The Mask (1995)
Debut: August 12, 1995
Ended: August 30, 1997

the Sat AM series. Taking off from the feature film, Stanley Ipkiss is the city's (almost) unwilling defender as The Mask, the flamboyant, raucous, nigh-indestructible force of nature that plays out reality like a cartoon character (a bit ironic within the context). He opposes the various rotten elements of the city, be they mobsters, criminal masterminds, or just your run of superpowered engines of destruction. At the end of the day, the Mask just wants to unwind with a marathon conga session at the Coco Bonga, but can Stanley keep living two lives for the sake of mankind? 54 episodes produced (24 in a span of two seasons on CBS, and a single 30-episode syndication run).

Lt. Kellaway: "I'LL GET YOU, MASK!!!"
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The Mask: "Pretorious, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"
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The Mask: "Must be, Spring Cleaning Time! -The Mask"
The Mask: "Somebody stop me! -The Mask"
The Mask(pretending to die): "Somebody stopped me. -The Mask(pretending to die)"
The Mask: ""... but FIRST""
Lt. Kellaway: "DOYLE get over here - Lt. Kellaway"
The Mask: "To be or not to be a be. That is the questiuon. -The Mask"
Mask: "There is only one, big, green guy!"
Stanley Ipkiss: "If I don't do this, Edge City is doomed."
The Mask: "Wedgie!!! (laughs)"
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