass down in a gory manner.The final climax is great as the clock ticks down to detonation and Tyrant is pissed when you finally escape from his lab and he's on your trail on the final part.You eventualy reach outside only to see that he crashes through the floor and you much dodge him for a while to finally send the evil bastard to hell with a rocket launcher.

You' re then rescued by a helicopter and live happily ever after and fly out into the sunset with exception of having a heart attack from finally killing the Tyrant"I need a vacation".

Resident Evil two was totally outstanding finally exploring Racoon City and reaching the police station.It was such a great sequel to an amazing game and didn't disappoint with some more brilliant characters making it bigger and more gorier and more badass bosses.Resident Evil 3 was ok but nothing special with another great character nemesis and the return of Jill which was cool.After that game then came all the spin off's which were shottem ups and other's but werent in comparison to the first three.The movie was the biggest joke and I'll never know why they didn't base it on the games because Silent Hill proved that it was possible and was really impressive.There's character's that haven't even been seen yet which should've made there appearance right from the beginning which to me is a right let down to the fans.I wouldn't expect them to completly follow the game just make it really exciting and change it here and there to make it more realistic and they would have a hit on there hands.If you agree with me sign my petition.
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