Resident Evil-Biohazard 2

The follow on to an amazing game,are you hungry for more..
By dg
October 30, 2006

Now if Resident Evil 1 was a great B movie, then this would be the Blockbuster. It was that good. Like I said in the first write up it expanded the world of survival horror. Putting you in Racoon City itself with two more great characters to play with, Leon and Claire. This game had to be made because there must of been such a great demand for it, and they had to carry on the story just like Terminator 2 did. It was such a great sequel to an amazing game, and it didn't disappoint with some more brilliant characters making it bigger and more gorier.

I remember playing the demo for Resident Evil 2, constantly playing and completing it because it was obviously short. I just couldn't get enough of it because they really did do a great job. The graphics looked so much better, and the scenery was amazing with the city all demolished. You could only play up to the beginning missions of the police station, but it was enough to be totally satisfied with and showed how exciting it was to wait until its release.

The start of the game, not on the demo, was that you see Leon or Claire, depending on who you choose, going to the city in another great cut scene, which I feel they overdo these days because of the graphics but they showed enough to really get a feel of what's going on. It was like, in some ways, watching a movie because it looked really compelling, but they get separated and then the nightmare begins.

Ok so after that great cut scene you are stranded in the road, only to see the carnage which the exploding tanker caused, and nothing but some hungry zombies for company. I thought the graphics were amazing at this point, seeing all the debris and wrecked city which looked awesome. You have to leg it past the zombies all the way round to the gun shop only to get a gun pointed at your face by a chubby fat man.

You notice that he's very panicked and doesn't know what the hell's going on (that makes two of you). He points a Shotgun/Crossbow at you thinking you are a zombie, but you soon tell the idiot that your not a zombie and the relief kicks in. He explains a few things before his ass is eaten by a pack of hungry zombies who come crashing through the window. When I first saw this it scared the living crap out of me, and me jump up in the air. You must blow them away quickly before they grab you, but the only problem I found was that you couldn't see the zombies very well because of the angle. I found that with all the games it was a cool angle to look at it could be a pain in the ass at times, because you couldn't see where you were shooting at. You soon shoot the zombies down to collect your first badass weapon, the shotgun/crossbow (The shotgun is my favourite). You collect a few more essential items that your need later on and begin your trip through to the Police Station.

Once you head out the back-door you find that its very eerie and atmospheric, with the wind blowing and zombies everywhere groaning as you work you way through alleyways and zombie-infested streets. There is a bus, which is a cool bit, which you have to go through to get to the other side. I found it quite fun there was only two zombies on board, one lying down and the other walking, but you can take care of them quickly. As you got closer to the police station it was like walking through a horror film because it looked good with every thing smashed up and dead bodies everywhere. I just thought it looked wicked.

When you finally reach the police station you are relieved mainly because you've had to treck through loads of zombies, but as the story goes there worse things to be scared of. Once your inside you have to deal with another deadly monster named the Licker. When you step inside the Police station the camera angle widens as you see the huge main room similar to the first game. I found alot of the music in the game isn't as eerie as the first game. It gives a more tense feeling rather than trying to scare you, although there jumpy moments in the game. First you meet a cop that's looking in a bad way that's been bitten, and finally you get some information off him of what the hell is going on, and he explain the bizarre events that occurred. He also explains about what happened in the first game, about the remaining survivors Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca, and that nobody believed they're story.

There's lots of similarities between the first and second game, which you would find isn't a bad thing because they just made it alot better with more great weapons to use and more items to collect. The Police station is infested with zombies and scary monsters, but they are scattered around the police station so you'll eventually find them and have to deal with them to move on. The gore is just as good, if not better, in this game and with your trusty weapons you can blow them a new hole. Blood sprays everywhere, as well as zombie brains being obliterated so its best not to eat while your playing it, because your find that your loose your appetite very quickly. Both characters encounter another great monster which they created, the Licker, which takes a few shotgun shells to die but it learns its lesson after the third blast.

Like in the first game there's plenty of puzzles to solve and keep you busy. I managed to solve most of the puzzles fairly easier than the first game, I don't know why it didn't seem as complicated. Although I love the first game, the second has to be my favourite because I never bought the first, I just played it round my friends house or borrowed it. With the second game I bought it first time and enjoyed every second of it. I managed to get into it straight away but with the first game it took me some time to adjust, because the controls felt quite stiff and awkward at times. I really enjoyed exploring the Police Station because in loads of places it's deserted and that created a really eerie but exciting atmosphere.

As you go through the game, Leon and Claire both encounter different characters depending on who you are. Leon meets Ada, the reporter guy and gets shot by Annette. Claire meets Sherry, Chief Irons and Annette Birkin. Ada seems to be a mysterious character, similar to Albert Wesker from the first game, and they have a climax where she falls to her doom, but she doesn't really die. Both characters meet the mutating monster William Birkin, who is very deadly, so you have to be careful when ever you go up against him. There's also a mean bad ass called Tyrant which stalks you throughout the game, but this is only on the second scenario.

The game has plenty of enemies to destroy, one of my fav's was the giant crocodile which Leon had to take care of. There were other mutant monsters that were quite tricky and annoying to kill, and the giant spiders make the return again because they were always fun things to blow away with your trusty shotgun.

Both character were given such great stories and scenes all the way through both they're scenarios, which they must of improved alot from the first game because there were only certain differences from it. As you reach the end there is a fair few things to take care of including setting of the Self-destruct system. There is plenty of tough enemies as you get closer to the final stages, such as annoying plants that seem to be around every corner, so you have to be well equipped with a stack full-of-led to blow them straight to hell. Both character must kill the deadly tyrant, which quite tough to kill, as well as William Birkin which never stops mutating until you reach the train part, or shall I say if you reach that part because getting past him is very tricky. Then your onboard for the final showdown with the giant monster which happens to be William Birkin. When you finally see him you think to yourself "oh shit and how am I suppose to kill this bastard". Eventually you do and they mange escape the train into the desert and William Birkins ass is grass when the carriages explodes through the tunnel in an amazing style.

I hope you liked this article on resident Evil 2, it truly is a masterpiece in game making and will still be a classic in years to come.
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