You Can Be a Garbage Pail Kid!

Out of the garbage pail and into your hear!
March 03, 2009
Hello Everyone! Back from under my grave. This time i would like to take a step away from troma or horror films in general. And talk you about something that meant alot to me back in my early childhood, Garbage Pail Kids. From Trading cards to a film to a lost cartoon and more.

Trading Cards:The Beginning of Gross

Garbage Pail Kids trading cards were created in 1985 from Topps. The Trading Cards were a tie-in for their popular candy called Garbage Pail Candy, which were minature trash cans filled with Sweet-tarts like candy shaped like garbage.

But the cards became more popular than the candy Topps created. The Success of the Garbage Pail Kids Trading cards wasnt really hard to figure out, kids love disgusting humor. Each card listed a boy or girls name,and prefaced with a descriptive adjetive. Examples Valerie Vomit, Foul Phil, Nat Nerd...Etc and each name was provided with a usually disgusting illustration that goes with the name. Like Valerie Vomit stood over a hot stove holding a suacepan and vomitting in it while cooking(she's my favorite)

Another thing about the Garbage Pail Kids was that they were designed to closely resemble another famous group of kids: The Cabbage Patch Kids. This made Garbage Pail Kids a hit with boys. CPK were for Girls ,and GPK were for boys.The cards quickly became a success and were being traded back and forth on playgrounds and in classrooms. Topps Kept pumping out new series of cards and at their end of a four year run they had 15 different series of cards.

Series 1 Series 15

For most great things to ever come out for kids what happens? Controversy. Yeah for some reason parents didn't like the Garbage Pail Kids cant figure out why? my parents loved them and thought they were funny. Got to a point where the creater of The Cabbage Patch Kids sued Topps and got them to change the look so the characters wouldnt resemble CPK anymore.Despite the controversy they inspired, Garbage Pail Kids remained popular well into the late 80's. I wasn't alive in the eighties, the reason i know about Garbage Pail Kids was because my oldest brother kept telling me about them when i was really young ,which made me want them. One friday night i remember my parents took me to a mall and went into the comic book store and found series one luckily. My parents bought me every pack they had, probably just to shut me up about them. for about 4 years I constantly collected them finding them in radom shops, flea markets etc... i still have all my cards, most of them in really good condition. In the beginning of those 4 years, i found out their was a movie. I WAS BUSTING OUTOF MY SKULL, i loved and still do love movies and loved and still do love Garbage Pail Kids knowing their was a movie about the GPK's i was bouncing off the walls.My parents went on a search, i didnt because i was only 8. about after a month of looking, i thought i would never see the film. One friday i came home from school, having a good day (rare) and my dad was excited to see me, holding a bag in his hand. He hands me the bag, i grab wants inside and pull out the "Garbage Pail Kids Movie" he found it in a West Coast Video in New Jersey.

Lights, Camera, Action:Masterpeice of Crap is Made

I ran into my room, My dad and i watched the movie together. I think he fell asleep during it but my eyes were glued to the tv set.It had everything a kid at 8 years old could find funny, Kids farting,peeing,vomiting and eating eyes and toes. The Movie used a select of seven garbage pail kids.
You had:

Greaser Greg, Nat Nerd, Valerie Vomit, Foul Phil, Messie Tessie,Windy Winston and Ally Gator.

The Plot of the Film isnt really memorable, probably why most people dont remember this film at all. The Movie is about a young boy named Dodger who works for Captain Manzini, a magical antique shop owner. Captain Manzini forbids Dodger to touch the garbage pail because it could do quite some damage if its opened. After a mishap with local Thug "Juice" and his crew he accidently releases the Garbage pail kids. Despite their offensive personal habits, peeing, farting etc... he becomes fond of the nasty little kids. One thing the Kids have to stay away from are the "Normies" or normal people because if they get seen they are sent to State Home for The Ugly.

And the other plotline is Juice's Girlfriend ,Dodger's obsession. She is a Designer and sells her "Creations" on the side to make cash to get out of town. Well one day Dodger comes walking in wearing clothes The GPK's had made for him to impress Tangerine, which it does. Dodger says he made the clothes,and Tangerine in Awe she asks him to make more clothes so they both can make some money(liar) Dodger makes an agreement with the Kids if he can find their other "Friends" they'll make the clothes. And in an 80's fashion montage, what else could you ask for...yes a music number the gpk's sing. a song called "Working with each other" good message for the children at home.

I know this movie sounds terrible, which it is. but i do love this movie on nastalgic levels and i do sort of find it entertaining still.

Gore: 1/10 Ally Gator does eat eyeballs and toes.
Nudity 1/10 A hidden thing, Juice's girlfriend moves her legs and you panties.

As a Child 10/10 Now: 8/10

After the Movie did very little sucess with box office bomb and critics bashed the movie stayed in theaters for like 2 weeks. What else to kids want?... A Cartoon!

Yes a cartoon the popular trading cards and the MEGA SMASH HIT BLOCKBUSTER FILM. The Cartoon was made in 1989 two years after the movie. The series was greenlit and ABC ordered 13 episodes, the episodes were made and then ABC dosent air them. The reason for this travesty is parents didnt want their children watching a cartoon based on cards they probably took away from their children. So ABC gave the series the backhand and was put in a vault. it did air for a short period time in Europe. i dont have childhood memories of this because of whining housewives. but 17 years later they released the show on DVD and thats when people finally saw the show. The Garbage pail kids they chose for the television show were Clogged Duane, Patty Putty, Split Kit, Terri Cloth, and Elliot Mess.

Difference between the cartoon and movie is the movie actually is better then the cartoon. Cartoon is kind of terrible, the animation is really good and characters are cool but some of the episodes are enjoyabe and some are just not. it's a mix bag.

Well that's it for now, thank you for reading.
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