Home Alone 3
Release: December 12, 1997
Release: December 12, 1997

Harry (Joe Pesci) And Marv (Daniel Stern) Acquire A Missile Guidance System Computer Chip And Smuggle It Through An Airport Inside A Remote Controlled Toy Car, Because Of Baggage Confusion, Kate (Catherine O'Hara) Gets The Toy Car, She Gives It To Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) Just Before Harry And Marv Show Up, Home Alone Kevin McCallister Calls 911 Each Time He Spots Harry And Marv In Progress, But They Always Manage To Elude The Police While Kevin McCallister Is Accused Of Making Prank Phone Calls, Harry And Marv Finally Turn Their Attention Towards Kevin McCallister But Unaware That He Has Rigged Devices To Cleverly Booby Trap His Home.

Burton Jernigan: "You Smacked My Winkie"
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