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Top 5 Favorite PSX horror/survivor games!
March 16, 2011
Hello again! Hopefully everyone enjoyed my article "Chocolate and Candy Dreams." Yeah, it was my first but hopefully I'll get better, lol."

I'm obsessed with psychological/horror/survival games from the Playstation, PS2 era ranging from Siren, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I want to share my games that I thought messed my head up as I kept playing them. I'll try to stay within the 90's as some of these games went all the way up to 2009 with continuing parts.

My first game has be Resident Evil.

I remember going over to a friend's house when I was 14 and playing this game all the time. For the 3 or 5 hours I would be over there after school, we would play it non-stop. I remember when going through the gardens and the guardhouse you ran into those HUGE (and I mean huge) yellow spiders. I would always have to have him take over and get those things with the acid or fire rounds in the bazooka (one of my fave weapons). He gave me the game when he moved about 2 years later and I couldn't stop playing it. I did have to stop because I got confused after Barry fell into the cistern behind the water fall in the courtyard and died. I couldn't figure out to get to the helicopter.

~I love the game play it had. For a playstation game, of course you had the blocky graphics but for it's time it was a very developed game. I loved the different people you interacted with depending on how you played the game.

~You would have the different difficulties. I remember on my disc you had an easter egg (Director's cut only) and if you held the right direction button the color would change on "Arranged" from yellow or what (can't remember) and then change to green. You would be able to have a different gun (wooden handle than just a steel one) and you have the oppertunity for the best part of the game.. HEAD SHOTS!!! I don't know what it was but when you played it on the other difficult you had to put more bullets into them rather than have that one time hearing that fleshy-snap sound and watching the head go into small pieces!!


"Do you mind? I'm trying to eat and I can't have you breathing down my neck."

~Confusing maps. I found myself going back and forth and getting myself lost in the process. You would find one key (whether it was the armor, helmet or shield) and you would go wondering around aimlessly just to see if one door that you need will open when you find out, it's not the correct one.) The constant going back and forth made my head hurt but that was the point of the game, adventuring through the mansion to get things to get to the hellicopter and out of that house!

~The acting. LMAO! I have gotta laugh but with things back in 96'-97'it seemed like everyone wanted to be part of the shinning glimmer of stardum. The beginning of the game starts this what looks like a B-rated movie with these actors (at one point they go into a introduction with them posing HAHA!) I remember the acting with the characters in the mansion. You had Jill, Barry and Westker (sp?). The conversations between Jill and Barry were really funny, especially when she runs back into the dining room and goes "Barry?!" after finding the zombie eating on one of her partners. It was really out of context for that type of acting.

One a scale, I would give this a 3/5.

Silent Hill

When I first played this game, I didn't like it thanks to my brother who would creep me out because I watched him play it. But I gave it another try and fell in love with the entire spooky, on-the-edge-of-your-seat idea of this game. It was creepy, nightmare-ish, gory, and absolutley a mind-F#$%@. This game was basically about a guy and his daugther get into an accident and he finds that his daughter ends up missing as he frantically looks for her in a town called Silent Hill. Filled with many different creatures, senarios, atmosphers that just chill you to the bone at times.

The Good:
What is there to say? Like Resident Evil, you have to run around playing Harry on a X/Y axis and explore. The mood casted in the streets, the dark dismal buildings, the longing feeling of being alone and hopefully finding Harry's daughter. Gameplay was something else. At first I thought that the game knew what I was doing and figured out to somehow adapt to how I was playing, but that was my head playing with me. The ideas of the creatures and how they were portrayed in here were creepy and gruesome. The one that freaked me out was Pyramid head who yields this large Cloud-like (FF VII) sword/blade around.

I first saw him in a kitchen , messing around with this 4 legged creature, eating it with blood squirting everywhere. Creeped me out to where I didn't play it for 3 days.

Alternate endings: This was interesting to me. I think I've played this game about 10 times trying to see if I could get a different ending. I know for sure that Silent Hill 4: The Room had 7 total depending on how "clean" you kept the apartment and Eileen not being hurt by the spirits (but that's another story). I would always try to get a different ending, making me want to play this game more and more, lol.

The Bad:
In order to play a good game, you have to be comfortable with your controller. I found out moving Harry around was more of a chore than just trying to explore around. At one point it was inverted (left meant right and down meant up), and it was just a challenge in itself to control Harry to just walk down the road. At times I did throw the controller down because of the time-staking of moving your character only a few feet.

I would give Silent Hill a 4/5. Enough said.

This next game isn't a psychological type but it still sports the blood and gore that some horror gamers love.... DOOM!

This game was never boring and never tired me from the get go. It was tricky; it was fun; it was different; it was "splat-tastic". I played this game first on PC which my friend Danielle's brother had. We played non-stop when he was home (He would lock his door so me and his 13 year old sister couldn't go in.) The wierd ogre looking guys that shot fireballs really pissed me off because they would growl then shove a hadoken fireball in your face.

Tricky Bastards....

The Goods:
I did cheat a little bit when I found God mode (enter angel chorus here). His eyes would be white like Raiden's in MK and he would just plummet anything that came his way with his barefists. The chainsaw, the double barrel shotgun, rockets and more goodies that you found along the way were great pluses to see the evil soldiers, pink inverted skin bulls, the weird menotaurs that threw green stuff at you that really hurt after a while of taking so many hits.
At one point I think I saw the guy go crazy ( I think it's when you find the bezerk orb in the game) and he just grows this manical smile on his face. It made me laugh everytime. Another neat option on there is that you could see how hurt he was based on how much health he had. After 80% he gets more than just a bloody nose and then you try your damnest to find blue bottles or med packs so that you can keep him above 80%.

The Bads:

Well for someone who doesn't know how to play will die quickly and I mean quickly. The soldiers are equipted with shotguns and can take up to 12 of your health everytime (not an exact amount).

These fire-ball-throwing mutants would take down your health further and with a quickness. I don't find that anything bad necesarily but now-a-days games are whimped out now. There's no challenge or anything like Doom offered

Game Score: 5/5

Resident Evil 2

I know it's a little repetitive with the RE games but this one was a good one to play.

The Goods:

Besides the RPG games like FFVII, this game had 2 discs where you could play either Chris or Claire. Music in this game was rather intesting from the first one. You had the music in the save rooms like a little toy music box with the dark dwendling violas and chellos accompaning. It hit the spot in emotion and in suspense.
Of course this is a major upgrade from the first one with the main movie with animation with the characters; zombies roaming and groaning, some on the ground nibbling at your feet. You have a new arsonal of different weapons to choose from, different ways to go about a scene, it all adapts more to the psyche in this one rather than running around and going in a different direction.

Another new idea that was introduced was another character called the Licker! This thing gave the the creeps with its large split tongue that slithered out of its mouth slapping at you as you try to shoot it with your handgun.

"I enjoy long walks on the beach with my lady-friend."
I loved this game. I kept it on to of my Playstation when I wasn't playing it, keep snug in its case. I came to find one day that a friend of my brother stole the game from me. From then on, I kept everything that I wanted to have locked away in my closet, thinking with the closed door no one would go in ( I was 11, leave me alone). I did confront him about 3 years ago and he still had it. We played another round of RE2 and became great friends.

The bad:
Sometimes you just run into points of the game where it freezes or lags as you try to move away. When running toward the camera based on the point of view the game pauses the video as it goes to another scene. It got rather annoying since I was use to having smooth transitions within games.

Game Rating: 4/5

Finally, the one that a lot may see as being on my list but for some would be a shock. This game produced so much gore and grotesque visions that makes Resident Evil sometimes look like for kiddies. I'm taking about the ony RPG I really can play for a long time, Parasite Eve.

The Goods:
From the beginning where you have the introduction of everything happening with the singer (which looks beautiful as either a human or a infected queen, spreading her virus) and the infection with the rats, tearing their skin and their eyes going into blood-red orbs.
With anything dealing Square (Square-Enix now) is the graphics they use when they make a video game. These guys made Final Fantasy VII which my husband still cries when he watches Areith die. The story, the graphics these guys made FF VII so loved by many. For me, Parasite Eve is the same way. The trailer for the game was something else too, watch everything de-evolve/evolve and the reactions of the crowd burning as they watched in awe. The RPG senario is shared like FFVII whenever you are in battle, while you aren't in that state, you travel around in a 3rd person POV

The Bads:
Yeah, graphics weren't all what they are today but they sure as hell got me rolling at the sight of the game itself. At the time nothing really hurt the game as in controls or what not.

I rented this game once for 3 days straight and I must have been around 12 or so when I played it. The opening scene was so surreal to me, I couldn't stop watching it. I refused to play it until I saw the opening again.

About 4 years ago I got a hold of PE again and finally bought it. It's 3 or 4 discs long! HOLY S#%@!! For $20 I got it and I won't let that game go without giving it to someone who will appreciate the game rather than throwing it around and giving it to their kid.

She's so pretty! Even as a wierd, viral, infected species.

Gamer Score: 5/5

Well, Folks! Another article, another day. This was a lot of fun just thinking about the games and remember all the scenes, the characters and graphics. Kinda wanna travel back in time to play RE, Doom with my friends again. It's always good to have memories like these, so that whenever I or a reader has a bad day, they can think of a time simpler than now where nothing matter but getting home before the street lights came on.

Catch ya Later!!
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