Home Alone video games part 2

Sega Home Alone games
December 19, 2016
Alright! :D Welcome back to part 2 of Home Alone games, Afer Nintendo time for SEGA.

Sega Master System

For some reason game are little mix of Home Alone for NES & SNES, We got collect valuable stuff and store them into safe, Not large this time and not in basement but in random placed wall.

Game are fun even some levels dont have any connetions to movie like Fun House or Garden House.

Sega MegaDrive/Genesis

As Monty python said "and now for something completely different"
We got little sandbox gameplay, Well not exacly like Grand Theft Auto but here the deal.

You start on sled and can freeroam to smash some objects to get stuff and travel between houses in kevin neighborhood.

Goal are simply! you must stop Marv & Harry from looting houses, if house are looted become flooded and you cant enter again, if all houses become flooded its game over.

One thing i very like in this game are weapons, to get weapons you need take extra stuff, So yeah get the stuff and combine into new weapon.

Overall not bad game but sled controls can be very tricky for playing first time as said my friend while testing 1991/1992 sega megadrive games for his vlog on youtube.

Sega Game Gear

They made same thing as Nintendo did Port 16bit game into portable system.

OK that was SEGA home alone games :) See you soon at Part 3 Home Alone2:Lost in new york.
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